Trilateral Commission’s big shot Jeff Epstein used his Boeing 727 to fly Bill Clinton on a month-long trip around Africa

You don’t take sexual advantage of girls more than 20 years younger than you, and then lie about it.

Tell that to Bill Clinton and Jeff Epstein, close friends who flew together, worked on charities together, partied together, and plotted together as members of the world government secret organization – the Trilateral Commission.

Epstein is in jail, suffering a throat ache, and Bill has his own pain in the rump.

Bill Clinton

But you can’t feel sorry for either of them, because perhaps, their biggest sins are in the arenas of power, finance and their distaste and rules for treatment of the “deplorable” class.

Clinton – to his everlasting discredit – changed the Democrat Party from a populist advocate of working folks into a cesspool of corporate hacks and international elites, sick supplicants to lobbyists and their masters.

It was Bill Clinton, who reduced our Social Security benefits, signed NAFTA into law, “reformed” welfare, eliminated tariffs, lowered capital gains taxes on the very rich and pushed us into the World Trade Organization.

His crowning disaster was the Financial Services Modernization Act. Named the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, Clinton’s bill deregulated the banking industry and led to the Great Recession that started in 2007.

Clinton described Epstein as:

A committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science. I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa.

He reached that judgment after spending a month with Epstein on a trip to Africa to boost AIDS awareness, according to a letter that attorneys Gerald Lefcourt and Alan Dershowitz wrote to federal prosecutors in defense of Epstein in 2007.

Boeing 727 carried up to 189 passengers … or just a Jeff and a Bill, plus a few friends

The letter also said Epstein was a founding donor to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Epstein was more than a convicted pervert. He was a power broker, who managed money for businessmen, who could afford a minimum investment of $1 billion. Epstein made a fortune from this enterprise, buying giant private jets and a $77 million house in Upper Manhattan East. The property has a heated sidewalk so his servants don’t have to shovel snow.

He admitted most of his money came from one client, Leslie Wexner, whose holdings included Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Epstein in Jail

The big headline was that Epstein flew Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey to Africa to promote AIDS awareness, but flight logs show Clinton traveling on Epstein’s private Boeing 727 more than 20 times in the early 2000s, to destinations in Asia, Europe as well as Africa.

Epstein’s Palm Beach butler, the late Alfredo Rodriguez, stole his phone book and allegedly turned it over to the FBI. He died in 2015.

Epstein’s phone numbers included Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Alec Baldwin, Naomi Campbell, Jimmy Buffett, Barbara Walters, Mike Wallace, Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Kennedys and Rockefellers.

The book lists 16 phone numbers for the Duke of York and his aides, and 18 for the Duchess of York and her court, according to one report.

Not everyone agrees these numbers are just business or social contacts. Conchita Sarnoff, executive director of the Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking and author of the book TrafficKing, said:

Celebrities, politicians and Hollywood producers hang out with Epstein for one reason … he’s got all the toys.

Sarnoff, who met Epstein when a mutual friend showed him her photo and he came knocking at her door, said that he was “no party boy.”

I spent several New Year’s at parties where he was, and he always left early and he never drank. But he had a purpose in being there: he was always focused on being seen with the right people.

A New York Times recent article recalls how Epstein allegedly operated as a pervert:

In May 1997, Alicia Arden, a model in California, was introduced to a man who identified himself as a talent scout for Victoria’s Secret. He invited her to his Santa Monica hotel room to audition for the brand’s catalog. When she arrived, Ms. Arden said, the man grabbed her, tried to undress her and said he wanted to “manhandle” her. Ms. Arden, then 27, fled in tears.

It was the type of crisis that should not have come as a complete surprise to leaders at L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret. In the mid-1990s, two senior executives had discovered that the same man, a close adviser to the company’s chief executive, Leslie H. Wexner, was trying to pitch himself as a recruiter for Victoria’s Secret models. Mr. Wexner was alerted, according to the two executives.

…the man — Jeffrey E. Epstein, a New York financier — had developed an unusually strong hold on Mr. Wexner, one of the country’s most influential corporate titans.

When Epstein was charged, Wexner broke all ties with the soon-to-be convicted pervert. The Trilateral Commission also had removed him from the rolls.

But Clinton was not the first or last of President associating closely with the Trilateral Commission.

President George H. Walker Bush was a founding member of the Trilaterals in the 70s.

Within two weeks, President Barack Obama had appointed these commission members to his administration:

* Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner
* Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice
* National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones
* Deputy National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon
* Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volker
* Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis C. Blair
* Assistant Secretary of State, Asia & Pacific, Kurt M. Campbell
* Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg
* State Department, Special Envoys, Richard Haass, Dennis Ross and Richard Holbrooke

Like Bush and Clinton, Obama perpetuated the ideals of the Commission – create an international order that eliminates tariffs and separate currencies, promote unlimited immigration of labor, reduce taxes on individuals, corporations and foreign investments, all while continuing to feed more money to the defense establishment.

Fortunately, Epstein will just be a footnote to history, but sadly the Trilaterals and their allies like Clinton, will continue to use association to the best and brightest as a way to continuer their quest for world dominance by their members – the most favored elite.

Big business in India benefits from taxes and regulations that are forcing small competitors out of business – sound familiar?

Big business in India has adopted the tactic of eliminating competition through onerous regulations.

Many of us can remember the American corner grocery, local pharmacy, small bakery, tiny-herd dairy farm, one-person law or accountant firm. Tens of thousands of small companies have closed in recent decades, replaced by chains and their monopoly practices of poorer service and higher prices.

