One person…one vote? Many questions!

How to change a vote, add a vote or delete a vote!

A Michigan judge decided Monday (yesterday) that supporters of President Donald Trump may publicly release and discuss information they’ve collected from an analysis of voting machines and data in Antrim County. But Erik Grill, an assistant attorney general representing Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, warned that the analysis is “inaccurate, incomplete and misleading.” “There’s no reason to hide,” Grill said during a virtual court hearing Monday morning. “There is nothing to hide.” – The Detroit News, Monday, Dec. 14, 2020

Antrim County resident William Bailey had brought the lawsuit to permit Allied Securities Operation Group to take forensic images of the jurisdiction’s 22 tabulators and review other election-related material.

The Allied analysis was completed, but was suddenly put under protective order, meaning it couldn’t be made public. Weekend protests led to Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer allowing the release with some redactions related to source code.

The report is available here as a word document: Fraud in Antrim County, which you can read online or download to your device.

Since everything that reveals truth seems to be censored these days, it was no surprise that on December 12th, another judge allowed Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to block the results of this forensic audit.  That didn’t last long because the findings were leaked to CDMedia, who published it as soon as they got it.

It was found that the voting machines had (also) been connected to the Internet (which is illegal in the United States) and that fake ballots were sent in batches for “adjudication” in either Germany or Spain. “Adjudication” is a Dominion override function that is meant for a marginal number of ballots – not for 106,000 ballots, as was the case in Fulton County, Georgia. – The Marshall Report

In the Michigan examination, Allied learned that if you didn’t like a batch of ballots – too many Trump or Biden votes, for example – you could make a mark, tear, etc. on one ballot in the pile, and then the entire batch would need review. At that point, the ballots could all be thrown away or run through again, over and over, through the supervisor’s workstation. Single ballots could also have votes changed for candidates.

Unless these election staff “adjudicators” were closely watched, it would be possible to alter ballots all day without a trail, as investigators in Michigan learned, when they found log files were missing, permanently hiding the activities of the polling staff.

Investigators in Coffee County, Georgia, found that you could insert blank ballots and then fill them out multiple times on screen to choose any candidate. Marked ballot choices could also be changed, or blank ballots used as real votes. Video below starts in earnest after about 2 minutes.

Blank ballots can be voted by staff on screen

There is an effort on some media (including Wikipedia) to minimize Dominion’s role in supplying voting machines in U.S. states and counties. The opposite is true:

Since the presidential election of 2020, Dominion has come under wide public scrutiny, particularly in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—critical toss-up states with close winning margins.- Forbes

Trump has maintained, though not yet proved in court, that an enormous number of votes were stolen or added to the Joe Biden count. Though entirely plausible, the mass and social media’s response has been united to discredit him, as demonstrated on this Google search, first page response:

Meanwhile, Stephen Miller, a top advisor to the President, said the court battles to review ballots will continue – even up to January 20, if necessary. That should make many folks even more apoplectic, yet it may be fascinating to watch if you seek dark theater with possible dire outcomes.

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