Patrick “Ellsworth Toohey” Toomey wants to make Communist China even greater!

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) isn’t running for re-election, and he wants to payoff his buddies in China before he slithers away in early 2023.

Patrick Toomey, Jr.

Pat’s family name reminds me of Ayn Rand’s villain (Ellsworth Toohey) in her bestselling novel – The Fountainhead. A sleazy character, Toohey had no talents of his own and enjoyed destroying anyone with with principles and honor.

Ex-banker Toomey was president of the Club for Growth, which boasts membership from the world’s largest multi-national firms. The Club favors unlimited immigration, privatization of Social Security, ending unions, and sending more American jobs overseas.

Even Barack Obama’s White House had weekly meetings with the Club during his administration. The “conservative” cabal also poured millions into ads against Republican Donald Trump to aid election of Democrat Joe Biden.

This is upside-down. The big corporations now support the “socialist” Democrat Party. Have we entered an era when the political world is not divided by parties, but by the struggles of the middle-class versus the elites/

Toomey exemplifies this rejection of the ideals of the traditional GOP by usually voting with other corporate shills like fellow Senators Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Richard Burr, Susan Collins, Bill Cassidy and Lisa Murkowski.

The latest treachery is Toomey’s leadership in the Senate to cut tariffs paid by China for imports into our country.

Toomey recently offered a Motion to Instruct – which advises Committee members, who will meet with their colleagues in the House on their version of the China bill – to keep Division G to let China escape tariffs.

As the conference committee coalesces to improve USICA and the COMPETES Act, I strongly urge its members to prioritize the reestablishment of this (Section 301 tariff) exclusion process, Toomey said.

Failure to allow this remedy will harm our own manufacturers, disadvantaging these companies relative to foreign competitors at a time when we should be enabling their success.

The Toomey motion passed 53 to 43. The Senate needs 60 votes to end cloture and pass the China bill, called the Bipartisan Innovation Act.

In a vote last year on a similar bill, some 91 Senators supported cutting China’s tariffs, which indicates a major shift in approval of aiding our Communist competitor.

These 53 Senators supported the Toomey Motion to keep Division G and enrich China. This vote came just 24 hours after the U.S. released monthly trade data with a record $100 billion deficit.

And these are the patriotic Senators who voted against Toomey’s motion to make the trade provision a priority for the Bipartisan Innovation Act.

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