Baraka smears Barack, Israel and Sanders in VP bid

ajamu_barakaGreen Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein‘s Vice President running mate, Ajamu Baraka, could be a step away from running our federal government. And that is frightening.

Baraka called Barack Obama an “Uncle Tom president.”  He is not happy with the government or much else.

He tweeted about the Baltimore riots:

“Don’t let Obama and the Democrats off the hook. They are using the state to suppress resistance while giving defacto impunity to cops that kill black and poor people across the country.”

He seems to prefer Donald Trump over President Obama:

“Obama has deported more immigrants than all of the presidents in the 20th century combined! It’s not Trump we need to fear…

“I’m more concerned about another 8 years of neoliberal policies than I am with Trump. It’s our duty to fight to build a real alternative.”

He quotes Wikileaks:

New Wikileaks providing evidence that Barack Obama lied about having knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s illegal server #PodestaLeaks18

Sometimes, he sounds like Bernie Sanders:

“Trump is a member of the 1%. Clinton is a servant of the 1%. So where do we find the voice of the 99% in this election?

“Where is the political outrage? How can the US promote peace and violate every agreement ever made with indigenous peoples?

“Clinton wants environmentalists asking the US to transition fully to renewable energy to “get a life”

“The biggest threat to the US is undoubtedly climate change & not Russia, ISIS or Iran. When will our gov’t seriously address it?”

But he’s not always been a fan of Bernie:

“While people throughout the world are reacting with justifiable revulsion to the inhumane brutality of the Israeli military machine, U.S. politicians, including the new liberal darlings Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren give moral and political support to Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, positions that further solidify the status of the U.S. as a rogue state.  A status of illegality that is embraced as a badge of honor for most U.S. politicians when it comes to Israel.”

Baraka is vehement in his hatred of Israel, and manages to tie that nation to problems in the U.S.:

“The Israeli trained St. Louis county police department is making the link for us between the colonial situation in Palestine and colonial function of policing the colonized black and brown communities of the U.S. Are you folks ready to accept that it is only through the defeat of this system that we can fully realize our human rights and dignity?”

He’s really no fan of Obama:

“Your uncle tom president says that there is no excuse for violence – when it comes to the oppressed. For the empire, violence is the first weapon of choice from Libya to Syria and the police forces in Ferguson. After Trayvon and now this, the 60% unemployment among our youth, mass incarceration, school closings in our communities, Detroit, who among you still don’t see that we are at war?”

Next Tuesday, the Green Party will garner about 1% of the vote for President, and maybe the next election some thought will go into who is selected as the nominee’s running mate.

Democrat VP candidate has his own problems!

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