Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reports that 25% of Germans are anti-semitic and 40% say Jews talk about Holocaust “too much”

When Bernie Sanders declared last week that much of the U.S. military aid to Israel should be diverted to Hamas, an Iranian-backed terrorist group that shoots missiles at Jewish civilians, there were no boos, just cheers from his audience.

Antisemitism is religious and/or ethnicity/ancestry bias

Meanwhile, AOC icon declared it was AOK that “Palestinians also have no other choice but to resort to violence as they are marginalized.”

But such bad news in America for the Jewish community is a minor irritation, compared to the spread of antisemitism in Germany, the home of the Holocaust.

While U.S. Jews are three times more likely to be a victim of a hate crime than the next most attacked group – Muslims, German Jews face hate crimes more than six times the rate here. Germany’s most recent report showed 1,646 hate crimes in a population of 82.8 million, while the U.S. had 1,014 among 327 million.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported on a survey in October of 1,300 Germans, where 41% claimed;

Jews talk about the Holocaust too much.

The same percentage said they believed:

Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Germany.

Another 20% of respondents said that Jewish people have “too much power” over the economy, international financial markets and the media.

Some 22% argued that “people hate Jews due to the way they behave. One in four respondents said it was possible that “something like the Holocaust could happen in Germany again.”

The survey also revealed 18% of so-called “elites” — those with at least one university degree and earn at least $111,300 a year — agreed with anti-Semitic sentiments. Within that group, more than a quarter said they believed Jewish people have “too much power over world politics and the economy.”

Speaking at a meeting in Munich , World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald Lauder demanded new laws that would regulate the spread of hate crimes over the internet.

Citing the Yom Kippur synagogue attack in the German city of Halle, in which a gunman tried to attack the congregation barricaded inside, and then proceeded to kill two passersby when he could not enter the building, Lauder asked:

Where did he get the information?

It didn’t come from the air, It came over the internet. He was someone who frankly sat at home and looked at the internet and got angry.

We can find out where every piece on the internet comes from if we want to. No one’s doing it.

Concerned about websites promoting terror, Lauder contacted German officials:

I spoke to a judge, and asked ‘how do you allow this to happen?’ He said, ‘There’s no law against it.’

Lauder criticized the action at police at Halle, noting that it took them 20 minutes to respond to the shooting, and said that if a non-Jewish site were the target, “Police would have been there in five minutes.”

At least a third of them  (police) are basically antisemitic. And the question is, how can you expect them to carry out things when you have (Neo-Nazi) marches in Chemnitz and Dortmund, and the police stand by?

For us, it is very reminiscent of the police standing by during Kristallnacht, and not allowing the firemen to get there.

When Cologne Rabbi Jechiel Brukner reviewed the survey results, he wasn’t surprised:

These are cliches, stereotypes, envy but there is also some truth to it. Jews are successful. What’s the problem with that?

Why are Germans not envious that, as a percentage of the population, Jews have many more Nobel Prize winners? Why doesn’t that bother anyone? What does it always concern the aspect of ‘money’?

Judaism places an emphasis on intellectual intelligence and that has meant that Jews are often very successful. They also work hard, but why does someone not like them for that?

“Think about this: There are still living Holocaust survivors, and Germans dare to entertain anti-Semitic thoughts — and even to take action based on them. That’s incredible,” Brukner said.

The Jewish population of Germany is now 116,000, compare to more than 400,000 in 1933, when the Nazis took control.

Two countries, the United States (41%), and Israel (40%), account for 81% of those recognized as Jews and eligible for citizenship by Israel under its Law of Return. France (3%), Canada (3%), Russia (3%), United Kingdom (2%), Argentina (1%), Germany (1%), Ukraine (1%), Brazil (1%), Australia (1%) and Hungary (1%) hold an additional 16%, and the remaining 3% are spread around 98 other countries and territories with less than 0.5% each, according to Wikipedia reports.

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