By 2030, U.S. must REDUCE carbon 50%; China to INCREASE carbon next 9 years!

World’s Carbon Emissions by Country

China is the world’s biggest polluter – producing nearly twice as much carbon emissions as the U.S., according to the International Energy Agency.

The score is China – 29% of the world’s total, and U.S.A. – 16% in 2018. Since then, that disparity has increased with the American economy faltering and China’s continuing to grow rapidly.

Despite that, President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has rejoined the Paris Agreement, which allows China to increase its emissions for the nine years until 2030, but requires our country to reduce carbon by 25% in the same period.

Not satisfied with just that disparity, Biden has indicated he will raise that 25% goal to 50% or more.

In addition, Biden has agreed to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050, while China will get another 10 years to achieve the same goal.

John Forbes Kerry said that Biden will host a virtual summit Thursday and Friday to discuss more carbon restrictions for Americans. The President has invited some 40 world leaders, including Chinese dictator-for-life Xi Jinping.

To prepare for the session, Biden sent climate guru Kerry to meet with his Chinese counterpart, Xie Zhenhua, in Shanghai last week.

Part of Kerry’s mission – besides flying by private jet and staying in ritzy hotels for the umpteenth time this year – was to urge China to accelerate their carbon reduction timetable.

Kerry failed – nothing new. He did the Iran deal that cost $1.5 billion in small U.S. currency, plus $150 billion in transfers. He hounded Israel, and used the State Department as a cudgel in that country’s elections. And then there were Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan.

After Kerry’s confab with Xie, China’s dictator, Xi Jinping, said he won’t accept Kerry’s request for shortening China’s emissions growth plan to 2030.

Le Yucheng, China’s vice minister of foreign affairs, said reducing that country’s carbon targets “is not very realistic.” He provided this odd explanation:

China is still a primary school student while the developed countries are middle school students [on climate change]. Now if you ask primary school and middle school students to graduate at the same time, it is against the natural course of growth, so it’s unrealistic.

Why does China have the right to build more coal plants, while we close ours, burn more oil and increase its auto fleet – the Asian powerhouse builds 2.5 times as many vehicles a year as the U.S.?

The future? We will be forced into a vast array of solar panels and windmills as we demolish natural gas pipelines and power stations, while China continues to amass more of the world’s wealth.

Is the answer that we have stupid and naive leaders, or are we cursed with a great number of politicians and a media bought off with cash, fear or just lust for more power?

The Paris Agreement says China is a “developing” country and needs more time to build factories and improve its economy. By contrast, the agreement contends the United States is already a “developed” nation and must immediately begin reducing its carbon footprint.

Kerry and Biden have agreed to that absurd conclusion, and America will pay a steep price by further reducing its industrial capacity, while China continues to move ahead of us.

The truth: China is already has a far larger GDP (PPP) than the United States, especially where it counts:

  • Industrial production (above by millions) in the United States stands at $3.7 trillion, compared to China’s $9.4 trillion
  • America used to be the bread basket of the world, but China is currently producing ten times as much agricultural GDP as the United States with just four times the population.
  • Some 80% of the U.S. economy is in the intangible service sector – Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, travel, etc., compared to China’s more realistic 52%.
  • China boasted a $317 billion trade surplus over the United States last year
  • The U.S. has no operational high-speed rail network. China has some 24,000 miles with trains that travel at three times as fast as ours.

China is not only developed, but a world economic leader, yet the Paris Agreement wants strict carbon emission cuts for the U.S., while China may expand as much as desired in the near future.

To cap it off, the Agreement also requires “developed” countries to send hundreds of billions of dollars to “undeveloped” nations to assist their change to a more carbon-free environment.

When you pay your taxes in May, remember that some of that money will go to to make China even greater than ever before.

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