The three major reasons for the closings are:

  • Huge firms undercutting small firms with predatory pricing until they can no longer make a profit. Small town America has watched its main streets turn into business-dead zones as Walmart, Target, Lowe’s and other big box firms open nearby.
  • Refusal of banks to offer lines of credit or capital loans below amounts not needed by small businesses. The practice favors large firms, who might need $100 million, versus small firms that may only require $200,000. The first is approved, and the second refused.
  • Unbearable regulation and taxation that requires too large a staff for a small company to afford. The cost of accounting for a million-dollar sales operation, for example, is the same as a $100,000 firm.

Some two years ago the government of India – no doubt pressured by big business’ lobbyists – decided to “reform” its tax system by introducing the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The GST quickly improved profits, but it has driven many small enterprises out of business and eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs.

On Thursday, the GST Council will meet for the 36th time to revise the tax. And every time the GST is changed, businesses scramble to comply.

Chaired by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the council may lower tax rates for electric vehicles, and is also likely to decide the valuation of goods and services in solar power generating systems and wind turbine projects. The sessions are held through video conferencing.

There are no plans to eliminate the tax, despite strong opposition in the country.

PHOTO: Ram Pratap, who lost his job as a powerloom operator earlier this year, poses for a picture inside a weaving factory where he used to work, in Panipat, India, Aug. 24, 2018.Ram Pratap, who lost his job as a power loom operator last year, because of the GST, posed for a Reuters photo inside the weaving factory in Panipat, India, where he once worked.

Nearby that abandoned plant, more than two dozen other workshops are locked from the outside, while dogs and cows roam through other abandoned factories.

Tilak Raj Bathla, who owned a tiny weaving factory in what was known the country’s “textile city”, said his neighbors, most of them unschooled, could not comply with monthly online filings required under the GST regime.

Meanwhile, some of Bathla’s customers and suppliers could not afford to hire accountants for a system, which has been amended more than 200 times already.

Others struggled to cope with delays in tax returns caused by glitches in the centralized software, Bathla said.

I have a GST registration, but I can’t work as my vendors and buyers are unable to comply with a complex tax structure, the 50-year-old explained.

His monthly sales had fallen to about 250,000 rupees ($3,511) from about 1 million rupees in the year following the GST passage.

Big firms have shaken off the effects of the change and are set to gain from a uniform tax regime.

A survey by the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) found that a fifth of India’s 63 million small businesses – contributing 32 percent to the economy and employing 111 million people – faced a 20 percent fall in profits since the GST rollout, and had to fire hundreds of thousands of workers.

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, a Mumbai-based consultancy, said nearly five million workers lost their jobs over the year after GST was adopted. In Panipat, more than a third of the city’s 10,000 weaving units had closed or curbed production during that same period.

For Panasonic Appliances, India’s leading electric goods maker, GST has allowed cutting costs by 4 to 5 percentage points, for example. India’s consumer goods stock index has risen 26 percent in one year, outpacing the broader Mumbai market.

“GST has improved the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector,” Panasonic India CEO Manish Sharma said. Does he actually expect us to believe that fewer companies competing “improves” competitiveness.

In honor of Mr. Sharma we hereby reproduce the following from George Orwell’s 1984 Newspeak.

Appendix: The Principles of Newspeak

The Appendix of 1984 stands as Orwell’s explanation of New-speak, the official language of Oceania. Although Orwell felt that these ideas were too technical to completely integrate into the novel, they support the novel’s stance on language and thought in relation to the public’s acceptance of governmental control.

Newspeak is the official language of Oceania, scheduled for official adoption around 2050, and designed to make the ideological premises of Ingsoc … Newspeak is engineered to remove even the possibility of rebellious thoughts—the words by which such thoughts might be articulated have been eliminated from the language. Newspeak contains no negative terms. For example, the only way to express the meaning of “bad” is through the word “ungood.” Something extremely bad is called “doubleplus ungood.”

Newspeak’s grammar is arranged so that any word can serve as any part of speech, and there are three different groups of vocabulary words. The A vocabulary contains everyday words and phrases, as Orwell says, “for such things as eating, drinking, working” and so on. In comparison with modern English, these words are fewer in number but more rigid in meaning. Newspeak leaves no room for nuance, or for degrees of meaning.

The B vocabulary of Newspeak contains all words with political or ideological significance, specially tailored to engender blind acceptance of the Party’s doctrines. For example, “goodthink” means roughly the same thing as “orthodoxy.” The B vocabulary consists entirely of compound words and often compresses words into smaller forms to achieve conceptual simplicity: the English phrase “Thought Police,” for instance, is compressed into “thinkpol”; “the Ministry of Love” becomes “miniluv.”

The C vocabulary encompasses words that relate specifically to science and to technical fields and disciplines. It is designed to ensure that technical knowledge remains segmented among many fields, so that no one individual can gain access to too much knowledge. In fact, there is no word for “science”; as Orwell writes, “Ingsoc” covers any meaning that such a concept could possibly have.

The particularities of Newspeak make it impossible to translate most older English (oldspeak) texts into the language; the introduction of the Declaration of Independence, for instance, can be translated only into a single word: crimethink. Furthermore, a great many technical manuals must be translated into Newspeak; it is this bulk of translation work that explains the Party’s decision to postpone the full adoption of Newspeak to 2050.

Both parties overjoyed with bipartisan bill that will approve 300,000 citizens of India to take our high-paying jobs

Who ever heard of a bill passed by the House of Representatives that was only allowed 40 minutes of debate and no amendments or hearings before an immediate vote requiring a 2/3 majority to reach final approval?

