J Street – funded by George Soros and ilk – will lose much power with Obama gone from White House

video courtesy of http://thejstreetchallenge.com

J Street is an alt-left group that wants Israel to return to the 1948 borders, leaving the country nine miles wide at its narrowest. It approves of removing all Jews from the West Bank, just as all Jews were removed from Gaza, and ignores the fact that there are some two million Arab full citizens in Israel.

And J Street believes that the United States should intervene to force this solution on the government of Israel.

Why would any organization approve of eliminating the entire Jewish population of a contested zone, leaving an Arab country that is “Jew-free”, just like Gaza, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. Simply said, J Street believes it’s okay for Jews to be excluded totally from Arab nations, but Arabs must have full rights (they do) in Israel.

The above video explains J Street.

John Podesta

Some points to consider:

  • The chairman of J Street is Morton Halperin, the Senior Vice President of the Center for American Progress (founded by John Podesta of email fame and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager). He is also Director of the Open Society Policy Center, established by George Soros. Morton’s son is Mark Evan Halperin, the co-managing editor (with John Heilemann) of Bloomberg Politics and a senior political analyst for MSNBC and Bloomberg Television. He is actually depicted on tv a non-partisan.
  • Various members and directors of the organization are leaders of BDS, and other anti Israeli government and antisemitic groups.
  • Democrat Party elected politicians are often guest speakers at J Street extravaganzas, including VP Joe Biden and the soon-to-be-forgotten John Kerry.

With Barack Obama’s move out of the White House in January, there will probably never be a repeat of the administration’s August celebration of perfidy against Israel. From Jewish Insider:

President Barack Obama met with a group of leaders of J Street and J Street U at the White House on Friday, April 17, 2016.

The President’s meeting with a group closely aligned with his administration’s policies — that prides itself on being Obama’s ‘blocking back’ in Congress — took place a few days before J Street’s annual gala in Washington, D.C., and almost a year after the Iran nuclear deal was signed.

In attendance at the meeting were Mort Halperin, Chairman of the Board of J Street; Sarah Turbow, Director of J Street U; the national board of J Street U and staffers, according to a post posted on J Street’s Facebook page on Sunday.

For a President with little time to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, it is odd to see instead this currying of favor with a lobbying group against that same country. But then there’s keeping that special relationship with George Soros and John Podesta – priceless!

“I take that as a sign of the importance the president assigns to the work we are doing and to the emerging young voices that are redefining what it means to be pro-Israel in the 21st century,” J Street’s president Jeremy Ben-Ami said during the opening session of the group’s national assembly in Washington, D.C., on Sunday. “What an exciting moment that was.”

Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry will both speak at Monday’s gala at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in the nation’s capitol.

Next year’s gala may not be so gala, especially if today’s fawning press wakes up to what’s really happening in the Mideast and recognizes Israel’s valuable role in holding back a flood of modern, murderous Moors.

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