N.Y.’s “Unfit” Times: Trump depicted as skull-capped religious Jew led by Jewish-starred dog – cartoon hate from far Reich!

Cartoon shows blind Donald Trump, led by Netanyahu, a dog wearing Jewish star

The New York Times may have been surprised that many of its readers didn’t share approval of a political cartoon humiliating President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Thursday’s international edition.

The political cartoon in question showed a blind Trump, wearing a pair of black glasses, being led by a dog, depicted as Netanyahu. The dog had a Star of David on its collar.

This cartoon appeared in the paper’s opinion section, next to a column by Thomas Friedman, an avid associate of both the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission – two secret organizations critical of Israel’s economic nationalism. Friedman has argued that congressional ovations for Netanyahu were “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.”

It’s not just NYT – check these Glenn Greenwald “contributions”

An editor’s note appeared in the paper’s Sunday international edition, soft-pedaling the religious attack:

Hate cartoons about Netanyahu even came from a Swiss ambassador

“Another disgusting display of vile anti-Semitic trope celebrated … The NY Times is signaling to the world that antisemitism is real, here and welcome,” wrote philanthropist Adam Milstein, co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi condemned it on social media, saying it was reminiscent of anti-Semitic Islamist texts comparing Jews and dogs.

Tawhidi@Imamofpeace tweeted:

صحيفة نيويورك تايمز تنشر مقالة دولية تحمل رسومًا كاريكاتورية عن الرئيس ترامب كونه يهوديًا أعمى ونتنياهو كلب إسرائيلي. نوع الكلب ألماني، يشير إلى النازيين.. والسؤال هو: ماذا سيحدث إذا كان هذا الكاريكاتير ضد زعيم دولة إسلامية؟ الله اكبر يا ديمقراطية…

Translated from Arabic by Microsoft:
The New York Times publishes an international article with cartoons about President Trump being a blind Jew and an Israeli dog Netanyahu. The type of German dog, refers to the Nazis.. The question is: what will happen if this caricature is against the leader of an Islamic State? Allahu akbar, O democracy…

Jerusalem Post editor Seth Frantzman tweeted:

Shame on the NYT for this. How hard is in a time of increasing #antisemitism not to publish an anti-semitic cartoon? This is a major newspaper. Dozens of people must have seen this before it went to press. No one said anything?

Frantzman also was not impressed with the editor’s note.

This is what The New York Times thinks of us Israelis. Even if they subsequently said it was an error, they thought it was okay to print a cartoon showing the US president being blindly led by the “Jewish dog”?

And not only that, those who watched as it went to print thought it was fine to put a Jewish skullcap on the US president. Dual loyalty? No need to even wrestle with that question.

The Post’s editor said “it used to be that we were told that Trump was fostering Trump antisemitism and driving a new wave of antisemitism in the US.”

But the cartoon depicts him as a Jew. Well, which is it? Is he fostering antisemitism, or is he now a closet Jew being led by Israel, depicted as a Jewish dog? We used to say that images “conjured up memories” of 1930s antisemitism. This didn’t conjure it up; this showed us exactly what it looked like.

The Nazis also depicted us as animals. They also put Stars of David on us. Antisemites have compared us to dogs, pigs and monkeys before. It used to be that it was on the far-Right that Jews were depicted as controlling the world, like an octopus or a spider.

But now we see how mainstream it has become to blame the Jews and Israel for the world’s problems.

Frantzman also notes that “blaming syndication doesn’t fly, as multiple people, editors, would see it and have the opportunity to remove it prior to using it in their paper. None, apparently, found any problem with the cartoon.”

Adding insult to injury, NYT dived into the controversy again yesterday with a note on a Tweet, this time saying “sorry.” Assuming American stupidity, the Tweet proposed the preposterous: blaming some single employee for the mistake, and explaining the huge cartoon was only printed in the edition that serves its other 7.2 billion potential readers, and not in America.

We are deeply sorry for the publication of an anti-Semitic political cartoon last Thursday in the print edition of The New York Times that circulates outside of the United States, and we are committed to making sure nothing like this happens again.

Such imagery is always dangerous, and at a time when antisemitism is on the rise worldwide, it’s all the more unacceptable. We have investigated how this happened and learned that, because of a faulty process, a single editor working without adequate oversight downloaded the syndicated cartoon and make the decision to include it on the Opinion page.