It seems like a good plan in in an extreme emergency, or for a noncontroversial bill – like naming a post office.

On Wednesday last week, HR 1044 received that special treatment, passing with a majority vote of the members of not one, but both parties – 365 to 65. Misnamed “Fairness to High Skilled Immigrants Act”, it didn’t require any other public input.

The Republicans love the bill. So do the Democrats.

All Votes D R I
Yea 84%
Nay 15%
No Vote 0%

And the lobbyists and their masters are simply orgasmic.

The Bezos/Amazon Washington Post was silent on the subject, along with the long-suffering Times in Manhattan, and all the media – including so-called MAGA-approved FOX

Who would have guessed such silent reactions from normally loud Tucker and Hannity. No surprise that corporate interests influence their producer’s choices of topics? Other networks no better.

For more than a year, the team of Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Cognizant Technology, Hewlett Packard, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street investors, and the Koch after Koch’s Americans for Prosperity have put their money where it does the most good for them – in the coffers of politicians.

Harris is surprise co-sponsor of HR 1044!

HR 1044 means big profits for everyone involved in this scheme. Some 300,000 employment-based green cards will only go to temporary foreign visa workers, who have been imported to the U.S. by corporations to replace American workers.

The bill will eliminate a 7% limit per country limit, and allow any country to send as many workers as desired. With a huge backlog of applications, India will crowd out nearly everyone else for the next decade.

A survey showed there is a 92% chance that a version of HR 1044 will pass the Senate, and go to President Donald Trump for signing – the same official who often extols the virtues of “legal immigration” to pacify his corporate cronies and Trump Empire (hundreds of separate corporations) overseas real estate investors.

The government already currently permits a workforce of roughly 1.5 million foreign college graduates in the United States. This does not include millions of other imported workers annually and millions here illegally.

How India is taking our jobs!

These foreign graduates will work in high-paying fields –  professors, doctors, therapists,  engineers, managers, programmers, pharmacists, statisticians and analysts.

Professed New Democrat David North from the Center for Immigration studies said the bill favors Silicon Valley:

Big Tech wins because it will allow a large number of Indian nationals who are now on their payrolls as H-1B temporary workers to get green cards; this will dampen down some of the unrest currently in H-1B ranks as Indian and Chinese aliens with these visas have chafed at the length of time to the green card.

Others will benefit from this complex legislation, North said:

Rich Chinese seeking visas in the EB-5 program would be big winners, as they would get their green cards much sooner, and in many cases avoid the problem of their older children “aging out” of the program, as they reach their 21st birthday.

Upper Crust Indians, i.e., those with enough money to get a college degree, either there or here (with the system tilting toward those with U.S. Master’s degrees) would, similarly, have less waiting time in the H-1B status to the issuance of green cards.

Within the large class of Indians in the H-1B program, those favored by this law are those also well-regarded by their employers, otherwise they would not have filed for the green cards, so it is not all H-1Bs who are getting a break, it is those that employers favor.

While you might expect Speaker Nancy Pelosi to back a corporate bill (as well as Kevin McCarthy), those voting “nay” included an eclectic group:

Vote District Party Representative
Nay AL 3rd   R Rogers, Mike 
Nay AL 4th   R Aderholt, Robert 
Nay AL 6th   R Palmer, Gary 
Nay AZ 5th   R Biggs, Andy 
Nay CA 50th   R Hunter, Duncan 
Nay FL 2nd   R Dunn, Neal 
Nay FL 11th   R Webster, Daniel 
Nay FL 17th   R Steube, Gregory 
Nay FL 19th   R Rooney, Francis 
Nay GA 3rd   R Ferguson, Drew 
Nay GA 9th   R Collins, Doug 
Nay LA 1st   R Scalise, Steve 
Nay LA 2nd   D Richmond, Cedric 
Nay LA 3rd   R Higgins, Clay 
Nay LA 4th   R Johnson, Mike 
Nay LA 6th   R Graves, Garret 
Nay MD 4th   D Brown, Anthony 
Nay MI 1st   R Bergman, Jack 
Nay MI 2nd   R Huizenga, Bill 
Nay MI 13th   D Tlaib, Rashida 
Nay MN 5th   D Omar, Ilhan 
Nay MS 1st   R Kelly, Trent 
Nay NE 1st   R Fortenberry, Jeff 
Nay NE 3rd   R Smith, Adrian 
Nay NY 9th   D Clarke, Yvette 
Nay NC 5th   R Foxx, Virginia 
Nay NC 6th   R Walker, Mark 
Nay OH 8th   R Davidson, Warren 
Nay OH 9th   D Kaptur, Marcy 
Nay OH 11th   D Fudge, Marcia 
Nay SC 6th   D Clyburn, Jim 
Nay SD   R Johnson, Dusty 
Nay TN 7th   R Green, Mark 
Nay TN 8th   R Kustoff, David 
Nay TX 6th   R Wright, Ron 
Nay TX 11th   R Conaway, Michael 
Nay TX 19th   R Arrington, Jodey 
Nay TX 24th   R Marchant, Kenny 
Nay TX 26th   R Burgess, Michael 
Nay TX 27th   R Cloud, Michael 
Nay WI 5th   R Sensenbrenner, James 
Nay WI 7th   R Duffy, Sean 
Nay WY   R Cheney, Liz 

Just imagine this voting bloc: Liz Cheney, Jim Clyburn, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Duncan Hunter, Mike Rogers and Sean Duffy. There was also a break in the “squad” as AOC and Pressley voted for the big business bill, while Omar and Tlaib opposed it.

