Foreign laboratories and factories dominate American drug market, while FDA flounders

“Some drug plants have never been inspected, or haven’t been for the last five years,” Macauley said. “They need to clear a backlog so they can go after the riskiest plants.”

She was asked about creating a grading system, so companies would be rewarded to be top of the list, and doctors and consumers would know there is no better, safer drug on the market.

“I don’t know if the FDA has done that, but it would certainly help to enforce compliance,” she said.

When asked about country of origin labeling, she had no comment, and claimed she has done no research on whether that would work.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA), which lobbies for fair trade, said there is no excuse for not labeling a drug’s origin:

It is amazing to us that you can determine at a glance the country where your shirt, pants or shoes are made. Buy fruit in the supermarket and if it comes from another country you will be informed.

What’s more, if you buy juice, milk or any canned food you will find the identification code and an expiration date somewhere on the label. If the food is spoiled or contaminated, the USDA and the FDA can track it with the lot number on the label.

CPA’s Kenneth Rapoza, said generics share the same labeling flaw:

One thought on “Foreign laboratories and factories dominate American drug market, while FDA flounders

  1. Great piece. Except the FDA has well over 19,000 people and climbing every week under Buy-den, not counting contractors, maintenance, IT and part-time employees. FDA employees were mostly all worthless, do-nothing drones before they were all “working” form home. As of this writing, they are all still “working” from home and TWICE as worthless!!

    Every single FDA employee is a lazy do-nothing swamp liberal, from the top down. Every. Single. One.


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