The matter remains under review, and we are evaluating our internal processes and training. We anticipate significant changes.

The syndicate blamed for the “downloaded” cartoon was the New York Times Syndicate, which supplies cartoons not only to its parent NYT, but publications around the world. Who approved it there? We’ll never know.

The following video blasts the Times and questions its sincerity:

Jewish NYT founder

NYT owners were once Jewish – the newspaper was founded by Adolph Ochs – but over time, conversion and other factors seem to have contributed to what is unquestionably a callous approach to religion in general and Judaism in particular.

The Times is not alone in pushing Jewish ethnicity and ignoring the reality that Jewish describes a religion, not a nationality or race. The Nazis, for example, promoted the idea that even a practicing Christian – with just one Jewish grandparent – should be gassed to death for having “impure” racial blood.

The Stockholm Declaration’s committee on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial called for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Plenary in Budapest 2015 to adopt a working definition of antisemitism.

On 26 May 2016, the Plenary decided to adopt the following non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism:

Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.

Check how this definition is applied with examples from the conference

For the record, Trump is a Presbyterian. His ancestors were Lutheran on his paternal grandfather’s side in Germany and Presbyterian on his mother’s side in Scotland. His parents married in a Presbyterian church in Manhattan in 1936.

His daughter, Ivana Marie “Ivanka” Kushner, converted to Judaism prior to her marriage to Jared Corey Kushner, a real estate investor, who took over his father’s business.

On Saturday the NY Times published another antisemitic cartoon, despite all the vaunted controls and apology.


This cartoon shows Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu wearing a robe and holding up the Ten Commandments tablet with a Star of David on it. Netanyahu is depicted as blind, holding a selfie stick, taking a picture of himself.

Another “lone wolf” antisemite at the New York Times Syndicate, or is the cast and crew united in a hate campaign?

NYT finally suspended publication of all future syndicated political cartoons in its international print edition, the newspaper’s spokeswoman Eileen Murphy confirmed late Monday.

No word yet if anyone has been fired for incompetence.

Microsoft colludes with China to develop its Artificial Intelligence

China has 50,000 to 100,000 military hackers – Wikipedia

Microsoft Research Asia’s scientists are working with China’s National University of Technology (CNUT) on projects that include cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) facial recognition for surveillance systems to track minorities and others deemed undesirables by the Communist state.

CNUT is controlled by our Asian opponent’s top military body, the Central Military Commission.

Learn how China’s police use cameras to arrest suspect in just minutes!

Two spellings of Microsoft

Part of the AI research is to recreate detailed environmental maps by analyzing not just human faces, but their surroundings, which experts say could have clear applications for surveillance and censorship. In other words, it not only decides your identity, but knows exactly where you are and keeps a constant record of that.

Samm Sacks, a China tech policy expert, said documents from the research raised “red flags because of the nature of the technology, the author affiliations, combined with what we know about how this technology is being deployed in China right now.”

The Chinese government is using these technologies to build surveillance systems and to detain minorities [in Xinjiang],” Sacks explained.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), said “we must ensure that American business interests are not aiding Chinese Communist party’s oppression.”

American companies need to understand that doing business in China carries significant and deepening risk.

In addition to being targeted by the Chinese Communist party for espionage, American companies are increasingly at risk of boosting the Chinese Communist party’s human rights atrocities.

Examine why China’s “credit” rating decides your place in society!

Microsoft’s President Brad Smith said no need to worry and then outlined areas where we should worry:

We believe there are three problems that governments need to address,” Smith said.

First, especially in its current state of development, certain uses of facial recognition technology increase the risk of decisions and, more generally, outcomes that are biased and, in some cases, in violation of laws prohibiting discrimination.

Second, the widespread use of this technology can lead to new intrusions into people’s privacy.

And third, the use of facial recognition technology by a government for mass surveillance can encroach on democratic freedoms.

Brad Smith

Other Peking research includes use of machine reading at very high speeds.

Elsa Kania, a military technology expert, said China sees “natural language processing as a way to enable censorship (on a large) scale.”

Microsoft Research also operates several “tech clubs” for students at Chinese universities known to have military links including NUDT, Beihang University and Harbin Institute of Technology.

Smith says the problems with China or other countries using Microsoft research should be addressed by governments.

