Trilateral Commission’s big shot Jeff Epstein used his Boeing 727 to fly Bill Clinton on a month-long trip around Africa

You don’t take sexual advantage of girls more than 20 years younger than you, and then lie about it.

Tell that to Bill Clinton and Jeff Epstein, close friends who flew together, worked on charities together, partied together, and plotted together as members of the world government secret organization – the Trilateral Commission.

Epstein is in jail, suffering a throat ache, and Bill has his own pain in the rump.

Bill Clinton

But you can’t feel sorry for either of them, because perhaps, their biggest sins are in the arenas of power, finance and their distaste and rules for treatment of the “deplorable” class.

Clinton – to his everlasting discredit – changed the Democrat Party from a populist advocate of working folks into a cesspool of corporate hacks and international elites, sick supplicants to lobbyists and their masters.

It was Bill Clinton, who reduced our Social Security benefits, signed NAFTA into law, “reformed” welfare, eliminated tariffs, lowered capital gains taxes on the very rich and pushed us into the World Trade Organization.

His crowning disaster was the Financial Services Modernization Act. Named the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, Clinton’s bill deregulated the banking industry and led to the Great Recession that started in 2007.

Clinton described Epstein as:

A committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science. I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa.

He reached that judgment after spending a month with Epstein on a trip to Africa to boost AIDS awareness, according to a letter that attorneys Gerald Lefcourt and Alan Dershowitz wrote to federal prosecutors in defense of Epstein in 2007.

Boeing 727 carried up to 189 passengers … or just a Jeff and a Bill, plus a few friends

The letter also said Epstein was a founding donor to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Epstein was more than a convicted pervert. He was a power broker, who managed money for businessmen, who could afford a minimum investment of $1 billion. Epstein made a fortune from this enterprise, buying giant private jets and a $77 million house in Upper Manhattan East. The property has a heated sidewalk so his servants don’t have to shovel snow.

He admitted most of his money came from one client, Leslie Wexner, whose holdings included Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Epstein in Jail

The big headline was that Epstein flew Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey to Africa to promote AIDS awareness, but flight logs show Clinton traveling on Epstein’s private Boeing 727 more than 20 times in the early 2000s, to destinations in Asia, Europe as well as Africa.

Epstein’s Palm Beach butler, the late Alfredo Rodriguez, stole his phone book and allegedly turned it over to the FBI. He died in 2015.

Epstein’s phone numbers included Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Alec Baldwin, Naomi Campbell, Jimmy Buffett, Barbara Walters, Mike Wallace, Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Kennedys and Rockefellers.

The book lists 16 phone numbers for the Duke of York and his aides, and 18 for the Duchess of York and her court, according to one report.

Not everyone agrees these numbers are just business or social contacts. Conchita Sarnoff, executive director of the Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking and author of the book TrafficKing, said:

Celebrities, politicians and Hollywood producers hang out with Epstein for one reason … he’s got all the toys.

Sarnoff, who met Epstein when a mutual friend showed him her photo and he came knocking at her door, said that he was “no party boy.”

I spent several New Year’s at parties where he was, and he always left early and he never drank. But he had a purpose in being there: he was always focused on being seen with the right people.

A New York Times recent article recalls how Epstein allegedly operated as a pervert:

In May 1997, Alicia Arden, a model in California, was introduced to a man who identified himself as a talent scout for Victoria’s Secret. He invited her to his Santa Monica hotel room to audition for the brand’s catalog. When she arrived, Ms. Arden said, the man grabbed her, tried to undress her and said he wanted to “manhandle” her. Ms. Arden, then 27, fled in tears.

It was the type of crisis that should not have come as a complete surprise to leaders at L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret. In the mid-1990s, two senior executives had discovered that the same man, a close adviser to the company’s chief executive, Leslie H. Wexner, was trying to pitch himself as a recruiter for Victoria’s Secret models. Mr. Wexner was alerted, according to the two executives.

…the man — Jeffrey E. Epstein, a New York financier — had developed an unusually strong hold on Mr. Wexner, one of the country’s most influential corporate titans.

When Epstein was charged, Wexner broke all ties with the soon-to-be convicted pervert. The Trilateral Commission also had removed him from the rolls.

But Clinton was not the first or last of President associating closely with the Trilateral Commission.

President George H. Walker Bush was a founding member of the Trilaterals in the 70s.

Within two weeks, President Barack Obama had appointed these commission members to his administration:

* Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner
* Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice
* National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones
* Deputy National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon
* Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volker
* Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis C. Blair
* Assistant Secretary of State, Asia & Pacific, Kurt M. Campbell
* Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg
* State Department, Special Envoys, Richard Haass, Dennis Ross and Richard Holbrooke

Like Bush and Clinton, Obama perpetuated the ideals of the Commission – create an international order that eliminates tariffs and separate currencies, promote unlimited immigration of labor, reduce taxes on individuals, corporations and foreign investments, all while continuing to feed more money to the defense establishment.

