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Wendell Potter rips Baucus healthcare framework

Wendell Potter, a former vice president of communication at Cigna, has ripped Democratic Senator Max Baucus’ health care reform bill in an interview with reporters Monday, calling it an “absolute gift to the industry.” Potter also testifed on Tuesday before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee: Thank you Madam Speaker for the opportunity to address the House Steering and Policy Committee. Madam Speaker and Members of the Committee, my […]

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White House once again is ignoring reform of their friends, the Wall Street financiers

Economics is like mathematics – hard to understand for people who have not learned the discipline or who are too dumb or afraid to learn – including Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush I and Reagan. Carter was smart enough, but they killed him with oil shortages and hostages. Clinton was a moral weakling, who sought Republican approval, even kissing up to that fat fig, Newt Gingrich, to end the Glass-Steagall act […]

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China taxes imports heavily, saving jobs and their economy

One of the dirty secrets that big business and government leaders hide when praising so-called international free trade and globalization, is that it only applies to the stupid American taxpayer. The reason is simple – the Value Added Tax (VAT), which is used in Europe, China, etc. to promote exports and restrict imports, so that jobs and manufacturing stay in their countries. Take this example. An American company sets up […]

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