U.S. sends your money to Taliban so they don’t have to sell $83 billion in weapons

The US and some Western allies will fly planeloads of dollars to Afghanistan – somehow without letting the cash fall into Taliban hands – to help prevent a humanitarian crisis, Reuters reported on Thursday

We have all read about domestic abuse cases where the wife starches the shirt of her husband, so he looks nice on a date with his mistress, and then he comes home drunk and beats her. This repeats and repeats.

Thanks to the three mental mouseketeers – Biden, Blinken and Power – The United States is at it again, getting slapped around, and then giving money to the bullies that humiliated us before other nations.

Let’s call this what it is: international abuse.

Tony Blinken, famed former big deal at the Trilateral Commission, is the fevered brain behind a decision to send hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to Afghanistan, dough the Taliban won’t have to spend to feed their people.

This is the same Taliban that just acquired $83 billion in weapons as we scurried out of Afghanistan, plus inheriting thousands of buildings and improvements created by us the past 20 years.

If the Taliban just earned $40 billion (half price) from selling their stolen advanced American military equipment, it could distribute $1,000 (U.S.) to each of its 40 million citizens. That’s equal to the typical annual wage in that country.

The second bright bulb in this triumvirate of trepidation is Samantha Power, who received the Henry Kissinger Prize from the American Academy in Berlin. Kissinger founded the Trilateral Commission after the Vietnam War to promote a New World Order.

Power heads the United States Agency for International Development, which has shoveled $300 million so far this year into Afghanistan.

The third bird in this flock of leading international abuse victims is the fatuous President Joe Biden, reportedly author of “Why Neville Chamberlain Was Right!”

While Biden has never been invited to join the Trilateral Commission, which is like a Mensa group, he has the bully pulpit (in more ways than one). So when Joe says send more money by the planeload to the Taliban, and Samantha will make sure it goes to the right folks, Americans submit.

Our people have invested not just a trillion dollars in Afghanistan, but we have also suffered 20,751 wounded and 2,401 soldiers killed. Civilian deaths there totaled 174,000.

Afghanistan Amir Khan Muttaqi announced yesterday that a Taliban delegation will also meet with European Union reps in Doha this afternoon, just days after the United States agreed to enrich the Taliban by delivering Covid-19 vaccines and humanitarian aid.

The key to understanding how badly we are being internationally abused is to check the meaning of fungible:

Fungible– Able to be substituted for something of equal value or utility; interchangeable, exchangeable, replaceable.

When the planeloads of cash arrive in Afghanistan, every dollar distributed is one less dollar the Taliban government will have to spend on services to its people.

The money they save with our contributions will go to the kind of things Taliban nutjobs like to do – arresting and beheading citizens who helped the U.S. since 2001, throwing LGBTQ members off high-rise buildings, taking Americans hostage, not to mention buying more sticks to beat their endlessly oppressed wives and daughters.

Like the Mafia, anyone who receives money or goods will have to turn over some – or all of it – to their local Taliban enforcer, or else.

Henry Kissinger, now 97, should be proud of this terrified trio for following his footsteps in forcing a war – Vietnam – then seeing our soldiers die for nothing, followed by calls for humanitarian aid to the murderous enemy in a peace accord that followed a sickening surrender.

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