MSNBC and Politico Unite (it seems)

Today, the news seems to be mirrors - MSNBC commentators, Politico writers and even the Huffy AOL, are arguing that entitlement cuts have to come fast, and that means the destruction of Social Security and Medicare.One of the most disgusting examples of this Pete Peterson type campaign was MSNBC introducing a segment on cuts for … Continue reading MSNBC and Politico Unite (it seems)

MSNBC finally found France

In a news report early this morning, MSNBC noticed that some 3.5 million residents of France were demonstrating in the streets against raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. In the U.S. the current age is 66 with a law change leading to 67. There was no mention of the strike affecting the supplies … Continue reading MSNBC finally found France