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Fred Donaldson

In 1959 this blogger was hired as a copyboy at the Evening and Sunday Bulletin, which boasted nearly 800,000 daily circulation. Next move was to head copyboy, then comics editor, weekly tv listing editor, and in 1964, news rewrite and feature writer. In 1965 I moved to Intercounty Publishing as editor of the Valley Forge Sentinel and Conshohocken Recorder, promoted to Senior Vice President of the newspaper group in 1972, published the West Oak Lane Leader from 1975 to 1993, when I became president and CEO of the 18-newspaper group. From 2000 to 2004 I managed the News Gleaner publishing group, and ended my career as publisher of The Phoenix daily in Phoenixville, PA. This website never runs ads, asks for donations or reveals any information - email or otherwise - about its followers. We do appreciate it when you share a blog post that you like on Facebook or Twitter. Reblogs are always appreciated.