MUNICH — He wore dark clothes, sported a baseball cap and would only say he was from Argentina, once home to Nazi murderers Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.

hitlerThe winning bidder’s name will remain a secret only known to a select circle that includes Wolfgang Hermann, co-owner of the Hermann Historica auction house, where  hundreds of WWII items, once owned by mass murderers, were up for bid.

The mystery man used bid number 888.

In Germany it’s illegal to greet anyone with “Heil Hitler.” The number 88 marks “H”, the eighth letter of the alphabet, and is used by sympathizers of the Nazis in salutes.

The Press was refused auction entry, but a reporter from the German publication, Bild, managed to get inside. The room was full of “young couples, elderly men, and muscular guys with shaved heads and tattoos,” Bild said in their report.

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