SS guard may serve about an hour for each murder he assisted

Nazi SS prison guard Bruno Dey is charged with accessory to murder of 5,230 human beings, and his trial in Hamburg is a reminder that the world’s Jewish population dropped from 17 million in 1939 to 11 million in 1945.

Dey entering courtroom

Dey hasn’t been sentenced yet, but the guidelines for his jail term are set.

Play a ghoulish guessing game with me.

Does he pay with his life – one death for 5,230?

Will he serve one month in prison for each murder – 437 years?

More lenient, one week for each murder – 100 years?

The answer is none of the above.

Dey won’t be sentenced to even a single day in prison for each murder. That would total 14 years in jail.

He only faces a possible six months to 10 years if convicted. There are no consecutive sentences under German law.

Dey in 1945

Why so lenient? Some moron decided that Dey should be tried in a juvenile court, because he was “only” 17, when he began serving at Stutthof (Danzig, now Poland) concentration camp.

He manned a machine gun atop a tower, overlooking a gas chamber in 1944 and 1945. He also supervised slave laborers in construction gangs.

Dey testified that he watched  groups of humans with shaven heads go into the chamber, followed by screaming and banging sounds behind the locked door. They never came out, he admitted.

“I didn’t know that they were being gassed,” he claimed to the judge, but that’s a different story than what he earlier told police.

Dey has testified to German police eight times.  He confessed to knowing what was happening inside the gas chambers, according to German newspaper Die Welt,

“I probably knew that these were Jews who hadn’t committed a crime, that they were only in here because they were Jews, and they have a right to live and work freely like every other human being,” he reportedly told the investigators.

In court Dey changed his story and testified he and about 400 other soldiers were “brought” to Stutthof in June or July 1944, and he didn’t know “what kind of people were incarcerated there.” He said he heard only “rumors” that they included political prisoners and Jews.

Anyone who worked at that death camp, knew what it was:

Conditions in the camp were extremely harsh. Many prisoners died in typhus epidemics that swept the camp in the winter of 1942 and again in 1944, according to Wikipedia.

Those whom the SS guards judged too weak or sick to work were gassed in the camp’s small gas chamber. Gassing with Zyklon B began in June 1944.

Another method of execution practiced in Stutthof was lethal injection of phenol into the heart. All together, between 63,000 and 65,000 people died in the camp.

Dey’s defense lawyer Stefan Waterkamp presented a brief testimony from his client, who denounced the German judiciary for acting on the basis of newly-implemented laws.

Some 4,000 prisoners – including Jewish women and children – were killed by the SS in the Stutthof gas chamber and burned in the crematorium before the evacuation of the camp just prior to war’s end. The Nazis’ plan was to hide their war crimes and avoid punishment by the Allies.

Dey testifying

Not only is Dey being tried as a juvenile, the court sessions are limited to two hours a day and only two days a week. The judge said he ordered that because the defendant was 93, and “deserved special treatment.”

If imprisoned, Dey will probably die of natural causes, unlike his thousands of victims. German courts may even decide on the lightest sentence – six months – or just slightly longer than one hour for each charge of murder.

The evil 93-year-old has escaped trial for 75 years, Dey gave statements to the police in 1975 and again in 1982, but no charges were brought.

He became a baker after the war.

“Socialist” China speeds ever faster, while America ignores modern technology for economical high-speed travel

Americans are proud of Amtrak, and the only “high-speed” train operating in America – Acela, which zooms down the East Coast for 454 miles from Boston to Washington D.C.

Well, not exactly “zooms.” The only “high-speed” section is 34 miles long.

Acela’s average pace between New York City (NYC) and Boston is 65 miles per hour (mph). The Amtrak fare is $256 round trip and it takes 2 hours and 17 minutes each way. Only a few of the faster trains run daily.

Private ownership of Amtrak promised us faster, cheaper, better service. Congress agreed, even adding government subsidies to make the corporation more profitable. Overall, it has never made a dime.

comfortable seats – drink served in glasses!

And then there’s China…

In the video above some 1,200 passengers in just one train are traveling at more than 250 mph from Shanghai to Nanjing – a distance similar (180 miles) to NYC-Boston.

The trip in China is 60 minutes, The same distance in America takes 137 minutes for Acela. Round trip price falls from $256 on Amtrak to $40 in China.

You might call this a fluke. So what if China has a train that goes fast for 180 miles, and ours only goes fast for 34 miles?

The answer to that question is devastating.

China currently has about 19,000 miles (not 34!) of high-speed lines, all 150 mph to 300 mph. Some 2,800 pairs of so-called bullet trains connect more than 550 cities in China, and cover 33 of the country’s 34 provinces.

Bejing train station completed in 1996

In two years China will add another 6,000 miles of high-speed lines.

