We need a third party with no pure social issue concerns

We need a separate political party that only focuses on economic equality – no social issues, idealogy, etc. – just plain fair taxes and benefits for the middle and lower class.

With just a few votes in the Senate and a couple dozen in the House, this new party would wield enough power to move both parties to stop screwing the American people.

Somebody can come up with a name, but we need some elected officials who can appeal to common sense people on both sides of the aisle. They can’t be for or against abortion, gay rights, but they can apply economic ideals to not wanting unnecessary wars, cuts in Social Security and child health, and oppose more corporate tax cuts and NAFTA-type deals.

MSNBC and Politico Unite (it seems)

Today, the news seems to be mirrors – MSNBC commentators, Politico writers and even the Huffy AOL, are arguing that entitlement cuts have to come fast, and that means the destruction of Social Security and Medicare.

One of the most disgusting examples of this Pete Peterson type campaign was MSNBC introducing a segment on cuts for homeless vets as necessary, only because the public is reluctant to cut Medicare, Medicaid and SS, which the commentator argued are “entitlements” that represent 60% of federal spending.

Social Security is not part of the budget and has funds until 2037 to fully fund benefits, a fact that MSNBC commentators know, but lie about to please its corporate masters at Comcast and G.E.

Where is Obama on this? Hiding, as usual, until he compromises with himself to once again take action against the middle class that elected him. It will be something else to discuss at cocktail parties as he juts out his jaw and insures his legacy as one of the worst Presidents in our history.