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Brem-V in WW2 was defeated without approval by the FDA

The World War reached a turning point in 1943 as the last of German troops at Stalingrad surrendered on January 31, but that celebration was soon forgotten, as some American officials learned of a new threat to our nation from the barbarians. In a laboratory just outside Bremen, Germany, scientists had been studying new biological weapons, when they made a breakthrough in late 1942 by creating a deadly variant of […]

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Trilateral Commission Pacific Asian Group complete membership listing

This is the most current (August 2009) list of members of the Pacific Asian Trilateral Commission (TC) and their titles. The “trilateral” (North America, Europe and Asia) group is the source of most Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) philosophical stands on globalization. TC describes its group membership: “The Japanese Group of 85 members expanded in 2000 to become the Pacific Asian Group and now includes over 100 members from Japan, […]

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