Here is the complete voting list:

Vote District Party Representative
Yea AL 1st   R Byrne, Bradley
Yea AL 2nd   R Roby, Martha
Nay AL 3rd   R Rogers, Mike
Nay AL 4th   R Aderholt, Robert
Nay AL 5th   R Brooks, Mo
Nay AL 6th   R Palmer, Gary
Yea AL 7th   D Sewell, Terri
Yea AK   R Young, Don
Yea AZ 1st   D O’Halleran, Tom
Yea AZ 2nd   D Kirkpatrick, Ann
Yea AZ 3rd   D Grijalva, Raúl
Nay AZ 4th   R Gosar, Paul
Nay AZ 5th   R Biggs, Andy
Yea AZ 6th   R Schweikert, David
Yea AZ 7th   D Gallego, Ruben
Yea AZ 8th   R Lesko, Debbie
Yea AZ 9th   D Stanton, Greg
Yea AR 1st   R Crawford, Eric
Yea AR 2nd   R Hill, French
Yea AR 3rd   R Womack, Steve
Yea AR 4th   R Westerman, Bruce
Yea CA 1st   R LaMalfa, Doug
Yea CA 2nd   D Huffman, Jared
Yea CA 3rd   D Garamendi, John
Nay CA 4th   R McClintock, Tom
Yea CA 5th   D Thompson, Mike
Yea CA 6th   D Matsui, Doris
Yea CA 7th   D Bera, Ami
Yea CA 8th   R Cook, Paul
Yea CA 9th   D McNerney, Jerry
Yea CA 10th   D Harder, Josh
Yea CA 11th   D DeSaulnier, Mark
Yea CA 13th   D Lee, Barbara
Yea CA 14th   D Speier, Jackie
Yea CA 15th   D Swalwell, Eric
Yea CA 16th   D Costa, Jim
Yea CA 17th   D Khanna, Ro
Yea CA 18th   D Eshoo, Anna
Yea CA 19th   D Lofgren, Zoe
Yea CA 20th   D Panetta, Jimmy
Yea CA 21st   D Cox, TJ
Yea CA 22nd   R Nunes, Devin
Yea CA 23rd   R McCarthy, Kevin
Yea CA 24th   D Carbajal, Salud
Yea CA 25th   D Hill, Katie
Yea CA 26th   D Brownley, Julia
Yea CA 27th   D Chu, Judy
Yea CA 28th   D Schiff, Adam
Yea CA 29th   D Cárdenas, Tony
Yea CA 30th   D Sherman, Brad
Yea CA 31st   D Aguilar, Pete
Yea CA 32nd   D Napolitano, Grace
Yea CA 33rd   D Lieu, Ted
Yea CA 34th   D Gomez, Jimmy
Yea CA 35th   D Torres, Norma
Yea CA 36th   D Ruiz, Raul
Yea CA 37th   D Bass, Karen
Yea CA 38th   D Sánchez, Linda
Yea CA 39th   D Cisneros, Gilbert
Yea CA 40th   D Roybal-Allard, Lucille
Yea CA 41st   D Takano, Mark
Yea CA 42nd   R Calvert, Ken
Yea CA 43rd   D Waters, Maxine
Yea CA 44th   D Barragán, Nanette
Yea CA 45th   D Porter, Katie
Yea CA 46th   D Correa, Luis
Yea CA 47th   D Lowenthal, Alan
Yea CA 48th   D Rouda, Harley
Yea CA 49th   D Levin, Mike
Nay CA 50th   R Hunter, Duncan
Yea CA 51st   D Vargas, Juan
Yea CA 52nd   D Peters, Scott
Yea CA 53rd   D Davis, Susan
Yea CO 1st   D DeGette, Diana
Yea CO 2nd   D Neguse, Joe
Yea CO 3rd   R Tipton, Scott
Yea CO 4th   R Buck, Ken
Yea CO 5th   R Lamborn, Doug
Yea CO 6th   D Crow, Jason
Yea CO 7th   D Perlmutter, Ed
Yea CT 1st   D Larson, John
Yea CT 2nd   D Courtney, Joe
Yea CT 3rd   D DeLauro, Rosa
Yea CT 4th   D Himes, James
Yea CT 5th   D Hayes, Jahana
Yea DE   D Blunt Rochester, Lisa
Yea FL 1st   R Gaetz, Matt
Nay FL 2nd   R Dunn, Neal
Nay FL 3rd   R Yoho, Ted
Yea FL 4th   R Rutherford, John
Yea FL 5th   D Lawson, Al
Yea FL 6th   R Waltz, Michael
Yea FL 7th   D Murphy, Stephanie
Nay FL 8th   R Posey, Bill
Yea FL 9th   D Soto, Darren
Yea FL 10th   D Demings, Val
Nay FL 11th   R Webster, Daniel
Yea FL 12th   R Bilirakis, Gus
Yea FL 13th   D Crist, Charlie
Yea FL 14th   D Castor, Kathy
Yea FL 15th   R Spano, Ross
Yea FL 16th   R Buchanan, Vern
Nay FL 17th   R Steube, Gregory
Yea FL 18th   R Mast, Brian
Nay FL 19th   R Rooney, Francis
Yea FL 20th   D Hastings, Alcee
Yea FL 21st   D Frankel, Lois
Yea FL 22nd   D Deutch, Theodore
Yea FL 23rd   D Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