Does America have a plan to match this?

With the approval of Congress Amtrak said that By 2040, the construction of the dedicated network for the New York to Boston segment will be completed.

At that time, the oldest 12 trains will be retired and 14 new ones will be deployed increasing the total capacity to 46.

This small improvement will cost $141 billion and only allow a speed of 186 mph – 64 mph slower than today’s China trains.

Other projects for high-speed trains in America have been stalled, including the idiotic Los Angeles to Las Vegas “Gambler’s Express.”

What will China be doing by 2040 – when America may hit 186 mph on the East Coast?

Get ready for very, very fast trains.

Reaching a speed of 4,000 kph or 2,480 mph would eliminate nearly all airline flights in America, reduce fuel emissions and reduce travel time immensely.

The trip from New York’s JFK to Los Vegas LAX currently takes about 300 minutes by plane in the air. The high speed train would cut that to 60 minutes, saving you four hours, plus time in airport lines.

But don’t count on this happening.

Our engineers can conquer the technology, and already the 1,000 kmh prototypes are built in China and Germany

The challenge will be whether rail travel can stand up to its traditional foes here – highway builders, airlines, buses, oil companies, corrupt financiers of the status quo and their political partners.

Medicare destruction initiated by Trump, sounds like Paul Ryan. Mr. President feeds us “fake news” to enrich healthcare industry

“As long as I’m president, no one will lay a hand on your Medicare benefits,” President Donald Trump told the seniors at The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center. He was celebrating the October, 2019 signing of his executive order to allegedly “protect and improve” the program.

Most of the audience clapped, but some had fallen asleep, and they were wiser for it.

Since he sauntered down the steps of Trump Castle to announce his candidacy, the President has promised not to touch our Medicare and Social Security, and he almost managed to keep this pledge for the first three years of his reign. October marked the end of that promise, and probably the beginning of the end for Medicare for Seniors.

Here’s a chart that shows Paul Ryan’s three main goals that Republicans need to accomplish to lead to the destruction of Medicare – outlined while he was Speaker of the House:

Trump’s executive order manages to fulfill two of Ryan’s three ways to “fix” Medicare:

  1. Higher premiums for seniors – The current mandatory $271 a month ($3,252 a year) Medicare A & B premium per couple will increase 6.43% next year, while the Social Security COLA increase will be 1.6%. Medicare premiums currently eat up an average of about 10% of Social Security benefits, but rates of 20% or more are expected as the government initiates the Trump doctrine.
  2. Increased profits for insurers – The establishment effort to end Medicare began in earnest with the Balanced Budget Act of 1997  This Bill Clinton fiasco allowed insurance companies to compete with Medicare by selling Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. These were government-subsidized private policies with HMOs and other cost-cutting features. Since 1997, Republican and Democrat government trustees have reduced traditional Medicare benefits and drastically hiked premiums – all in an effort to end the public Medicare program and replace it with MA.

As a result of intentional policies to privatize senior healthcare, the growth of Medicare Advantage plans has continued – with more than one in three retirees now enrolled:

Trump’s executive order will make traditional Medicare far more expensive than today, and since beneficiaries pay a portion of the cost, senior couples will get hit with premiums projected to reach as much as $6,000 to $7,000 annually.

The President will accomplish this with his mandate that the secretary of Health and Human Services examine raising traditional Medicare reimbursements to “more closely reflect the prices paid for services in [Medicare Advantage] and the commercial insurance market.”

Currently, traditional Medicare negotiates prices to lower them on behalf of seniors. Payments to hospitals and doctors are often half or even a third paid by for-profit healthcare plans. It’s no secret that the medical profession and investors hate Medicare, because it cuts into their huge profits.

By removing Medicare’s ability to negotiate, doctors and hospitals will be able to double or triple prices., leading to double or triple premiums for seniors.

And the more traditional Medicare spends, the higher the reimbursement to Medicare Advantage insurers, since the two are tied together by what is spent on the public program.

So, it’s no secret that insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and Wall Street are in love with Trump’s plan, which will allow even more profits to all.

Why is Trump doing this to seniors?

Republicans like Trump and Ryan consider Medicare “socialism” – simply because it serves the public without giving money to investors. They want a “capitalist” Medicare that allows as much profit as possible for the industry.

Since we pay doctors and hospitals much more than they collect in other countries, Medicare negotiations have kept the costs for 60 million seniors more reasonable. Instead of ending price-cutting in traditional Medicare, we should extend this policy to all healthcare programs.

While there are flaws in the Medicare for All advocated by progressives, the most required feature – besides increasing benefits – is that it would reduce reimbursements to current Medicare levels, or just the opposite of the Trump doctrine.

How important is the existence of Medicare and its regulated low premiums and negotiated healthcare costs?