He said a major concern is possible discrimination against women and non-whites:

Especially in the current state of development, certain uses of facial recognition technology increase the risk of decisions, outcomes and experiences that are biased and even in violation of discrimination laws. Recent research has demonstrated, for example, that some facial recognition technologies have encountered higher error rates when seeking to determine the gender of women and people of color.

Determining the gender or color of citizens is probably not high on the list in China. Their big goal is to decide who goes to prison or is executed for being outspoken or criticizing the Communist Party.

Smith does admit that governments might infringe on the rights of everyone:

The use of facial recognition technology by a government can encroach on democratic freedoms and human rights. Democracy has always depended on the ability of people to assemble, to meet and talk with each other and even to discuss their views both in private and in public. This in turn relies on the ability of people to move freely and without constant government surveillance.

In a dictatorship that surveillance, aided by Microsoft and other U.S. companies, is already imprisoning many Chinese. Does Smith believe that China will change their laws to use AI in “good” ways?

China’s advanced AI program has been underway for years!

The Microsoft president admits that the company is working on AI all over the world and cooperates with local and national authorities, and he offered several positive outcomes:

It’s striking to review the breadth of this innovation. Police in New Delhi recently trialed facial recognition technology and identified almost 3,000 missing children in four days.

Historians in the United States have used the technology to identify the portraits of unknown soldiers in Civil War photographs taken in the 1860s.

And in October, the National Australia Bank designed a proof of concept to enable customers to withdraw money from an Automatic Teller Machine using facial recognition and a PIN.

While many are concerned that Micsrosoft’s AI relationship with China could be a threat to its citizens and our military superiority, Smith seems more excited about how it could mean more sales at the local shopping mall.

He really said the following:

From the moment one steps into a shopping mall, it’s possible not only to be photographed but to be recognized by a computer wherever one goes. Beyond information collected by a single camera in a single session, longer-term histories can be pieced together over time from multiple cameras at different locations.

A mall owner could choose to share this information with every store. Stores could know immediately when you visited them last and what you looked at or purchased, and by sharing this data with other stores, they could predict what you’re looking to buy on your current visit.

Our point is not that the law should deprive commercial establishments of this new technology. To the contrary, we are among the companies working to help stores responsibly use this and other digital technology to improve shopping and other consumer experiences. We believe that a great many shoppers will welcome and benefit from improvements in customer service that will result.

Oh, how happy we will be when the retailers know all about our shopping habits.

Meanwhile, back in China, an estimated 3 million are being held in concentration camps, and the so-modern Peking men and women are working on algorithms to make that imprisoned total even larger.

China steals our tech and produces weapons for far less than the United States!

Our government doesn’t seem too excited by China and Microsoft colluding on AI.

Despite other bidders, Microsoft had a terrific bonanza in February, thanks this time to our defense department:

The Pentagon announced a $1.76 billion deal, which will see Microsoft provide enterprise services to the DoD, Coast Guard, and our so-trustworthy intelligence community.

In a statement announcing the deal, the Pentagon explains what Microsoft will do:

Microsoft product engineering services for software developers and product teams to leverage a range of proprietary resources and source code, and Microsoft premier support for tools, knowledge database, problem resolution assistance, and custom changes to Microsoft source code when applicable.

The Washington State tech firm spends about $10 million each election cycle on grateful politicians, plus other lobbying, and the list of 2018 top recipients follows:

Chamber Member Amount
House Schrier, Kim (D-WA) $142,005
Senate Cantwell, Maria (D-WA) $96,898
House DelBene, Suzan (D-WA) $83,211
House O’Rourke, Beto (D-TX) $76,477
Senate Heitkamp, Heidi (D-ND) $60,645
House Smith, Adam (D-WA) $54,950
House Long, Carolyn (D-WA) $54,257
Senate Booker, Cory (D-NJ) $49,240
House Rosen, Jacky (D-NV) $49,138
Senate Tester, Jon (D-MT) $44,469
Senate Jones, Doug (D-AL) $42,520
House Brown, Lisa (D-WA) $41,222
Senate Nelson, Bill (D-FL) $36,776
Senate Kaine, Tim (D-VA) $36,002
Senate Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN) $33,678
House Kilmer, Derek (D-WA) $30,900
Senate McCaskill, Claire (D-MO) $28,994
House Jayapal, Pramila (D-WA) $28,270
Senate Donnelly, Joe (D-IN) $27,198
House Rodgers, Cathy McMorris (R-WA) $26,349
See all recipients

Bernie Sanders refuses allegiance to corporate CAP and Hillary’s anti-populist team is seething

Corporate-favored candidate Hillary Clinton and senior socialist Senator Bernie Sanders didn’t make peace after Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, and like the mongoose and the snake, their war never seems to end.

