Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reports that 25% of Germans are anti-semitic and 40% say Jews talk about Holocaust “too much”

When Bernie Sanders declared last week that much of the U.S. military aid to Israel should be diverted to Hamas, an Iranian-backed terrorist group that shoots missiles at Jewish civilians, there were no boos, just cheers from his audience.

Antisemitism is religious and/or ethnicity/ancestry bias

Meanwhile, AOC icon declared it was AOK that “Palestinians also have no other choice but to resort to violence as they are marginalized.”

But such bad news in America for the Jewish community is a minor irritation, compared to the spread of antisemitism in Germany, the home of the Holocaust.

While U.S. Jews are three times more likely to be a victim of a hate crime than the next most attacked group – Muslims, German Jews face hate crimes more than six times the rate here. Germany’s most recent report showed 1,646 hate crimes in a population of 82.8 million, while the U.S. had 1,014 among 327 million.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported on a survey in October of 1,300 Germans, where 41% claimed;

Jews talk about the Holocaust too much.

The same percentage said they believed:

Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Germany.

Another 20% of respondents said that Jewish people have “too much power” over the economy, international financial markets and the media.

Some 22% argued that “people hate Jews due to the way they behave. One in four respondents said it was possible that “something like the Holocaust could happen in Germany again.”

The survey also revealed 18% of so-called “elites” — those with at least one university degree and earn at least $111,300 a year — agreed with anti-Semitic sentiments. Within that group, more than a quarter said they believed Jewish people have “too much power over world politics and the economy.”

Speaking at a meeting in Munich , World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald Lauder demanded new laws that would regulate the spread of hate crimes over the internet.

Citing the Yom Kippur synagogue attack in the German city of Halle, in which a gunman tried to attack the congregation barricaded inside, and then proceeded to kill two passersby when he could not enter the building, Lauder asked:

Where did he get the information?

It didn’t come from the air, It came over the internet. He was someone who frankly sat at home and looked at the internet and got angry.

We can find out where every piece on the internet comes from if we want to. No one’s doing it.

Concerned about websites promoting terror, Lauder contacted German officials:

I spoke to a judge, and asked ‘how do you allow this to happen?’ He said, ‘There’s no law against it.’

Lauder criticized the action at police at Halle, noting that it took them 20 minutes to respond to the shooting, and said that if a non-Jewish site were the target, “Police would have been there in five minutes.”

At least a third of them  (police) are basically antisemitic. And the question is, how can you expect them to carry out things when you have (Neo-Nazi) marches in Chemnitz and Dortmund, and the police stand by?

For us, it is very reminiscent of the police standing by during Kristallnacht, and not allowing the firemen to get there.

When Cologne Rabbi Jechiel Brukner reviewed the survey results, he wasn’t surprised:

These are cliches, stereotypes, envy but there is also some truth to it. Jews are successful. What’s the problem with that?

Why are Germans not envious that, as a percentage of the population, Jews have many more Nobel Prize winners? Why doesn’t that bother anyone? What does it always concern the aspect of ‘money’?

Judaism places an emphasis on intellectual intelligence and that has meant that Jews are often very successful. They also work hard, but why does someone not like them for that?

“Think about this: There are still living Holocaust survivors, and Germans dare to entertain anti-Semitic thoughts — and even to take action based on them. That’s incredible,” Brukner said.

The Jewish population of Germany is now 116,000, compare to more than 400,000 in 1933, when the Nazis took control.

Two countries, the United States (41%), and Israel (40%), account for 81% of those recognized as Jews and eligible for citizenship by Israel under its Law of Return. France (3%), Canada (3%), Russia (3%), United Kingdom (2%), Argentina (1%), Germany (1%), Ukraine (1%), Brazil (1%), Australia (1%) and Hungary (1%) hold an additional 16%, and the remaining 3% are spread around 98 other countries and territories with less than 0.5% each, according to Wikipedia reports.

SS guard may serve about an hour for each murder he assisted

Nazi SS prison guard Bruno Dey is charged with accessory to murder of 5,230 human beings, and his trial in Hamburg is a reminder that the world’s Jewish population dropped from 17 million in 1939 to 11 million in 1945.

Dey entering courtroom

Dey hasn’t been sentenced yet, but the guidelines for his jail term are set.

Play a ghoulish guessing game with me.

Does he pay with his life – one death for 5,230?

Will he serve one month in prison for each murder – 437 years?

More lenient, one week for each murder – 100 years?

The answer is none of the above.

Dey won’t be sentenced to even a single day in prison for each murder. That would total 14 years in jail.