Medicare today is the only healthcare plan available under law for the vast majority of seniors. You can’t buy any of the plans your children and grandchildren purchase. You are automatically enrolled and even the Affordable Care Act excludes someone older than 65.

When one of our Presidential candidates decides to apologize for being a “white” Jew, not a “black” Jew, America is in trouble

A quote from a current candidate for the United States Presidency:

Marianne Williamson prays on our behalf

As I speak, I am going to ask the white Americans in the room to please repeat after me. On behalf of myself and on behalf of my country, to you and all African Americans, from the beginning of our nation’s history, in honor of your ancestors and on behalf of your children please hear this from my heart. I apologize.

Please forgive us. With this prayer I acknowledge the depth of the evils that have been perpetrated against black people in America. From slavery to lynchings to white supremacist laws to the denial of voting rights to all the ways, both large and small, all of the evil, all of them wrong, for all the oppression, and all of the injustices, I apologize. Please forgive us. – Marianne Williamson

Her grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants. Her grandfather changed his surname from Vishnevetsky to Williamson after seeing “Alan Williamson Ltd” on a train.

They were lucky. The Nazis did not kill them in gas vans, firing squads or burn them in ovens, like six million other Jews.

Williamson doesn’t talk much about her heritage. She ignores not just World War II genocide, but also overlooks attacks on Jews today. Assaults targeting Jews rose 13% in 2018, according to Tel Aviv University researchers. They recorded nearly 400 cases worldwide, with more than a quarter of the major violent cases taking place in the United States.

Jews represent the largest number of hate crimes against religious beliefs in this nation, according to the FBI’s most recent statistics:

58.1 percent were anti-Jewish.
18.7 percent were anti-Islamic (Muslim).
4.5 percent were anti-Catholic.
3.2 percent were anti-multiple religions, group.
2.4 percent were anti-Protestant.
1.8 percent were anti-Other Christian.
1.4 percent were anti-Sikh.
1.4 percent were anti-Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Other).

Marianne’s ancestors endured pogroms – mass murders by mob – in Russia and Ukraine that killed millions throughout the Middle Ages and into the 20th century. In 1918–1919 alone, more than 1,200 pogroms took place against Russian Jews.

Her Jewish male ancestors were forced to be drafted for a term of 20 years in the Czar’s army. Many killed themselves under brutal conditions. It was an attempt to reduce Jewish marriage and children – genocide.

While Marianne and others accuse white Americans of a hate crime rampage, percentage-wise whites are less likely to commit such acts. In 2017, race was reported by the FBI for 6,370 known hate crime offenders:

50.7 percent were White (73.1% of Americans).
21.3 percent were Black or African American (12.7% of Americans)
7.5 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races.

She is correct to condemn lynchings in the South, particularly in the 1920s, and we should pledge to never let them occur again. However, this is not happening in America today, and it does not require Marianne to intercede with God on our behalf. Such chutzpah!

The last recorded lynching occurred in 1981 in Mobile, Alabama. Michael Donald, a young black man, was beaten to death by KKK members. One of the perpetrators was sentenced to death and executed in 1997. Justice was delayed 16 years by courts and greedy lawyers.

While slavery was an abomination in the U.S., other nations were far worse, but seldom criticized by today’s activists.

Country / Destination Slaves Delivered %
Brazil 4,000,000 35.3
Spanish Empire (including Cuba) 2,500,000 22.1
British West Indies 2,000,000 17.7
French West Indies (including Cayenne) 1,600,000 14.1
British North America & U.S. 500,000 4.4
Dutch West Indies (including Surinam) 500,000 4.4
Danish West Indies 28,000 0.2
Europe (including Portugal, Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores, 200,000 1.8
Total 11,328,000 100.0

Contrary to popular belief, most slaves worked in sugar and coffee plantations and mines, where some 90% died. Less than 5% were engaged in cotton production.

First Employment Number of Slaves %
Sugar Plantations 6,000,000 54.5
Coffee Plantations 2,000,000 18.2
Mines 1,000,000 9.1
Domestic Labor 1,000,000 9.1
Cotton Fields 500,000 4.5
Cocoa Fields 250,000 2.3
Building 250,000 2.3
Total 11,000,000 100.0

In the Caribbean some 3.5 million slaves were imported, but by 1860 only 300,000 survived. By contrast, the 500,000 slaves imported into the U.S. had grown in population to nearly 4 million by the start of the Civil War.

Marianne may not realize that the British, French and Dutch killed ten times as many slaves as were brought into our country. They died from overwork in miserable heat, starvation, beatings and disease.

