Does Pentagon want gene-altering insects to spread viruses in our farms, or use them to overthrow other countries?

If the atomic bomb wasn’t enough to possibly end the world, a new military-agricultural-complex program threatens to destroy humanity – not with a big bang, but with tiny bugs.

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) began genetically modifying insects last year. The goal –  alter the bugs to carry gene-altering viruses. This was allegedly a method for farmers to fight climate change and disease. The infected bugs would fly over farms, land on crops and infect the plants with viruses that created new “resilient genes.”

This altering of genes technology is called Horizontal Environmental Genetic Alteration Agents (HEGAA). The Pentagon’s DARPA research scientists have a cute graphic to promote their project:

If the program was from the Future Farmers of America (FFA) or even the U.S. Department of Agriculture, I might buy the concept of friendly “insect allies.” But this is a Pentagon program, and for the military, “allies” means “war buddies.”

Researchers in France and Germany maintain DARPA’s program may breach the Biological Weapons Convention, the disarmament treaty, which bans the development, production, and stockpiling of biological weapons.

The HEGAA plan will use genetically altered leafhoppers, white flies, and aphids to protect crops from natural and/or human-made threats.

Why would the Defense Department fund a farm program? What’s next? The Department of Agriculture building submarines?

The answer comes from a look back to World War II, when Japan “bombed” China with fleas carrying Bubonic Plague. Their military constructed a clay bomb filled with oxygen and infected fleas, that could be dropped from aircraft at a height of 200-300 meters without leaving a trace. Each bomb contained 30,000 fleas.

The Japanese Unit 731 built 4,500 containers for raising fleas, six giant cauldrons to produce various chemicals, and about 1,800 containers to make biologic weapons, including plague, anthrax, dysentery, typhoid, paratyphoid and cholera.

To test their technology the military used live patients, but no anesthesia, maintaining that otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to obtain accurate information on effects to the human body. They also researched how to protect themselves against any disease they spread. Their biological weapons program was both offensive and defensive.

Dropping these fleas with Plague onto Chinese cities killed tens of thousands of civilians.

Sadly, no one who directed or worked at Unit 73 was ever convicted of war crimes.

But back to our “insect allies.” If they can be implanted with good genes, they can be altered with crop-destroying ones.

Imagine being a farmer in Venezuela, where the oil industry is not yet privatized, looking up at a plane inscribed USAID on its fuselage, and a cloud of what looks like steam is coming from its belly. Months later – no harvest – your plants are dead.

A year passes and the farmers in Texas begin complaining that their crops are also mysteriously wilting from the same “natural causes” that afflicted our South American energy rival.

This is the new future of warfare – so-called friendly insects, commanded by masters of the universe on a fool’s mission.

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