Yea FL 24th   D Wilson, Frederica
Yea FL 25th   R Diaz-Balart, Mario
Yea FL 26th   D Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie
Yea FL 27th   D Shalala, Donna
Nay GA 1st   R Carter, Buddy
Yea GA 2nd   D Bishop, Sanford
Nay GA 3rd   R Ferguson, Drew
Yea GA 4th   D Johnson, Hank
Yea GA 5th   D Lewis, John
Yea GA 6th   D McBath, Lucy
Yea GA 7th   R Woodall, Rob
Yea GA 8th   R Scott, Austin
Nay GA 9th   R Collins, Doug
Yea GA 10th   R Hice, Jody
Nay GA 11th   R Loudermilk, Barry
Nay GA 12th   R Allen, Rick
Yea GA 13th   D Scott, David
Yea GA 14th   R Graves, Tom
Yea HI 1st   D Case, Ed
Yea HI 2nd   D Gabbard, Tulsi
Yea ID 1st   R Fulcher, Russ
Yea ID 2nd   R Simpson, Mike
Yea IL 1st   D Rush, Bobby
Yea IL 2nd   D Kelly, Robin
Yea IL 3rd   D Lipinski, Daniel
Yea IL 4th   D García, Jesús
Yea IL 5th   D Quigley, Mike
Yea IL 6th   D Casten, Sean
Yea IL 7th   D Davis, Danny
Yea IL 8th   D Krishnamoorthi, Raja
Yea IL 9th   D Schakowsky, Jan
Yea IL 10th   D Schneider, Bradley
Yea IL 11th   D Foster, Bill
Yea IL 12th   R Bost, Mike
Yea IL 13th   R Davis, Rodney
Yea IL 14th   D Underwood, Lauren
Yea IL 15th   R Shimkus, John
Yea IL 16th   R Kinzinger, Adam
Yea IL 17th   D Bustos, Cheri
Yea IL 18th   R LaHood, Darin
Yea IN 1st   D Visclosky, Peter
Yea IN 2nd   R Walorski, Jackie
Yea IN 3rd   R Banks, Jim
Yea IN 4th   R Baird, James
Yea IN 5th   R Brooks, Susan
Yea IN 6th   R Pence, Greg
Yea IN 7th   D Carson, André
Yea IN 8th   R Bucshon, Larry
Yea IN 9th   R Hollingsworth, Trey
Yea IA 1st   D Finkenauer, Abby
Yea IA 2nd   D Loebsack, David
Yea IA 3rd   D Axne, Cynthia
Nay IA 4th   R King, Steve
Yea KS 1st   R Marshall, Roger
Yea KS 2nd   R Watkins, Steven
Yea KS 3rd   D Davids, Sharice
Yea KS 4th   R Estes, Ron
Yea KY 1st   R Comer, James
Yea KY 2nd   R Guthrie, Brett
Yea KY 3rd   D Yarmuth, John
Yea KY 4th   R Massie, Thomas
Yea KY 5th   R Rogers, Hal
Yea KY 6th   R Barr, Andy
Nay LA 1st   R Scalise, Steve
Nay LA 2nd   D Richmond, Cedric
Nay LA 3rd   R Higgins, Clay
Nay LA 4th   R Johnson, Mike
Nay LA 5th   R Abraham, Ralph
Nay LA 6th   R Graves, Garret
Yea ME 1st   D Pingree, Chellie
Yea ME 2nd   D Golden, Jared
Nay MD 1st   R Harris, Andy
Yea MD 2nd   D Ruppersberger, A. Dutch
Yea MD 3rd   D Sarbanes, John
Nay MD 4th   D Brown, Anthony
Yea MD 5th   D Hoyer, Steny
Yea MD 6th   D Trone, David
Yea MD 7th   D Cummings, Elijah
Yea MD 8th   D Raskin, Jamie
No Vote MA 1st   D Neal, Richard
Yea MA 2nd   D McGovern, Jim
Yea MA 3rd   D Trahan, Lori
Yea MA 4th   D Kennedy, Joseph
Yea MA 5th   D Clark, Katherine
Yea MA 6th   D Moulton, Seth
Yea MA 7th   D Pressley, Ayanna
Yea MA 8th   D Lynch, Stephen
Yea MA 9th   D Keating, William
Nay MI 1st   R Bergman, Jack
Nay MI 2nd   R Huizenga, Bill
Yea MI 3rd   I Amash, Justin
Yea MI 4th   R Moolenaar, John
Yea MI 5th   D Kildee, Daniel
Yea MI 6th   R Upton, Fred
Yea MI 7th   R Walberg, Tim
Yea MI 8th   D Slotkin, Elissa
Yea MI 9th   D Levin, Andy
Yea MI 10th   R Mitchell, Paul
Yea MI 11th   D Stevens, Haley
Yea MI 12th   D Dingell, Debbie
Nay MI 13th   D Tlaib, Rashida
Yea MI 14th   D Lawrence, Brenda
Yea MN 1st   R Hagedorn, Jim
Yea MN 2nd   D Craig, Angie
Yea MN 3rd   D Phillips, Dean
Yea MN 4th   D McCollum, Betty
Nay MN 5th   D Omar, Ilhan
Yea MN 6th   R Emmer, Tom