Fortunately, Epstein will just be a footnote to history, but sadly the Trilaterals and their allies like Clinton, will continue to use association to the best and brightest as a way to continuer their quest for world dominance by their members – the most favored elite.

At Last, Clinton Foundation Tax Return for 2013 allows you to examine how organization operates

Investor’s Business Daily

As voters ponder their candidates for President, Bernie Sanders was asked this past week to release more than just one year of tax returns and Donald Trump hasn’t released any recent years’, because of an IRS audit.

However, if you are into examining tax returns, why not review the 2013 Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation IRS filings? Just click on: IRS 990 – December 2013 The 83-page document can be viewed or downloaded.

Earlier years are available here:

The Clinton Foundation is huge, and has been on the Charity Navigator (CN) watch list until December 2015. The charity is currently not rated by CN for the following reason:

We had previously evaluated this organization, but have since determined that this charity’s atypical business model can not be accurately captured in our current rating methodology. Our removal of The Clinton Foundation from our site is neither a condemnation nor an endorsement of this charity. We reserve the right to reinstate a rating for The Clinton Foundation as soon as we identify a rating methodology that appropriately captures its business model, CN explained..

The watchdog group said that in accordance with their policy for removing charities from the CN Watchlist, Charity Navigator removed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation Continue reading “At Last, Clinton Foundation Tax Return for 2013 allows you to examine how organization operates”

Lies about minimum wage – it’s not even a lousy $7.25 an hour

One of the least discussed provisions of the minimum wage law in this country is how we treat workers under the age of 20 – those high school and college students deprecated on FOX News, for example, as overpaid burger flippers, toilet cleaners, gardeners, and other manual workers. The concept of raising their wages to $15 an hour drives most of the GOP and some Democrats up the wall.

wagesIf you are under 20 and planning to spend most of your summer raising money for college, the thought of even $7.25 an hour (less 50 cents FICA) might sound attractive. So, you agree to your new job of flipping meat for eight hours behind the hot grill without asking about wages, and you assume you will be paid minimum wage of $7.25 or more.

The plan is work hard to reduce your student loan debt, especially since college costs go up 5% or more every year.

Paid every two weeks, after an exhausting struggle, there is your first paycheck, and something is very wrong. You go to your boss and ask – why is my pay so low? Is this for just one forty-hour week?

The employer paid you gross – before taxes – a total of $340. After FICA and state and local taxes, you take home about $300 – and your boss explains it is for 80 hours of work. Welcome to crony capitalism!

Here’s why this is allowed, according to the Department of Labor (DOL) minimum wage rules:

A minimum wage of not less than $4.25 may be paid to employees under the age of 20 for their first 90 consecutive calendar days of employment with any employer as long as their work does not displace other workers. After 90 consecutive days of employment, or when the worker reaches age 20 (whichever comes first), the worker must receive at least the Federal minimum wage.

Just as you are ready to qualify for $7.25 an hour, it’s time to leave your job and go back to Continue reading “Lies about minimum wage – it’s not even a lousy $7.25 an hour”

Huffington Post releases memo outlining deal with White House and drug kingpins

A memo obtained by the Huffington Post ( today seems to confirm that the White House and the pharmaceutical lobby have secretly agreed to a wide-ranging deal that both parties were denying over the past week.
In a flurry of responses everyone from the drug manufacturer lobbyists to spokespawns for the White House seemed to deprecate the document from Huffington Post reproduced above.
But don’t bet this is not the real deal.

Obama is now Mr. Compromise, or the chief nibbler, when it comes to standing up for Americans against corporations. He has shown he can talk the talk, while running from the fight.

Blue Dog Democrats and New Democrat Coalition members have been stalling healthcare reform for months, and the White House seems on board with this effort, as they support Max Baucus and his so-called compromise efforts with Republicans.
There has been no healthcare reform under Republicans for the past eight years, and none under faux democrat Bill Clinton for the preceeding eight. In fact, Medicare and Medicaid have been cut in the hope they would fail and could be privatized so even more executives could collect their tens of millions of dollars in salary and bonuses.

Unfortunately, Obama has surrounded himself with many of the same actors from the Democratic Leadership Council who sold out America in the 1990s with deregulation, NAFTA, welfare cuts and outsourcing manufacturing and jobs.

A new ad airing in a dozen states is being paid for by a new coalition called Americans for Stable Quality Care. Members of the group are Families USA, the Service Employees International Union, the drug lobby Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the American Medical Association and the Federation of American Hospitals. The ad supports the Obama stance on healthcare.

Doctors, hospitals and drug companies are now paying for ads to support Obama’s plan? That proves that he has sold out healthcare reform in favor of insurance changes to bring in 47 million new policy customers, whether they like it or not.