Trump keeps his enemies close, friends distant – the result confuses everyone, including his base voters

The average American could care less who is the President or which party has control of Congress, but everyone who watches the news is confused about what Donald Trump really believes.

Trump should watch his back!

The only sure and consistent Trump initiative has been the 2018 Budget to cut taxes for big corporations – dropping their income tax support of public services from 35% to 21% of profits, and introducing a territorial system so that U.S. companies’ overseas earnings will be taxed at 0%. On the other hand, retirees will continue to pay income tax on their earned Social Security benefits.

Attribute that business subservience to the appointment of financiers Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, and Gary Cohn, National Economics Council Director. How could either of these fat cats promote campaign promises to rid us of Wall Street influence?

Another finance guru, Wilbur Ross was named Secretary of Commerce.

Herb McMaster, dismissed National Security Advisor, is a 2018 Bilderberg member, like Ross. You can’t be much more establishment than that

None of these folks ever stood for what Trump said he believes – low taxes and higher pay for the middle class, no cuts to Social Security and Medicare, an end to massive illegal immigration that stifles the labor market, and promotion of plans to bring back factories from Mexico, China and other sweatshop havens.

Even Trump’s head of Homeland Security (Kirstjen Nielsen) said the southern border has to remain porous because “we need day laborers.” Other cabinet members agreed, apparently unaware that journeyman (day) laborers in construction unions earned $8 an hour in the mid-60s, when house prices were one-tenth of their cost today. The politicians crushed such generous union compensation since then, forcing citizens to either accept low pay or be replaced by shadowy wage slaves.

Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions hides in his Attorney General’s office, praising Trump and his policies, but nearly every week cringing as the Donald tweets and brings back memories of “You’re Fired.”

Of all his enemies, one lurks taller than the rest, despite his name.

Marc Short.

Et tu, Shorty?

The president of the Koch Brothers funded Freedom Partners, which allocated a quarter of a BILLION dollars to conservative groups in 2012, Short is now the liaison between the White House and Congress. He was named because he worked for Koch-friendly Mike Pence, who was put in charge of hiring folks for the new administration last year after Chris Christie lost that power.

Short is attending meetings with Republican House members as they negotiate an amnesty deal that breaks with President Trump’s Immigration Policy Priorities..

Short — who formerly ran the failed “Never Trump” effort inside the Koch brothers’ network of organizations — oversaw a recent meeting, where House Speaker Paul Ryan and members of the Republican establishment negotiated for an amnesty. That Ryan bill would provide legal status to potentially millions of DACA aliens, who would also be allowed to bring their relatives into the U.S..

While many liberals are concerned with the humane treatment of the DACA problem, Short’s former bosses, the pro-mass immigration Koch brothers, appear to only be interested in importing more low-wage workers.

Recently, the Kochs thanked both Democrats and Never Trump Republicans for supporting open borders. They even released an ad campaign that calls DACA aliens “patriots” and demands an immediate amnesty.

When Short left Freedom Partners, the organization revealed participants were allegedly drawn from the Koch brothers’ semi-annual conferences, and membership reportedly required paying at least $100,000 in annual dues.

Freedom Partners claims “more than 200” members, but it raised more than $250 million between November 2011 and November 2012, suggesting that some members have contributed well over the minimum dues.

The bottom line is that the Koch family is worth about $100 billion, raises additional money from big business, so there’s mucho dough to spend a billion here and a billion there to emulate their father, Fred Koch, co-founder of the infamous John Birch Society.

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