He only faces a possible six months to 10 years if convicted. There are no consecutive sentences under German law.

Dey in 1945

Why so lenient? Some moron decided that Dey should be tried in a juvenile court, because he was “only” 17, when he began serving at Stutthof (Danzig, now Poland) concentration camp.

He manned a machine gun atop a tower, overlooking a gas chamber in 1944 and 1945. He also supervised slave laborers in construction gangs.

Dey testified that he watched  groups of humans with shaven heads go into the chamber, followed by screaming and banging sounds behind the locked door. They never came out, he admitted.

“I didn’t know that they were being gassed,” he claimed to the judge, but that’s a different story than what he earlier told police.

Dey has testified to German police eight times.  He confessed to knowing what was happening inside the gas chambers, according to German newspaper Die Welt,

“I probably knew that these were Jews who hadn’t committed a crime, that they were only in here because they were Jews, and they have a right to live and work freely like every other human being,” he reportedly told the investigators.

In court Dey changed his story and testified he and about 400 other soldiers were “brought” to Stutthof in June or July 1944, and he didn’t know “what kind of people were incarcerated there.” He said he heard only “rumors” that they included political prisoners and Jews.

Anyone who worked at that death camp, knew what it was:

Conditions in the camp were extremely harsh. Many prisoners died in typhus epidemics that swept the camp in the winter of 1942 and again in 1944, according to Wikipedia.

Those whom the SS guards judged too weak or sick to work were gassed in the camp’s small gas chamber. Gassing with Zyklon B began in June 1944.

Another method of execution practiced in Stutthof was lethal injection of phenol into the heart. All together, between 63,000 and 65,000 people died in the camp.

Dey’s defense lawyer Stefan Waterkamp presented a brief testimony from his client, who denounced the German judiciary for acting on the basis of newly-implemented laws.

Some 4,000 prisoners – including Jewish women and children – were killed by the SS in the Stutthof gas chamber and burned in the crematorium before the evacuation of the camp just prior to war’s end. The Nazis’ plan was to hide their war crimes and avoid punishment by the Allies.

Dey testifying

Not only is Dey being tried as a juvenile, the court sessions are limited to two hours a day and only two days a week. The judge said he ordered that because the defendant was 93, and “deserved special treatment.”

If imprisoned, Dey will probably die of natural causes, unlike his thousands of victims. German courts may even decide on the lightest sentence – six months – or just slightly longer than one hour for each charge of murder.

The evil 93-year-old has escaped trial for 75 years, Dey gave statements to the police in 1975 and again in 1982, but no charges were brought.

He became a baker after the war.

N.Y.’s “Unfit” Times: Trump depicted as skull-capped religious Jew led by Jewish-starred dog – cartoon hate from far Reich!

Cartoon shows blind Donald Trump, led by Netanyahu, a dog wearing Jewish star

The New York Times may have been surprised that many of its readers didn’t share approval of a political cartoon humiliating President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Thursday’s international edition.

The political cartoon in question showed a blind Trump, wearing a pair of black glasses, being led by a dog, depicted as Netanyahu. The dog had a Star of David on its collar.

This cartoon appeared in the paper’s opinion section, next to a column by Thomas Friedman, an avid associate of both the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission – two secret organizations critical of Israel’s economic nationalism. Friedman has argued that congressional ovations for Netanyahu were “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.”

It’s not just NYT – check these Glenn Greenwald “contributions”

An editor’s note appeared in the paper’s Sunday international edition, soft-pedaling the religious attack:

Hate cartoons about Netanyahu even came from a Swiss ambassador

“Another disgusting display of vile anti-Semitic trope celebrated … The NY Times is signaling to the world that antisemitism is real, here and welcome,” wrote philanthropist Adam Milstein, co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi condemned it on social media, saying it was reminiscent of anti-Semitic Islamist texts comparing Jews and dogs.

Tawhidi@Imamofpeace tweeted:

صحيفة نيويورك تايمز تنشر مقالة دولية تحمل رسومًا كاريكاتورية عن الرئيس ترامب كونه يهوديًا أعمى ونتنياهو كلب إسرائيلي. نوع الكلب ألماني، يشير إلى النازيين.. والسؤال هو: ماذا سيحدث إذا كان هذا الكاريكاتير ضد زعيم دولة إسلامية؟ الله اكبر يا ديمقراطية…

Translated from Arabic by Microsoft:
The New York Times publishes an international article with cartoons about President Trump being a blind Jew and an Israeli dog Netanyahu. The type of German dog, refers to the Nazis.. The question is: what will happen if this caricature is against the leader of an Islamic State? Allahu akbar, O democracy…

Jerusalem Post editor Seth Frantzman tweeted:

Shame on the NYT for this. How hard is in a time of increasing #antisemitism not to publish an anti-semitic cartoon? This is a major newspaper. Dozens of people must have seen this before it went to press. No one said anything?

