2020 Vision: Foot-in-Mouth or Fog-in-Brain? This election all in the eyes of the beholder!

Former Vice President Joe Biden advocates extreme social distancing!

American Flag boasted more stars than attendees, but campaign honchos said that prevented COVID-19.

For Biden it has been “Frick and Frack” – mentally juggling on thin ice, then slowly flipping cartwheels to not admit whether he will pack the Supreme Court or eliminate gas and oil production.

For Trump it has been reforming healthcare, and struggling to please a GOP that often glorifies Scrooge by pretending everyone can become a millionaire, even if earning the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. (Biden – back in time – recently said you can’t survive on $5 or $6 minimum wage. Oh well!)

We have never seen an election so divided between liberal and conservative – with both candidates struggling to pretend the middle.

President Donald Trump barnstorms in Butler, Pennsylvania

This event’s size was not covered by most of the media – tens of thousands waited hours to attend.

COVID-19 is another deep divide. Biden wants mandatory masking and possible shutdowns. Trump favors social distancing, some masks, and the economy quickly opened.

Who is right about this virus, described by some pundits as the number one issue in this election? Current stats indicate:

  • Twelve states reported more than 10 deaths Sunday from the coronavirus. The highest number of fatalities was 35 in Illinois – 12.6 million population. Average number of deaths per state was 8.
  • No state reached 50 deaths yesterday, and 42 states had less than 19 deaths. Average number of deaths per state was 10. There have been 150 million tests conducted.

If you look at endorsements, Biden is the choice of nearly every major network and national newspaper. Trump is the obvious choice of enthusiastic rally attendees.

Is Twitter censoring opposing viewsread their new policy here!

On many issues Trump has disagreed, at least partially, with his GOP power brokers, forcing changes to their traditional stance of increasing global business and allowing unbridled capitalism, job outsourcing and corporate collusion.

To win the nomination Biden moved from middle-of-the-road to embracing more-left Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Both of these populists are now off Biden’s list of candidates for Cabinet appointment, but the vice president assures they will be more valuable in their roles in the Senate.

The starkest contrast is that Biden appears overly dominated by his political party, and Trump’s party seems overly dominated by him.

Neither candidate is a true outsider like H. Ross Perot or Ralph Nader. Biden’s 47 years in politics, and Trump’s decades of carousing with bankers and brokers, are both obstacles to understanding the average American.

This Election Day morning, thoughts went back to high school, recalling a calmer time, despite the Cold War and Korean Conflict. Like most teenage boys, I wanted to be like the man in the White House who actually made America great and proud:

Dwight D. Eisenhower – an alert gentleman, who led us to victory in World War II over the Nazis, fought against corporate monopolies (especially media), and heavily taxed the very richest Americans. “Ike” also launched the federal program that built 41,000 miles of interstate highways, condemned the military-industrial complex, and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

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