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Rich get richer and richer and richer in the worst inequality crisis since 1930s

Emmanuel Saez has updated his famous work: “Striking it Richer: The Evolution of Top Incomes in the United States”, Pathways Magazine, Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality, Winter 2008, 6-7 Saez is a professor at the University of California, Department of Economics, 549 Evans Hall #3880, Berkeley, CA 94720. Much of his discussion in this report is based on previous work joint with Thomas Piketty. All the […]

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Law passed to exempt workers under ten

Watching Henry Paulson explain the trillions of dollars spent on the banks today, it didn’t make me yearn for the good old days when capitalism was even more unfettered than presently. He, and his friends Tim Geitner and Larry Summers, epitomize what happens when bankers and their lackeys run America. Conservative politicians and commentators (have a “Rush”) agree that all our problems today are caused by government regulation of business […]

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Fox Business says bank sues itself

For years I have watched CNBC for financial news, but in the past year or so, they have become absurdly against the average person. One example, the constant repetition by pundits that the current depression was caused by citizens spending too much on credit cards and mortgages, and totalling ignoring the Wall Street speculation which really caused our downfall. Fox Business on the web has produced some excellent reports in […]

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