Frantzman also was not impressed with the editor’s note.

This is what The New York Times thinks of us Israelis. Even if they subsequently said it was an error, they thought it was okay to print a cartoon showing the US president being blindly led by the “Jewish dog”?

And not only that, those who watched as it went to print thought it was fine to put a Jewish skullcap on the US president. Dual loyalty? No need to even wrestle with that question.

The Post’s editor said “it used to be that we were told that Trump was fostering Trump antisemitism and driving a new wave of antisemitism in the US.”

But the cartoon depicts him as a Jew. Well, which is it? Is he fostering antisemitism, or is he now a closet Jew being led by Israel, depicted as a Jewish dog? We used to say that images “conjured up memories” of 1930s antisemitism. This didn’t conjure it up; this showed us exactly what it looked like.

The Nazis also depicted us as animals. They also put Stars of David on us. Antisemites have compared us to dogs, pigs and monkeys before. It used to be that it was on the far-Right that Jews were depicted as controlling the world, like an octopus or a spider.

But now we see how mainstream it has become to blame the Jews and Israel for the world’s problems.

Frantzman also notes that “blaming syndication doesn’t fly, as multiple people, editors, would see it and have the opportunity to remove it prior to using it in their paper. None, apparently, found any problem with the cartoon.”

Adding insult to injury, NYT dived into the controversy again yesterday with a note on a Tweet, this time saying “sorry.” Assuming American stupidity, the Tweet proposed the preposterous: blaming some single employee for the mistake, and explaining the huge cartoon was only printed in the edition that serves its other 7.2 billion potential readers, and not in America.

We are deeply sorry for the publication of an anti-Semitic political cartoon last Thursday in the print edition of The New York Times that circulates outside of the United States, and we are committed to making sure nothing like this happens again.

Such imagery is always dangerous, and at a time when antisemitism is on the rise worldwide, it’s all the more unacceptable. We have investigated how this happened and learned that, because of a faulty process, a single editor working without adequate oversight downloaded the syndicated cartoon and make the decision to include it on the Opinion page.

The matter remains under review, and we are evaluating our internal processes and training. We anticipate significant changes.

The syndicate blamed for the “downloaded” cartoon was the New York Times Syndicate, which supplies cartoons not only to its parent NYT, but publications around the world. Who approved it there? We’ll never know.

The following video blasts the Times and questions its sincerity:

Jewish NYT founder

NYT owners were once Jewish – the newspaper was founded by Adolph Ochs – but over time, conversion and other factors seem to have contributed to what is unquestionably a callous approach to religion in general and Judaism in particular.

The Times is not alone in pushing Jewish ethnicity and ignoring the reality that Jewish describes a religion, not a nationality or race. The Nazis, for example, promoted the idea that even a practicing Christian – with just one Jewish grandparent – should be gassed to death for having “impure” racial blood.

The Stockholm Declaration’s committee on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial called for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Plenary in Budapest 2015 to adopt a working definition of antisemitism.

On 26 May 2016, the Plenary decided to adopt the following non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism:

Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.

Check how this definition is applied with examples from the conference

For the record, Trump is a Presbyterian. His ancestors were Lutheran on his paternal grandfather’s side in Germany and Presbyterian on his mother’s side in Scotland. His parents married in a Presbyterian church in Manhattan in 1936.

His daughter, Ivana Marie “Ivanka” Kushner, converted to Judaism prior to her marriage to Jared Corey Kushner, a real estate investor, who took over his father’s business.

On Saturday the NY Times published another antisemitic cartoon, despite all the vaunted controls and apology.


This cartoon shows Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu wearing a robe and holding up the Ten Commandments tablet with a Star of David on it. Netanyahu is depicted as blind, holding a selfie stick, taking a picture of himself.

Another “lone wolf” antisemite at the New York Times Syndicate, or is the cast and crew united in a hate campaign?

NYT finally suspended publication of all future syndicated political cartoons in its international print edition, the newspaper’s spokeswoman Eileen Murphy confirmed late Monday.

No word yet if anyone has been fired for incompetence.

