Flu cases crash – with thanks to Covid-19?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has 15,000 personnel (including 6,000 contractors and 840 United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Officers), but it can’t tell us how many Americans died from the Flu in the 2020-2021 season.

Every year the agency offers charts like the following one for 2019-2020:

As the CDC notes on its website:

The overall burden of influenza (flu) for the 2019-2020 was an estimated 35 million flu-related illnesses, 16 million flu-related medical visits, 380,000 flu-related hospitalizations, and 20,000 flu-related deaths

However,  the CDC annual report for the next year, 2020-2021, does not include the chart above or any other details, except this agency report:

During the 2020-2021 flu season, there was very low circulation of seasonal flu viruses.

During September 27, 2020–May 22, 2021 in the United States, 1,899 (0.2%) of 1,081,671 clinical samples tested were positive for an influenza virus (713 influenza A and 1,186 influenza B).

For comparison, during the last three seasons before the pandemic, the proportion of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza peaked between 26.2% and 30.3%, the CDC said.

That means the rate of flu positive tests in 2020-2021 (1,675) was somewhere in the range of 1/150th of the prior year. CDC’s only other statistic on their website for 2021-2022 was one reported pediatric death from the Flu. The prior year the CDC reported 486 such fatalities (see chart above).

The following CDC table shows the hospitalizations and deaths from 2010 to 2020.

2010 to 2020 Flu Statistics Estimated Influenza Disease Burden – United States
Season Hospitalizations Deaths
Estimate 95% UI Estimate 95% UI
2010-2011 290,000 (270,000 – 350,000) 37,000 (32,000 – 51,000)
2011-2012 140,000 (130,000 – 190,000) 12,000 (11,000 – 23,000)
2012-2013 570,000 (530,000 – 680,000) 43,000 (37,000 – 57,000)
2013-2014 350,000 (320,000 – 390,000) 38,000 (33,000 – 50,000)
2014-2015 590,000 (540,000 – 680,000) 51,000 (44,000 – 64,000)
2015-2016 280,000 (220,000 – 480,000) 23,000 (17,000 – 35,000)
2016-2017 500,000 (380,000 – 860,000) 38,000 (29,000 – 61,000)
2017-2018 710,000 (560,000 – 1,100,000) 52,000 (37,000 – 95,500)
2018-2019 380,000 (300,000 – 660,000) 28,000 (19,000 – 97,000)
2019-2020 380,000 (312,000 – 630,000) 20,000 (18,000 – 80,000)

“UI” means “Uncertainty Level”. A 95% UI means that CDC is 95% certain that the  actual total is within the range indicated. For example, deaths in 2018-2019 are estimated at 28,000, and the CDC is 95% certain that actual deaths were between 19,000 and 97,000 – which is an historic example of bureaucrats covering their butts.

Summary: flu cases identified were 1,899 in the first year (2020-2021) of the Covid epidemic, versus some 380,000 hospitalizations estimated by CDC for the prior year.

Conclusion: either the flu vaccine for 2020-2021 was the greatest miracle in history, reducing influenza cases from 35 million to less than 2,000,  or else the incompetent CDC reported nearly all flu cases, hospitalizations and deaths as Covid-19.

2 thoughts on “Flu cases crash – with thanks to Covid-19?

  1. The time you indicate where there is a conspiratorial gap is “That means the rate of flu positive tests in 2020-2021 (1,675) was somewhere in the range of 1/150th of the prior year.” Doesn’t that overlap with the societal shutdown and the advent of public mask wearing? It would stand to reason then that the coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV-2 whereas the flu is caused by the influenza virus. There are two main types of influenza virus called influenza A and influenza B. Different strains of influenza A and influenza B emerge and circulate each year. What is also interesting is the planet made up of hundreds of self governed countries decided to fully shut down. Why? Because they are sheep herded by the apparently politically motivated CDC? That’s fascinating given that Trump was in office when he personally trumpeted his Warp initiative. He’s a self proclaimed genius so given that, and his hand picked CDC chief oversaw all of this. So given your conspiracy theory gap happened in the year the planet tried to shut down as fast as they could, and given every past year was fully accounted for by the CDC, even in the year Trump was elected, and because the CDC was FULLY occupied early in the COVID attack of humanity, was led by a Trump appointee, and given the billions Trump spent in op Warp Speed, maybe, just maybe there’s no conspiracy just political antagonism to rally the base?


    1. Trump did it? Actually the trend continues even until this past week under a new regime. CDC notes currently: A total of 2,628 laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations were reported by FluSurv-NET sites between October 1, 2021, and April 9, 2022. The overall cumulative hospitalization rate was 8.9 per 100,000 population. This cumulative hospitalization rate is higher than the end-of-season cumulative hospitalization rates observed during the 2020-2021 (0.8 per 100,000) and 2011-2012 seasons (8.7 per 100,000), but lower than the in-season rates observed in week 14 during the 4 seasons preceding the COVID-19 pandemic (these ranged from 59.4 to 101.6 per 100,000 during the 2016-17 through 2019-20 seasons) Seems to me that CDC needs laptops to keep track or new management to get the facts straight.


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