Podesta3The former First Lady of Arkansas blasted the former Vermont high school miler with a brutal video (see below) last week, delivered by John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP). The clip, produced by the center’s affiliate, ThinkProgress, mocked Sanders for how his language changed after he sold so many of his books that he became a millionaire.

Podesta is Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff and was Hillary Clinton’s campaign boss in her losing battle for the Presidency. He founded CAP in 2003, and though the organization describes itself as nonpolitical, its directors include not only Podesta, but former Sen. Tom Daschle, known for his tax avoidance of $128,000, and most recently, Stacey Abrams, the self-perceived governor of Georgia.

The other directors of CAP are:

  • Neera Tanden, President, former policy director for both Hillary and Barack Obama
  • Tom Steyer, billionaire hedge fund manager
  • Donald Sussman, founder of New China Capital Management
  • Hansjörg Wyss, billionaire founder of a medical device manufacturer
  • Glenn Hutchins, billionaire with The Blackstone Group
  • Kristin Mugford,  former Senior Director of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital


Besides the Clinton connection, why is CAP going after Sanders?

Could it be that one director, a medical device manufacturer, would be unhappy with Sanders’ Medicare for All?

In a single-payer system, the government can use its leverage to negotiate more reasonable prices for basic medical services, Sanders explained.

It also serves to incentivize doctors that choose to practice in fields where help is needed the most – primary care, family medicine, and pediatrics. An expanded system has the added benefit of giving Medicare more negotiating power when purchasing pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Or the founder of New China Capital doesn’t like a senator, who voted against Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China?

I voted against NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China. I think they have been a disaster for the American worker. A lot of corporations that shut down here move abroad. Working people understand that after NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China we have lost millions of decent-paying jobs, Sanders said.

Since 2001, 60,000 factories in America have been shut down. We’re in a race to the bottom, where our wages are going down (to). Is all of that attributable to trade? No. Is a lot of it? Yes.

TPP was written by corporate America and the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street. That’s what this trade agreement is about. I do not want American workers competing against people in Vietnam, who make 56 cents an hour for a minimum wage.

And probably none of CAP’s hedge fund billionaires were impressed, when Bernie urged:

  • Progressive income taxes on the richest Americans.
  • Fixing the estate tax so mega-rich families pay their fair share.
  • Taxing corporations more fairly, including addressing tax havens.
  • Taxing Wall Street speculation.

The CAP/ThinkProgress video is only the most recent shot against Sanders. It followed a recent hit piece By Jessica Goldstein, who used to work for Jeff Bezo’s Washington Post. The richest person in the world, Bezos is often attacked by Sanders for his grotesque wealth and power.

The Vermont senator obscures his wealth to relate to the 99%, while Trump exaggerates his worth to feign a station above his own, Goldstein said.

Trump is “a poor person’s idea of a rich person.” And now, Sanders is altering his language to edit himself out of the line of fire. In recent weeks, his chorus of “millionaires and billionaires” has been amended to take aim only at “billionaires.”

Sanders sent a letter Saturday to CAP, accusing the organization of “using its resources to smear” him and other progressive presidential candidates.

Center for American Progress leader Neera Tanden repeatedly calls for unity while simultaneously maligning my staff and supporters and belittling progressive ideas, he wrote. I worry that the corporate money CAP is receiving is inordinately and inappropriately influencing the role it is playing in the progressive movement.

The Nation magazine said past donors to the CAP Business Alliance included Comcast, Walmart, General Motors, Pacific Gas and Electric, General Electric, Boeing and Lockheed.

I and other Democratic candidates are running campaigns based on principles and ideas and not engaging in mudslinging or personal attacks on each other, Sanders wrote. Meanwhile, the Center for American Progress is using its resources to smear Senator Booker, Senator Warren and myself, among others. This is hardly the way to build unity, or to win the general election.

During a rally Sunday, Sanders’s campaign also sent a letter to supporters blasting the center’s attack on him.