Yea MN 7th   D Peterson, Collin
Yea MN 8th   R Stauber, Pete
Nay MS 1st   R Kelly, Trent
Yea MS 2nd   D Thompson, Bennie
Yea MS 3rd   R Guest, Michael
Yea MS 4th   R Palazzo, Steven
Yea MO 1st   D Clay, Lacy
Yea MO 2nd   R Wagner, Ann
Yea MO 3rd   R Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Yea MO 4th   R Hartzler, Vicky
Yea MO 5th   D Cleaver, Emanuel
Yea MO 6th   R Graves, Sam
Yea MO 7th   R Long, Billy
Yea MO 8th   R Smith, Jason
Yea MT   R Gianforte, Greg
Nay NE 1st   R Fortenberry, Jeff
Yea NE 2nd   R Bacon, Don
Nay NE 3rd   R Smith, Adrian
Yea NV 1st   D Titus, Dina
Yea NV 2nd   R Amodei, Mark
Yea NV 3rd   D Lee, Susie
Yea NV 4th   D Horsford, Steven
New Hampshire
Yea NH 1st   D Pappas, Chris
Yea NH 2nd   D Kuster, Ann
New Jersey
Yea NJ 1st   D Norcross, Donald
Yea NJ 2nd   D Van Drew, Jefferson
Yea NJ 3rd   D Kim, Andy
Yea NJ 4th   R Smith, Chris
Yea NJ 5th   D Gottheimer, Josh
Yea NJ 6th   D Pallone, Frank
Yea NJ 7th   D Malinowski, Tom
Yea NJ 8th   D Sires, Albio
Yea NJ 9th   D Pascrell, Bill
Yea NJ 10th   D Payne, Donald
Yea NJ 11th   D Sherrill, Mikie
Yea NJ 12th   D Watson Coleman, Bonnie
New Mexico
Yea NM 1st   D Haaland, Debra
Yea NM 2nd   D Torres Small, Xochitl
Yea NM 3rd   D Luján, Ben
New York
Yea NY 1st   R Zeldin, Lee
Yea NY 2nd   R King, Pete
Yea NY 3rd   D Suozzi, Thomas
Yea NY 4th   D Rice, Kathleen
Yea NY 5th   D Meeks, Gregory
Yea NY 6th   D Meng, Grace
Yea NY 7th   D Velázquez, Nydia
Yea NY 8th   D Jeffries, Hakeem
Nay NY 9th   D Clarke, Yvette
Yea NY 10th   D Nadler, Jerrold
Yea NY 11th   D Rose, Max
Yea NY 12th   D Maloney, Carolyn
Yea NY 13th   D Espaillat, Adriano
Yea NY 14th   D Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria
Yea NY 15th   D Serrano, José
Yea NY 16th   D Engel, Eliot
Yea NY 17th   D Lowey, Nita
Yea NY 18th   D Maloney, Sean
Yea NY 19th   D Delgado, Antonio
Yea NY 20th   D Tonko, Paul
Yea NY 21st   R Stefanik, Elise
Yea NY 22nd   D Brindisi, Anthony
Yea NY 23rd   R Reed, Tom
Yea NY 24th   R Katko, John
Yea NY 25th   D Morelle, Joseph
Yea NY 26th   D Higgins, Brian
Yea NY 27th   R Collins, Chris
North Carolina
Yea NC 1st   D Butterfield, G.K.
Yea NC 2nd   R Holding, George
Yea NC 4th   D Price, David
Nay NC 5th   R Foxx, Virginia
Nay NC 6th   R Walker, Mark
Yea NC 7th   R Rouzer, David
Nay NC 8th   R Hudson, Richard
Yea NC 10th   R McHenry, Patrick
Nay NC 11th   R Meadows, Mark
Yea NC 12th   D Adams, Alma
Yea NC 13th   R Budd, Ted
North Dakota
Yea ND   R Armstrong, Kelly
Yea OH 1st   R Chabot, Steve
Yea OH 2nd   R Wenstrup, Brad
Yea OH 3rd   D Beatty, Joyce
Yea OH 4th   R Jordan, Jim
Yea OH 5th   R Latta, Robert
Yea OH 6th   R Johnson, Bill
Yea OH 7th   R Gibbs, Bob
Nay OH 8th   R Davidson, Warren
Nay OH 9th   D Kaptur, Marcy
Yea OH 10th   R Turner, Michael
Nay OH 11th   D Fudge, Marcia
Yea OH 12th   R Balderson, Troy
Yea OH 13th   D Ryan, Tim
Yea OH 14th   R Joyce, David
Yea OH 15th   R Stivers, Steve
Yea OH 16th   R Gonzalez, Anthony
Yea OK 1st   R Hern, Kevin
Yea OK 2nd   R Mullin, Markwayne
Yea OK 3rd   R Lucas, Frank
Yea OK 4th   R Cole, Tom
Yea OK 5th   D Horn, Kendra
Yea OR 1st   D Bonamici, Suzanne
Yea OR 2nd   R Walden, Greg
Yea OR 3rd   D Blumenauer, Earl
Yea OR 4th   D DeFazio, Peter
Yea OR 5th   D Schrader, Kurt
Yea PA 1st   R Fitzpatrick, Brian
Yea PA 2nd   D Boyle, Brendan
