Let’s make China even greater by subsidizing their new electric cars with a $7,500 tax credit

If the U.S. drops its 25% tariffs on autos imported from China, it may cripple the United States auto manufacturing industry, destroy millions of jobs, and slash our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the economy it represents.

That’s not a conspiracy theory,

China already is the world’s leading auto producer at 26 million vehicles annually, compared to less than 11 million in America. China has low manufacturing costs, newer machinery, plus government subsidies. Sadly, instead of investing in plants in this country, much of our vehicle production has already moved to Canada, Mexico and now, even to China itself.

Meanwhile, the American taxpayer is currently subsidizing China’s juggernaut to destroy our auto industry with a $7,500 IRS payment for electric cars imported from that Communist dictatorship.

Even worse, that tax credit has expired for American-made vehicles, including General Motors and Tesla, because those firms reached a limit of 200,000 vehicles sold in a year. If the credits are renewed the same way next year, each Chinese manufacturer and each American car company will be limited to 200,000 cars with the full $7,500 subsidy. That favors the foreign firms – now far below that level – and hurts the domestic car companies, who could otherwise sell many more vehicles.

China’s Kandi K27 is a four-door, four-seater, all-electric car, that lists for $17,499 before the U.S. $7,500 tax credit. That brings its current cash price to $9,999 – after the 25% tariff paid to our government on cars imported from China.

If 25% tariff is dropped  – the abiding dream of the corporate crony class – this car’s list price will drop first to $14,000, and then to $6,500 after the federal $7,500 tax rebate.

Some photos show this could be an irresistible deal at about half the price ($6,500 without tariff) of any car – gas or electric – now sold in America.

The warranty and features compare favorably to our domestic electric cars.

  • – Powertrain (10-Year / 100,000 Miles)
  • – Lithium-ion Battery (10-Year / 100,000 Miles)
  • – Corrosion (5-Year / 60,000 Miles)
  • – Basic Coverage (5-Year / 60,000 Miles)
  • – Battery Protection System
  • – Vehicle Anti Theft System
  • – Speed Sensing Door Lock System
  • – ABS + EBD
  • – Over-Speed Warning
  • – Seat Belt Warning
  • – Backup Camera
  • – Bluetooth Hand Free Devices
  • – Door Ajar Warning
  • – Air Bags (Driver + Front Passenger)
  • – Car Seat Fixture

The price includes a 9″ touchscreen and anti-lock brakes. The range is limited to 59 miles with a top speed of 68 mph, but you just plug it in at night and it’s fully charged the next day. That configuration works for shopping trips, soccer practice, nearby cities and most commuting.

Want more speed, range and features? Move up to the Polestar 2 by China’s Geely Auto Group. built at the Luqiao Super Factory in China’s Zhejiang Province, where Geely also makes its other car line, the electric Volvo..

Gregor Hembrough, head of Polestar USA, said they expect to deliver “several thousand” of these luxury cars by the end of the year. Polestar has pre-sold 75% of their U.S. allotment for the year.

Features on this upscale $59,900 list price ($52,400 after tax rebate) electric car include:

  • Electric Motors -2 on rear and front axle
  • Power -300 kW / 408hp
  • Torque -487 ft-lb
  • Range -233 miles (EPA), 292 miles (WLTP )
  • Batteries – 78 kWh in 27 modules
  • 0 to 60 Miles per hour -4.7 seconds
  • Panoramic laminated sunroof
  • Pixel headlights with proximity lights
  • Polestar Digital Key (Available 2021)
  • LED front fog lights with cornering function
  • Frameless exterior mirrors with auto-dim and foldable
  • Power operated seats and lumbar support
  • 19″ 5-V Spoke Black Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel
  • Weave Tech (Charcoal or Slate) Seats
  • Harman Kardon premium sound
  • Interior high level illumination
  • Inductive charging 15W for smart phone
  • 4 USB-C connectors
  • Handsfree power operated tailgate
  • Heated front and rear seat
  • Heated wiper blades and steering wheel
  • Rain sensor
  • Infotainment powered by Android – Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Play
  • HomeLink™
  • Polestar Connect (Available 2021)
  • Pilot Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • 360° Camera

If our tariffs are dropped, the Polestar 2 price with tax credit will be $40,500. The car competes with the Tesla Model 3 Performance class, priced at $54,990.

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