Germany’s detention centers now quarantine COVID-19 rule breakers – is New York next?

Forget to wear a mask in Germany too often and you may end up in one of the nation’s detention centers, where offenders will be concentrated to protect the rest of society and punish the guilty.

Angela Merkel – “You will obey!”

Angela Merkel, fantasy queen of the European Union, said that those measures may seem extreme, but are necessary because a mutant strain of the virus was recently detected in the UK.

In the eastern state of Saxony, those who ignore Covid rules will be held in a cordoned-off part of a refugee camp now under construction. That method will also be used in nearby Brandenburg.

In northern Schleswig-Holstein, Angela said rule breakers will be put in a converted juvenile detention center, and the southern state of Baden-Württemberg plans to use rooms in hospitals to imprison virus deviants.

Merkel and the leaders of Germany’s 16 states will meet tomorrow to decide whether to extend such totalitarian COVID-19 restrictions after they expire on Sunday.

It is unlikely the clampdown will end. She told a working group of members of the ruling Christian Democratic Union party that the country still needs “eight to 10 weeks of hard measures.”

Not to be outdone by the Germans, New York State is is examining how to create its own detention facilities for virus rules’ violators.

The New York legislature is weighing a bill (above) to allow authorities to take anyone suspected of having a contagious disease and hold them indefinitely – even forcibly medicating them if they do not obey the government.

The state’s Assembly Bill A416 could see citizens locked up as long as 60 days without a hearing – even on suspicion of having been ‘exposed’ to the coronavirus. No positive test or obvious symptoms would be required under the proposed law.

While you could hire a lawyer, it may not help you much. Only New York health authorities will have the ultimate say in deciding when – and if – you are no longer contagious and can be freed.

Another pending NY bill would make vaccines mandatory for “all individuals or groups of individuals who… are proven safe to receive such a vaccine.”

Forced detention is not just a concern in the  U.S. and Germany. Switzerland has been at it for months, and last year authorities in New Zealand said that they will put all new uncooperative coronavirus “infectees” and their close family members into “quarantine facilities.”

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern emphasized that anyone, who refused to take a coronavirus test, could be forcibly detained for at least 14 days.

Now for some even more alarming news.

While Americans can’t fly domestically without virus checking, board ships for cruises or even attend church, the federal government has declared it is unable to test thousands of non-citizens crossing into the southern border every week.

“Federal officers are not doing any COVID testing for immigrants coming across,” McAllen City, TX Manager Roy Rodriguez revealed.

Under so-called “catch and release” these foreigners are released into the United States, and urged to return in a year or so for a hearing on their immigration status. Most of those released currently relocate elsewhere in our country, and never return for legal processing at the border.

What’s the danger of untested, unlimited border crossing?

On Sunday, Mexico – its hospitals overflowing – reported the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the world: 1,498 in one day. That country has suffered 166,731 total coronavirus fatalities, exceeding every nation except the United States (478,879) and Brazil (232,431).

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