Yea PA 3rd   D Evans, Dwight
Yea PA 4th   D Dean, Madeleine
Yea PA 5th   D Scanlon, Mary
Yea PA 6th   D Houlahan, Chrissy
No Vote PA 7th   D Wild, Susan
Yea PA 8th   D Cartwright, Matthew
Yea PA 9th   R Meuser, Daniel
Yea PA 10th   R Perry, Scott
Yea PA 11th   R Smucker, Lloyd
Yea PA 12th   R Keller, Fred
Nay PA 13th   R Joyce, John
Yea PA 14th   R Reschenthaler, Guy
Yea PA 15th   R Thompson, Glenn
Yea PA 16th   R Kelly, Mike
Yea PA 17th   D Lamb, Conor
Yea PA 18th   D Doyle, Mike
Rhode Island
Yea RI 1st   D Cicilline, David
Yea RI 2nd   D Langevin, Jim
South Carolina
Yea SC 1st   D Cunningham, Joe
Yea SC 2nd   R Wilson, Joe
Nay SC 3rd   R Duncan, Jeff
Yea SC 4th   R Timmons, William
Nay SC 5th   R Norman, Ralph
Nay SC 6th   D Clyburn, Jim
Yea SC 7th   R Rice, Tom
South Dakota
Nay SD   R Johnson, Dusty
Yea TN 1st   R Roe, Phil
Nay TN 2nd   R Burchett, Tim
Yea TN 3rd   R Fleischmann, Chuck
Nay TN 4th   R DesJarlais, Scott
Yea TN 5th   D Cooper, Jim
Yea TN 6th   R Rose, John
Nay TN 7th   R Green, Mark
Nay TN 8th   R Kustoff, David
Yea TN 9th   D Cohen, Steve
Nay TX 1st   R Gohmert, Louie
Yea TX 2nd   R Crenshaw, Dan
Yea TX 3rd   R Taylor, Van
Yea TX 4th   R Ratcliffe, John
Yea TX 5th   R Gooden, Lance
Nay TX 6th   R Wright, Ron
Yea TX 7th   D Fletcher, Lizzie
Yea TX 8th   R Brady, Kevin
Yea TX 9th   D Green, Al
Yea TX 10th   R McCaul, Michael
Nay TX 11th   R Conaway, Michael
Yea TX 12th   R Granger, Kay
Yea TX 13th   R Thornberry, Mac
Yea TX 14th   R Weber, Randy
Yea TX 15th   D Gonzalez, Vicente
Yea TX 16th   D Escobar, Veronica
Yea TX 17th   R Flores, Bill
Yea TX 18th   D Jackson Lee, Sheila
Nay TX 19th   R Arrington, Jodey
Yea TX 20th   D Castro, Joaquin
Nay TX 21st   R Roy, Chip
Yea TX 22nd   R Olson, Pete
Yea TX 23rd   R Hurd, Will
Nay TX 24th   R Marchant, Kenny
Yea TX 25th   R Williams, Roger
Nay TX 26th   R Burgess, Michael
Nay TX 27th   R Cloud, Michael
Yea TX 28th   D Cuellar, Henry
Yea TX 29th   D Garcia, Sylvia
Yea TX 30th   D Johnson, Eddie
Yea TX 31st   R Carter, John
Yea TX 32nd   D Allred, Colin
Yea TX 33rd   D Veasey, Marc
Yea TX 34th   D Vela, Filemon
Yea TX 35th   D Doggett, Lloyd
Yea TX 36th   R Babin, Brian
Yea UT 1st   R Bishop, Rob
Yea UT 2nd   R Stewart, Chris
Yea UT 3rd   R Curtis, John
Yea UT 4th   D McAdams, Ben
Yea VT   D Welch, Peter
Yea VA 1st   R Wittman, Robert
Yea VA 2nd   D Luria, Elaine
Yea VA 3rd   D Scott, Bobby
Yea VA 4th   D McEachin, Donald
Yea VA 5th   R Riggleman, Denver
Yea VA 6th   R Cline, Ben
Yea VA 7th   D Spanberger, Abigail
Yea VA 8th   D Beyer, Donald
Yea VA 9th   R Griffith, Morgan
Yea VA 10th   D Wexton, Jennifer
Yea VA 11th   D Connolly, Gerald
Yea WA 1st   D DelBene, Suzan
Yea WA 2nd   D Larsen, Rick
Yea WA 3rd   R Herrera Beutler, Jaime
Yea WA 4th   R Newhouse, Dan
Yea WA 5th   R McMorris Rodgers, Cathy
Yea WA 6th   D Kilmer, Derek
Yea WA 7th   D Jayapal, Pramila
Yea WA 8th   D Schrier, Kim
Yea WA 9th   D Smith, Adam
Yea WA 10th   D Heck, Denny
West Virginia
Yea WV 1st   R McKinley, David
Nay WV 2nd   R Mooney, Alex
Yea WV 3rd   R Miller, Carol
Yea WI 1st   R Steil, Bryan
Yea WI 2nd   D Pocan, Mark
Yea WI 3rd   D Kind, Ron
Yea WI 4th   D Moore, Gwen
Nay WI 5th   R Sensenbrenner, James
Nay WI 6th   R Grothman, Glenn
Nay WI 7th   R Duffy, Sean
Yea WI 8th   R Gallagher, Mike
Nay WY   R Cheney, Liz