This country itself was not capturing Africans and enslaving them. The major traders were:

Country Voyages Slaves Transported
Portugal (including Brazil) 30,000 4,650,000
Spain (including Cuba) 4,000 1,600,000
France (including West Indies) 4,200 1,250,000
Holland 2,000 500,000
Britain 12,000 2,600,000
British North America, U.S. 1,500 300,000
Denmark 250 50,000
Other 250 50,000
Total 54,200 11,000,000

None of this is meant to defend slavery in America, but to put what happened here in historical and statistical perspective.

It really is time for the current purveyors of American “white guilt” to begin blaming the Nazis for mass genocide, the Russians for mob mass murders, and the European nations that murdered Africans by the millions to make a buck for their overseas corporations.

And it’s long past time to stop blaming a fair and compassionate nation of today for past horrors.

As far as the holier-than-us Marianne is concerned, here is an entertaining item from the LA Times some years ago:

Wearing feathers in her hair, spike heels and a strapless evening gown, Marianne Williamson, New Age guru of the hour, is seated on a hotel ballroom stage in Marina del Rey, shoulder to shoulder with unmarried soap opera actors and other eligible and glamorous singles. Amid much banter and giggling, they will be “auctioned off” by talk-show host Cyndy Garvey and producer-director Garry Marshall.

Laura Dern and Linda Blair are no-shows, but Williamson, on the verge of becoming almost as famous as they are, will wait patiently for two hours until it is her turn to go on the block. She will answer politely when Garvey asks her how to pronounce Muse, the name of the restaurant where she plans to take her date. She will urge Marshall to tell the well-toned crowd that she is “very interesting.” In exchange for an evening in her company, a man from the Midwest will contribute $1,200 to the Family Assistance Program, a charity for the homeless.

Although on other nights she exhorts her followers to give themselves up to God, there is nothing incongruous in her now offering herself up at a bachelor-bachelorette auction. This, after all, is Hollywood, and Williamson, who has been mentioned in the same breath as Mother Teresa for her work on behalf of people with AIDS, is no stranger to the combined worlds of glitz and good causes.

In a field crowded with purveyors of spiritual wisdom, the 39-year-old tough-talking, quick-witted former nightclub singer from Texas has blazed her way to the top. She has been captivating standing-room-only audiences in West Hollywood, Santa Monica and New York with her blend of religion and self-help drawn from a three-volume work known as “A Course in Miracles.”

Here is her pitch for black slavery reparations, billions to be paid for by both white and black American taxpayers:

Far Left Soros and Far Right Koch gang up on us..

Conspiracy nuts often claim that Far Left and Far Right political groups are actually in bed together, pretending to be enemis, but actually both serving the very rich and their establishment lackeys.

No better proof of this joint effort to determine public policy exists than the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

The group, which will officially launch in November, $500,000 each from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and Charles Koch’s Koch Foundation.

The think tank is named after U.S. President John Quincy Adams.

Eli Clifton is Quincy’s research director, Some of his comments indicate his biases, and as a result, the thinking of Koch and Soros:

Smearing and bullying Tlaib and Omar fits with Trump and Netanyahu’s pattern of pandering to white nationalists and Islamophobes. – Lobe Log, August 2019

The ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) has emerged as one of the few defenders within the Jewish community of Trump’s White House and its “alt-right” members when they have faced charges of anti-Semitism. The group even invited (Steven) Bannon, a seminal figure of the “alt-right,” to its annual dinner in November. – The Intercept, August 2017

Clifton recently ripped into Cory Booker for not favoring a return to Barack Obama’s Iran Deal:

That language closely parrots Trump’s claims that he can use the leverage of abrogating the Iran deal to negotiate a better deal with Iran. Under the guidance of Iran hawks like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, this strategy has brought the United States 10 minutes away from a war with Iran and no closer to a better deal.

And again he is an avid Trump opponent. Here is an excerpt from a 2015 FP News article:

Much like Trump, Gaffney shows little concern for the religious or personal freedoms of Muslims. Gaffney has claimed that Muslims who follow sharia should be prosecuted for sedition. He has also characterized the Islamic community center in lower Manhattan as a “Trojan Horse Mosque.”

But if Clifton appears more than just opinionated, Quincy’s executive director, Tria Parsi, sounds like the poster boy for the New World Order in this “About” from the site:

Trita Parsi

Trita Parsi is an award-winning author and the 2010 recipient of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order for his 2007 book, Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Iran, Israel and the United States (Yale University Press).

He is the founder and former president of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and an expert on US foreign policy in the Middle East. Parsi has extensive experience on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations, including work at the UN Security Council… His latest book is Losing an Enemy – Obama, Iran and the Triumph of Diplomacy (Yale University Press).

You can check this very critical information about NIAC from the liberal Daily Beast.

Parsi is an Iranian-Swedish dual national and a permanent resident of the United States, not a citizen. He was born in Iran and educated in America. He is married to Amina Semlali, who is a human development specialist at the World Bank.