Last night, Sanders appeared on a FOX town hall with professional newsman Bret Baier and a somewhat menacing Martha MacCallum. Sanders was strong on trade, jobs and healthcare, but stumbled badly on guaranteed climate disaster in 12 years, overt discrimination in the U.S., and he continued his decades-long criticism of Israel, regardless of who was in power.

Baier, whose FOX salary is about $7 million a year, fumbled with his question about Sanders finally earning more than $1 million, thanks to book sales.

As on cue from CAP, Baier asked why Sanders didn’t pay extra income taxes, since he favors a higher rate than current law. Sanders replied that he paid what was legally required, and then suggested Baier and MacCallum donate part of their much higher salaries.

Not to escape the public’s notice, Trump blissfully reacted with a tweet this morning:

So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on . Not surprisingly, and the “audience” was (were) so smiley and nice. Very strange, and now we have ?

Donna Brazile was the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, who leaked CNN debate questions to Hillary’s campaign staff. Wikileaks reported:

A WikiLeaks e-mail dump revealed that Brazile sent an e-mail message on March 5, 2016, to John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri with the title: “One of the questions directed to HRC tomorrow is from a woman with a rash.” The message continued, “her family has lead poison and she will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the ppl of Flint.”

At the next event in Flint, Clinton was delivered a similar question from audience member Mikki Wade, whose family was affected by the poisoned water.

On October 11, 2016, a WikiLeaks e-mail dump included an e-mail Brazile sent on March 12 to Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri with the subject header: “From time to time I get questions in advance.”

In the e-mail, Brazile discussed her concern about Clinton’s ability to field a question regarding the death penalty, and in a CNN town hall debate the following day, Clinton received a similar question about the death penalty.

My opinion is that Trump was very wrong about criticizing Baier, but exactly right in suggesting someone at FOX was nuts to hire Brazile.

Kardashian’s bikini and China’s concentration camps – embracing the trivial, ignoring the menace

Kim’s coverup?

Google “Kim Kardashian bikini” and you see 409,000 unique links.

Google “Xinjiang Uyghur concentration camp” and you see 39 unique links

On Google China, there are zero “Xinjiang Uyghur concentration camp” links.

While Google-eyed Americans are distracted by men and women who act like boobs, the Chinese are in the dark about most things, because the government monitors and censors every person and medium, punishing outspoken citizens with shunning, lowering credit scores, even incarcerating and executing.

Gordon Chang

But some of China’s worst crimes against its own people are leaking into the Internet here, even on American Google’s YouTube.

Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, has reported that up to five million Uighurs and ethnic Kazakhs are held in concentration camps in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, formerly known as East Turkestan.

Children of imprisoned Uighur and Kazakh parents are “confined” to “schools” that are separated from the outside by barbed wire and heavy police patrols, Chang said.

They are denied instruction in their own language, forced to learn Mandarin Chinese. The controls are part of a so-called “Hanification” policy, a program of forced assimilation. “Han” is the name of China’s dominant ethnic group.

Because Uighurs and Kazakhs are dying in the camps in considerable numbers, Beijing is building crematoria to eradicate burial traditions while disposing of corpses.

China is now building similar “re-education facilities”, in Tibet.

Meanwhile Beijing is renewing its attempt to eliminate religion country-wide.

Christians have come under even greater attack across China, as have Buddhists, Chang explained.

China’s ruler, Xi Jinping, demands that the five recognized religions (Buddhism, Catholicism, Daoism, Islam, and Protestantism) …Sinicize.”

The Chinese, as a part of this ruthless and relentless effort, are destroying mosques and churches, forcing devout Muslims to drink alcohol and eat pork, inserting Han officials to live in Muslim homes, and ending religious instruction for minors.

Since Xi Jinping became the Communist Party’s general secretary in November 2012, he has been promoting the concept of a world order ruled by only one sovereign, a Chinese one.

In broad outline, Xi’s vision of the world is remarkably similar to that of the Nazis in their Third Reich, Chang said.

The Third Reich and the People’s Republic share a virulent racism, in China politely referred to as “Han chauvinism.” The Han category, which is said to include about 92% of the population of the People’s Republic, is in truth the amalgamation of related ethnic groups.

Chinese mythology holds that all Chinese are descendants of the Yellow Emperor, who is thought to have ruled in the third millennium BCE. The Chinese consider themselves to be a branch of humanity separate from the rest of the world, a view reinforced by indoctrination in schools, among other means.

