Now, I know why we went to war in Iraq

There are about 250,000 American soldiers and U.S. paid contractors still in Iraq, all devoted to the latest effort there “Operation Enduring Misery.”

Meanwhile, the defense industry wants us to hike the forces in Afghanistan to 200,000 soldiers and contractors.

The two colonies have cost us about a trillion dollars in recent years and about 5,000 dead Americans and tens of thousands maimed.

So, it was a surprise to me when I learned that Iraq couldn’t balance its budget this year, and had a shortfall of $7 billion, which is less than one percent of what we have already spent there.

But, instead of raising taxes or asking for a loan from the U.S., the corrupt Maliki stooges have approached the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which said on Saturday (Oct. 3) it was confident about agreeing to issue a budget shortfall loan with Iraq.

“I am confident that we’re working well together and we’ll be able to identify ways to help them,” Masood Ahmed, the IMF’s Middle East director, told reporters in Istanbul during annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank.

“Exactly how and when is what we need to know,” he added.

The IMF does not loan money without extreme conditions, so look for Iraq to begin to remove nationalization of utilities and resources. I wouldn’t be surprised to see everything turned over to private companies, including the end of free public schools, just as the IMF required in Africa. This is the new world order prescription from the Council on Foreign Relations and their political darlings, the New Democrat Coalition.

Of course, the United States would be criticized for such draconian measures against one of the oil-richest countries in the world, but turning over the country to the IMF does the same thing without onus.

Now, I know why we went to war.

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