Has a Gestapo taken over America?

One thought on “Has a Gestapo taken over America?

  1. I have always said that the extreme left democrats and socialist in disguise were bring back the Nazi Regime and now they are in our government. Nazi generations are in the Round Table secret society, New World Oder (aka Build Back Better), Davos and more! Most whom are the elites are all related to each other. Nazi’s were never stopped and removed from our society. Instead only a few were removed, Hitler never died but was removed to Argentina from my last research, and the rest escaped to the United States and lived amongst us! This nation is reaping what it sowed and God will have his say with this nation from the masses that have been murdered by the elites! From babies to adults! Millions will be in hell and eternally reap what they have done on this earth which is sad. As it did not have to be this way. But we are in a cosmic war, a war we cannot see between eternal creator God and satan (an angel) and all the angels who followed him! Thank God that GOD WINS!!


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