Will “security at any cost” traitors follow China’s example to virtually ban Internet free speech?

While most eyes are on a surprising election in America today, fascist China has announced plans to strip its 1.4 billion residents of their freedom of expression on the Internet.

chinawebOnce a Socialist, then a Communist nation, China today is a plutocracy that coordinates private corporations and government entities, brainwashing its population, forcing them to “think properly” or face institutional retribution.

This means that every member of the government and media – all teachers, authors and politicians – follow the same directives. Collusion is the order of the day, although hidden from the public. It’s somewhat like the Press giving the questions in advance to the favored candidate, but on a grander scale.

Despite propaganda here, China is doing very well, primarily from gobbling up American factories and seizing American jobs, thanks to cooperation from leaders of the corporate/government combine in this country. For example, lifespan of the average Chinese male is six years longer than an American Black male. That’s no surprise in a country that guarantees healthcare to every citizen (and without a $12,000 family deductible). GDP is jumping 7% or more each year, compared to our anemic 1% growth.

WTO membership has made China rich at our expense.

While we probably have much to learn from the efficiency and verve of China, that doesn’t include how they have destroyed freedom of speech.

The new legislation, passed today by China’s National People’s Congress will take effect June 2017. A government official called it an “objective need” of China as a major internet power,

Some provisions of the law include

  • Companies must verify a user’s identity, effectively making it illegal to go online anonymously.

China’s rulers  oversee a vast censorship system, called the Great Firewall. It blocks sites or snuffs out internet content and commentary on topics considered sensitive, such as Beijing’s human rights record and criticism of the government, and it has aggressively blocked firms such as Google and Facebook from offering their services in its domestic cyber space.

‘This law commandeers internet companies to be agents of the state, by requiring them to censor and provide personal data to China’s authorities at a whim, according to Patrick Poon, China researcher at global rights group Amnesty International.

If you are interested in Internet freedom around the world, IVPN has produced an interactive map. You just click on a country and the status is revealed. Outside of Europe and the U.S., there are few countries left without some form of censorship.

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