White House once again is ignoring reform of their friends, the Wall Street financiers

Economics is like mathematics – hard to understand for people who have not learned the discipline or who are too dumb or afraid to learn – including Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush I and Reagan. Carter was smart enough, but they killed him with oil shortages and hostages. Clinton was a moral weakling, who sought Republican approval, even kissing up to that fat fig, Newt Gingrich, to end the Glass-Steagall act of 1933.

Basically, we have had Presidents since 1980, who seem incapable of understanding finance, so they surrounded themselves with clowns like Greenspan and Volcker (he’s still in “power” since 1979). The advice they received was to deregulate Wall Street and let big business destroy small business, remove restraints from network broadcasters in exchange for support, and cut out any protection enjoyed by unions, while opening the borders to millions of workers to become wage slaves.

President Obama may stay asleep. If he does awaken we should know it, because the White House will be cleared of the vampires, who only want to win elections – the public be damned. And that’s not just Volcker and Rahm Emmanuel, but nearly half the cabinet, which is owned by corporations supporting the New Democrat Coalition and Progressive Policy Institute.

Just as the financial rape is complicated by subterfuge and banality, so is the election process and the political molesters it produces. The folks are targeting individual evil congresspeople are on the right track if they seek to destroy their chance of election.

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