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Lies about minimum wage – it’s not even a lousy $7.25 an hour

One of the least discussed provisions of the minimum wage law in this country is how we treat workers under the age of 20 – those high school and college students deprecated on FOX News, for example, as overpaid burger flippers, toilet cleaners, gardeners, and other manual workers. The concept of raising their wages to $15 an hour drives most of the GOP and some Democrats up the wall. If […]

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Liberal FOX boycott big failure, now it’s crush Lou Dobbs over aliens and birthers

There has been a movement by some folks to boycott Lou Dobbs, because he has given airtime to supporters and opponents of the theory that President Obama was not born in Hawaii. Such boycotts rarely are effective, because most viewers are not one issue. However, CNN is generally liberal and too often PC. You would think that Fox News would be a target of overly excited liberals, not CNN. Perhaps, […]

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