Seven men together are twice as rich as 16,800,000 median Black households, or 42,000,000 citizens

They are all white.

They are all men.

They are all rich.

But you never hear politicians, professors or protestors criticize these richest men in America, because wealth has its privileges and allows immense power.

It’s not just being able to buy your children entrance into the best colleges, or owning a $100 million house that you visit for just one week in the summer, or traveling in private jets, or even owning yachts that can cost as much as Queen Mary 2.

Great wealth also allows you to pay for political campaigns and earn eternal gratitude and favors to you and your elite class.

For a dire lesson in inequality, contrast the entitled rich to the median Black family in America, whose net worth is $16,300.

There are 16.8 million Black families, which equals 42 million individuals. Together, their total wealth is $274 billion, less than $7,000 a person.

If you are super rich it doesn’t take long to make that Black person’s $7,000 in net wealth. For example, last year Jeff Bezos earned $7,000 every five seconds of every minute of every hour of every day for 365 days.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos

Three men have more combined wealth than all 42,000,000 Black citizens of America – Jeff Bezos ($145 billion), William Gates ($99 billion), and Warren Buffett ($85 billion) – a total of $330 billion, versus national median Black wealth of $274 billion.

Add four more men – Larry Ellison ($65 billion), Mark Zuckerberg ($61 billion), Michael Bloomberg ($57 billion) and Larry Page ($55 billion) – and you reach a total of $567 billion – more than twice the wealth ($274 billion) of America’s Black citizens.

That $567 billion is enough to send a check for $5,670 to every family (100 million) in America. It could build 100,000 schools at a cost of $5.67 million each, or buy 22,680,000 new cars at $25 grand apiece.

After the top seven  the Charles and David Koch have $50.5 billion each. Those sons of the founder of the John Birch Society are the same guys who invested $800 million in the last election to put their candidates into office. That was less than one percent of their wealth and it created a host of friends in high places.

Worldwide, there are 2,153 billionaires, including 256 women, with a total wealth of $9.1 trillion, up from $7.6 trillion last year, proving once again that the rich do indeed get richer and richer, year after year.

The following video with Jane Goodall and others from DAVOS 2019 is more than worthwhile to watch:


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