Chinese scholars support this Chinese separateness with the “Peking Man” theory of evolution, which holds the Chinese do not share a common African ancestor with the remainder of humankind.

Many in China, including officials believe themselves to be categorically different from and implicitly superior to the rest of the humankind, Fei-Ling Wang, author of The China Order: Centralia, World Empire, and the Nature of Chinese Power, said.

This racial superiority belief was shown in the 13-minute skit on China Central Television’s Spring Festival Gala, the nation’s premier television show.

In “Let’s Celebrate Together,” a Chinese actress in blackface played a Kenyan mother, who had an enormous bosom and ridiculously large buttocks. Worse, her sidekick was a human-size monkey, Chang explained.

The combination of the monkey and the woman was an echo of the Hubei Provincial Museum exhibit, “This is Africa,” which in 2017 displayed photographs of Africans flush next to images of primates.

China’s goal to be the world’s ruler has been mostly ignored since President Richard Nixon’s trip to China, followed by compliant American administrations until the election of the current owner of Mar-a-Lago.

But even our efforts at tough trade talks and increased military expenses seem unlikely to curb the world’s most populous nation.

China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world. ― Napoleon Bonaparte

Trump dumping more foreign workers into economy will destroy decent jobs for Americans


The President’s promise of “Hire American” in order to add more jobs and raise wages for American citizens was just trumped by pressure from rich business owners.

Under orders from the White House, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has okayed 30,000 additional waivers for H-2B Visas in 2020 – arguing that there are no citizens here who want the jobs offered.

This decision will allow companies to import 96,000 H-2B laborers in 2019, up from the 66,000 allowed by the law.

But that’s just the tip of the spear aimed at the American workforce.

The government also awarded visas for 242,800 H2-A farm laborers last year, up from 200,000 visas in 2017 and 165,700 visas in 2016. Even more are expected in 2019.

These H2-A totals don’t include visas for white collar jobs.

Last year there were an estimated 1.5 million white-collar visa workers in the country, including some 1,000,000 with H-1Bs visas, plus roughly 400,000 OPT and CPT white-collar workers, 100,000 H4 EAD workers, an additional 100,000 workers with TN visas, at least 200,000 people with L-1 visas, plus additional populations with 0-1, E-3, J-1,  or B-1 visas.

If all those letters, numbers and categories seem confusing, join the club, but one thing is clear – companies are using the visa system to favor foreign workers over Americans.

It’s not just that a Mexican citizen (for example) is grateful to get low pay here, when the minimum hourly wage is 59 cents in their country. Visa holders also face losing their jobs at the whim of employers, and aren’t in a position to complain about even dangerous or cruel working conditions.

These totals of foreign workers do not include as many as 20 million foreigners here without authorization. The government estimated that some 40% of the total are foreigners, who overstayed their three-year visa limit.

By increasing these and other visa totals, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen bowed to powerful Republicans and Democrats in Congress, who are pressured by businesses for cheap labor.

It’s easy to blame her for the increase, but something odd has happened over the years with visa quotas, and Nielsen now wants to put the blame where it belongs;

DHS spokeswoman Andrea Palermo said the department has asked Congress to decide how many workers should be imported, rather than passing the buck each year to Nielsen’s department.

Congress – not DHS – should be responsible for determining whether the annual numerical limitations for H-2B workers set by Congress need to be modified, and by how much, and for setting parameters to ensure that enough workers are available to meet employers’ temporary needs throughout the year, Palermo said.

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, explained his group’s opposition to the most recent increase in visas:

While Congress shoulders much of the blame for inexplicably authorizing an H-2B visa increase in the first place, the decision to actually go through with one was squarely in the hands of the Trump administration.

Given the opportunity to stand with the American worker, President Trump and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen capitulated to the self-serving demands of business lobbyists and authorized 30,000 additional visas. While the economy is certainly roaring, it does not need a vast infusion of guest workers.

This decision to allow tens of thousands more foreign workers to flood the labor market this year will not only suppress blue-collar wage growth, but also take away opportunities from Americans trying to get back into the labor force.

Companies are allotted visa workers on the basis of lobbying, begging, or other financial or political methods. Firms who get this cheap labor are at an advantage in competing against companies that pay Americans fair wages and provide decent working conditions.

“Hire American” President couldn’t find enough Americans to work here!