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Rich retiree today will earn $168,000 more Social Security benefits than the poor, despite same total FICA taxes

rich live longerSocial Security benefits the poor less than the rich when you look at statistics.

Poor men live about ten years less than rich men (top 10%). Middle class men survive about five years less than the top 10%. The survival gap between men and women is stark for the poor, but doesn’t exist for the rich. Why?

The poor work harder, usually at menial jobs, sometimes two jobs. They have little money or time to relax. They worry and work themselves to death. Poor women often struggle with two jobs to support children, and increasingly lower wages for the bottom jobs hits them hardest. The rich can relax and even hire folks to worry about what luxuries to buy, what $10,000 a night hotel to visit, what $20 million condo would be the best investment.

Everyone who has time to check the facts, knows this. The graph above is from Continue reading →

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