The caravan of millions of European refugees fleeing torture, slavery and murder that never arrived in America

This past Friday night marked the 80th anniversary of the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom, when so-called demonstrators murdered 100 German Jews. burned 200 synagogues to the ground, and rounded up 30,000 Jewish men to slave in concentration camps.

Immediately, the 566,000 Jews living in Germany and the millions in Poland, Romania and Russia, fearing future war and oppression, began planning to leave their endangered nations and emigrate to the United States.

But the Johnson-Reed Act of 1924 had reduced the immigrant quota for Germany significantly, from 51,227 to 25,957. Other countries fared worse: Poland – with a prewar Jewish population of 3.5 million – had a quota of 6,524, and Romania, with a Jewish population of nearly a million, had a quota of 377.

No matter what the Nazis did between 1933 and 1945, the United States refused to increase these quotas. Continue reading “The caravan of millions of European refugees fleeing torture, slavery and murder that never arrived in America”

WAPO article suggests Hitler wasn’t evil, just sad victim of his strict father, or an Oedipus complex?

The Washington Post’s Michael Rosenwald last week gave the antisemitic crowd something to admire, when he set the stage for yesterday’s Holocaust Remembrance Day by wondering:

The questions have been asked again and again. Was it because of his (Hitler’s) father? Was it because a Jewish doctor couldn’t save his mother? Was there a Freudian thing that set this all off?

Rosenwald giving blood

Rosenwald’s epistle relies on testimony by Paula Hitler, Adolf’s sister, and the works of historians Ian Kershaw and John Toland. The Washington Post author paints a picture of Hitler as an oppressed little boy, misunderstood by everyone but mommy:

“He was a scrubby little rogue,” Paula said of her brother, “and all attempts of his father to thrash him for his rudeness…were in vain.”

But their mother was always there after the beatings to caress him and bathe him in kindness. “My mother,” Paula said, “was a very soft and tender person, the compensatory element between the almost too harsh father.”

About 30 million humans were killed by Hitler’s WW2, including the six million Jews honored yesterday. Rosenwald doesn’t mention the Holocaust in the article.

Continue reading “WAPO article suggests Hitler wasn’t evil, just sad victim of his strict father, or an Oedipus complex?”

J Street – funded by George Soros and ilk – will lose much power with Obama gone from White House

video courtesy of http://thejstreetchallenge.com

J Street is an alt-left group that wants Israel to return to the 1948 borders, leaving the country nine miles wide at its narrowest. It approves of removing all Jews from the West Bank, just as all Jews were removed from Gaza, and ignores the fact that there are some two million Arab full citizens in Israel.

And J Street believes that the United States should intervene to force this solution on the government of Israel.

Why would any organization approve of eliminating the entire Jewish population of a contested zone, leaving an Arab country that is “Jew-free”, just like Gaza, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. Simply said, J Street believes it’s okay for Jews to be excluded totally from Arab nations, but Arabs must have full rights (they do) in Israel. Continue reading “J Street – funded by George Soros and ilk – will lose much power with Obama gone from White House”

Agnes Keleti – The most decorated Jewish Olympic champion that almost nobody ever heard of

Anne's Opinions

In general, and with very few exceptions, the Jews are not known for their sporting ability. From the Greeks and Romans with their Olympic Games, marathons and worship of the human body, through to nowadays, we Jews are more renowned for our brains than our brawn. Yes, we have Aly Raisman, the American Olympic superstar, and Mark Spitz who won 7 gold medals in the ill-fated 1972 Olympics, but Israelis are once again bemoaning our lack of medal-power (although there is still hope with the rhythmic gymnastics team), notwithstanding the two bronze medals won this year by judokas Yarden Gerbi (trained by former silver medallist Yael Arad) and Or Sasson.   The one notable exception on Israel’s record was gold medallist Gal Fridman in the sailboard competition in 2004. You can see Israel’s sad showing at the Olympics at this table.

But unbeknownst to most of us, there was…

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Arab League and Hamas endorse Bernie Sanders!

Arabs use Chomsky to promote destruction of Israel

Don’t believe every headline, but there may be truth to the one on this blog.

The reason?  There’s many a happy smile in places like Iran, now that one of our Presidential candidates has joined Noam Chomsky’s cult – the one that uses propaganda to express hate, not just signs in Arabic like “Death to Israel” on long-range missiles.

Chomsky, who has publicly endorsed his friend Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, has strong views about just which group of Americans (Jews) should be named as the chief target of an aggressive campaign of class warfare against “the rich and privileged”, whom Sanders is daily berating. Continue reading “Arab League and Hamas endorse Bernie Sanders!”