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President Trump has a chance to save mucho money if he just takes my amateur purchasing agent advice

Dark coat waving, tie curling, eyes focused in imperial triumph, what could be more awesome than the American Don alighting from Air Force One? This is not the Don of The Godfather, who measured his might in mere horse heads and bedposts. This is our President Don, who commands the mightiest military in history.

But Don has a problem. The fridges are acting up on both Presidential Boeings, not being cool, when they should. Call them undependable deplorables, needing replacement, like Senator Lindsey Graham at a voice-cracking contest. Warm beer, anyone?

The specs call for 70 cubic feet of space, doors, a little light inside, and I suppose stainless steel might be nice. These coolers would be like a big version of those 24 cubic foot jobs, that Sears would like to sell you before all their stores close.

Why am I so concerned about saving money on flying fridges that only have to last a couple years until the new ($2,000,000,000 each) Air Force One replacements arrive?

Any country that has to hike Medicare premiums on the poorest of its citizens by 24% this year is in financial trouble. The reason for this seemingly callous action is our national need to fund the growth of the military 2018 budget to $700 billion, which Senator Graham says is vital for defense of our 330 million well-armed Americans from an attack by 25 million emaciated, near-sighted North Koreans.

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$4,000 Wage hike “Fake News” from the White House – whatever happened to Trump promise of “no taxes for a couple earning less than $50,000”

UPDATE to April 2017 post, Russian Dossier with complete text: DNC and Clinton campaign paid for Fusion GPS  report used by FBI to investigate President.

The following was emailed to me on Saturday from the White House.


President Trump is working harder than ever to bring tax reform to middle class Americans, including the biggest tax cut in American history. This week, the President took his case to conservative leaders, seeking their support in pushing Congress to pass a tax reform bill, he said, “We need…help…to get our tax cuts through the house, through the Senate, and to my desk for signature.” Now is the time for all Republicans in Congress and maybe even patriotic Democrats to come together and support major tax reform that will boost wages and deliver families a $4,000 annual pay raise. We must get Congress on board, in order to deliver tax relief to hard-working Americans. Call and remind your Representative and Senators to support the President’s Middle Class Miracle today.

Although I am retired and there is no boss to give me a pay raise, I imagined that, at least, my children and grandchildren would benefit, and perhaps send me a fancier birthday card or buy me a funny hat with all the extra cash in their checking accounts.

And after learning that I am a “Real American”, according to this government email, I wondered: “could this $4,000 pay raise be real?” I turned to YouTube, where your computer screen seems to come alive with the voice of Mr. Trump and Bill Nye, among others, and found the President making this same promise: Continue reading →

1,709,900 Arab full voting citizens in Israel. Meanwhile, 12 Jews alive in Egypt, 45 in Yemen, 50 in Syria and 0 in Saudi Arabia.


The numbers tell the true story. Racial cleansing in most Mideast countries copied Juden Free efforts by Nazi Germany in the 1930s, forcing Jews to leave or face the consequences. This tragic photo is from that period.

While the U.S. White house is moaning about why one political party in Israel complained about “droves” of voters being driven by foreigners to polls in a “get out the vote” effort, the racist, apartheid policies of the Promised Land’s neighbors go unspoken.

Forgetting Gaza and the West Bank – where there have been no elections for a decade – and ignoring American apologists, who complain that Israel is never sufficiently democratic, looking around the Mideast one learns that the “Juden Free” movement did not die with our victory in World War II, but has continued unabated in many Arab nations.

For example, Mexico has 1.5 times the population of Egypt, and 5,618 times as many Jews. Even more unbelievable, Afghanistan has one. And there is probably not one Jew alive in either Saudi Arabia or Iraq, except some brave U.S. soldiers entrusted with protecting local human rights that don’t exist in much profusion.

Whenever there is a natural disaster and Israel sends the Israel Defense Force and others to help neighboring nations, even 100 Jewish Israelis would eclipse the Jewish population of places like Bahrain (36 Jews), Lebanon (40 Jews), Yemen (45 Jews), Syria (50 Jews) or Algeria (50 Jews).

Lest you think that Jews live in large numbers only in the U.S. and Israel, justifying these tiny numbers in Arab countries, look at other populations of Jews in not the most Jewish-friendly countries: Turkey (17,300 Jews), Panama (10,000 Jews), Columbia (4,500 Jews), or Costa Rica (2,500 Jews). For a complete list go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_population_by_country.

Where is the outrage when a country with 26.5 million people – Afghanistan – has one Jewish resident, or 0.00000314239% of the population? Instead, the pundits at George Soros’ J Street, NYT and the Christian Science Monitor are obsessed with Israel, where more than 20% of the population are Arabs with full rights as citizens.

If you want the President to treat Israel with the same respect it treats racist Arab nations, end his bickering with Israel, and explain these statistics to his errant State Department, please write:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

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