American doctors refused residencies and can’t be licensed. Instead, foreign candidates are given their positions

You can’t pay off a $300,000 student debt load with jobs in a butcher shop or unloading trucks at a big box store. Those wages won’t even cover the interest due.

That’s what Dr. Doug Medina has endured since graduating as a medical doctor from Georgetown University some eight years ago.

Dr. Doug Medina

Yet, despite his doctorate in allopathic medicine, he has not been selected for a residency. Without that training, he cannot be licensed in any state.

Since 2011, when Dr. Medina graduated from medical school, the National Resident Matching Program reports that 14,759 U.S. seniors and previous graduates did not matriculate into residency training.

In that same period, 27,866 foreign-trained physicians (FTPs) on H-1B and J-1 visas were selected for residency.

Rather than choosing highly-qualified American doctors, hospitals are awarding residencies to non-U.S. international medical graduates (IMGs).

It’s not always good to be a U.S. citizen, as the doctor explained:

I haven’t been able to pay anything yet, and interest rates are killing me. It’s very stressful. You begin to give up hope that you’ll ever be able to own a home or a new car in this lifetime,

Dr. Medina passed all of his courses, never failed any clinical or course work during medical school, and in his final year earned honors in five courses.

I am not the problem. The problem is a serious flaw in policy that is not protecting vulnerable medical students trained in the U.S.

He said part of the solution is that schools should be required to help graduates matriculate into residency training.

Kevin Lynn, Executive Director for Progressives for Immigration Reform, said Dr. Medina has applied to “hundreds of alternative careers since returning in 2013 from Floating Doctors, a nonprofit medical group that provides healthcare to developing nations worldwide.”

These jobs included Psychiatry Aide, Research Assistant, Technician, Health Inspector, Ecologist and Epidemiologist, Lynn explained.

Dr. Medina recalls that “when I followed up with various positions that I had applied for, I was told I was overqualified or lacked specific qualifications.” With the large debt load in student loans from medical school, he said he couldn’t qualify for more student loans for additional training.

The only career I’ve found that requires a doctorate of allopathic medicine without resident training is an international Health Scientist for the Centers for Disease and Prevention, and I applied to every position from Albania to Yemen, Medina said.

Federal dollars from Medicare annually underwrite residency training positions for about 3,700 non-U.S. IMGs. This leaves about 1,800 American-trained medical students without a job each year.

Reducing the number of IMGs who receive residencies, and prioritizing American grads, would help correct the problem, Lynn said.

The immigration debate assumes FTPs are filling positions in rural outposts unattractive to U.S.-trained doctors. Actually, doctors with J-1 visas are regularly placed in New York, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

A Time magazine article reported one internal medicine program had 60 percent of its incoming residents on, or were supposed to be on, H-1B visas.

The J-1 visa is a non-immigrant document issued by the U.S. government to foreign research scholars, professors and others in programs that supposedly promote cultural exchange, especially to obtain medical or business training within the U.S. The H-1B visa is issued to hire international workers in specialty fields.

Dr. Medina recoiled when it was suggested a non-U.S. IMG is more qualified (higher test scores), and deserves a residency denied an American-trained doctor. He said he was surprised and angered to learn that FTPs, who had failed multiple courses, were chosen over him in some cases.

If you follow the money it suggests that a foreign-trained doctor probably has little or no student debt and will work very long hours to keep a visa, while Americans owe hundreds of thousands and need high enough wages to pay that debt. This allows a huge wage gap between Americans and foreigners.

There is no current proof of another alternative: that some administrators are bribed by wealthy foreigners to give their children residencies.

Dr. Medina has filed formal grievances with the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education.

Here is an interview, which described the doctor’s problems:

Dr. Medina said he was engaged to be married for six years to a fellow doctor, whose professional life flourished after graduation, while he continued to apply for residencies. Ultimately, she ended their relationship, saying, “I can’t keep waiting for you to move forward.”

He has relied on his parents for financial assistance.

Dr. Medina’s father – an immigrant from El Salvador, who served in the Vietnam War – allowed his son to move into the basement of the family home.

The doctor said one of the lowest points came while he was in Buffalo, NY, picking through rat feces under the “Honeymoon Cage” and analyzing it to breed rats with a specific genetic predisposition.

“This is when I began to feel depressed. I thought, is this what I finished my doctorate for?”

Kamala Harris can’t stand for the Indian worker above all others; it’s a disgraceful conflict of interest

You only need simple math skills to understand why the business class wants more legal and illegal immigration into the United states, and why most politicians pander to our emotions. Their concerns are larger profits and more contributions to their campaigns and/or lifestyles.

  • Four million Americans graduate into the workforce each year from high schools and colleges.
  • Companies import 1.1 million legal immigrants (visas) each year under current regulations.
  • Annually, the government refreshes another 1.5 million work permits a year.

The bad news is that our nation only produces 2.5 million new jobs each year. Immigrant work permits and visas total 2.6 million a year, which means that some 6.6 million workers are fighting for 2.5 million jobs.

Now, you know why so many daughters and sons, grown and graduated, inhabit the lower level of your domicile. Too few jobs for too many applicants is the result of a disastrous immigration policy, a scheme that keeps worker wages low and corporate profits high.

To make things worse, some 11 to 22 million non-citizens are either illegally employed or competing for a job. Working under the table to escape detection, they are often paid in cash with no taxes due to to Uncle Sam by employee or employer.

It’s a racket.

And a huge number of politicians want this War of the Workers to continue, which is why they have introduced the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act.

Which brings me to Kamala Harris, the newest darling of the media circus, a veteran prosecutor, and a woman who has survived even Willie Brown’s affections.

Harris is lead co-sponsor for the Fairness Act, which is designed to greatly increase the number of Indian College grads imported into the U.S. to take white-collar jobs. The legislation is intended to help Indians get about 120,000 green cards each year — or roughly five times as many green cards as they receive now.

Someone should remind Harris that because of association with India, the appearance of a conflict of interest damages her as a Presidential candidate.

Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, was a breast cancer scientist who immigrated to the United States from Madras, India (present-day Chennai) in 1960.

Wikipedia notes:

Harris’ family lived in Berkeley, California, where both parents attended graduate school. She was close to her maternal grandfather, P. V. Gopalan, an Indian diplomat. As a child, she often visited her extended family in the Besant Nagar neighborhood of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She grew up going to both a black Baptist church and a Hindu temple.

Her father, Donald Harris (a Stanford professor) was born in Jamaica, and once said that one grandmother was related to a plantation and slave owner, while the other had unknown ancestry.

Let’s move back to the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The Harris bill will virtually eliminate H1-B visas for every country except India. With her background, Harris should not sponsor a bill that benefits her ancestral nation, and she must also abstain from voting for it.