Fake campaign promise by Trump to lower taxes has reduced his Presidency to swimming in the swamp

“If you’re single and earn less than $25,000 per year, or married and jointly, and jointly earn less than $50,000 – so very important – if you’re single and make less than $25,000 or married and jointly earn less than $50,000, you’ll not pay any income tax. Nothing.” – Donald Trump

September 29, 2015

@2:00 – Less than $25,000 or jointly less than $50,000, pay no taxes

February 3, 2017

In January President Trump took office and almost immediately lowered the benefits of his “middle class” tax plan. Suddenly, the $25,000 and $50,000 standard deductions promised on the campaign were slashed 40% to just $30,000 and $15,000.

promisesThe tax exemption would now only benefit folks who earned no more than the minimum wage. Every penny above that would be taxed at $12% (rather than the current 10%).

This major tax hike, approved by Trump’s new economic advisors – Goldman Sachs grads and other financiers – authorized a tax of $2,400 for the average American family ($50,000 earnings a year), versus the original plan of zero tax, and added $5,000 to $6,600 to the tax bill of higher earners..

There is no explanation from the White house about the broken campaign promise.

September 27, 2017

Under this framework, the first $12,000 of income earned by a single individual will be tax free, and a married couple won’t pay a dime in taxes on their first $24,000 of income. So, a married couple — up to $24,000 — can spend their money on their family, on their children, on what they have to do. So much better. – Mr. Donald Trump

This latest plan stops the “no tax promise” from helping the average American family, and only helps those facing the poverty line. The family earning $50,000 will not be spared taxes, but instead face a tax bill of $3,120, versus the promised zero. A single person would pay half that.

Under the newest plan no personal deductions will be allowed, not even for minor children or the elderly. Most tax deductions, including home real estate taxes and medical expenses will be eliminated. Even the upper middle class will not go unscathed – The Tax Policy Center says that roughly 30 percent of all Americans earning between $50,000 and $150,000 will pay more to Uncle Sam than under today’s tax rate, let alone the original, promised plan.

However, Mr. Trump and his GOP banking wing have many trillions of dollars of goodies for the elite in their tax plan.

  • Removing the Alternative Minimum Tax (ATM) will save millionaires, so many millions of dollars. (Mr. Trump’s most recently available tax return shows income tax paid of $38 million. Of that total, most of it, $31 million, was ATM.)
  • Eliminating the Inheritance tax for estates more than $11 million will be very helpful to the very wealthy. (Mr. Trump’s children will save $4 billion in taxes on his estimated fortune, and eliminate about $46 billion in future Walton family estate taxes, plus some $30 billion for Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, indeed anyone with vast wealth.)
  • Cutting corporate taxes in half.
  • Allowing companies to move headquarters overseas to avoid any income taxes on earnings in the U.S.
  • Forgiving $2 trillion or more in owed business income taxes held overseas.
  • Charging “small” business owners a 15% tax, while workers pay 25% or more.
  • Reducing IRS staff and cutting high income audits.

We have seen a Trump campaign promise for no taxes for couples earning $50,000, fall to $30,000 after the election, and then to $24,000 this past month. Meanwhile trillions of dollars will be added to the national debt by historic tax changes to benefit the very rich.

The tragic outcome will be next year – after the mid-term elections – when the GOP will cry “huge national debt”, and Americans will be devastated by the establishment politicians cutting Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, college loans, education, food stamps, and public transportation. Swamp denizens will then emerge to urge sale of our public assets to private firms in return for tolls and admission fees.

In short, Mr. Trump’s bevy of establishment lackeys will advise him to break more campaign promises, and the President will then try to convince us that the “little people” must sacrifice more to prop up the wealthy class. It all trickles down?

This “cut taxes for the rich, cut benefits for average Americans” movement is the handiwork of extremists like the Koch brothers, whose father founded the infamous John Birch Society.

Contributing to the conclusion that the White House has been colluding with the Birch wing of the party was the August 19 keynote speaker address by VP Mike Pence to the Koch annual symposium. Among other items, the session set goals for the soon-to-be-announced tax plan, including more taxes for the middle class..

The Kochs spend hundreds of millions to influence elections on behalf of global business and to defy nationalism. They favor unlimited illegal immigration because it lowers wages, and oppose any government regulation of any industry. At the same time they align themselves with radical social groups, hoping Americans will be distracted from economic self interest to obsess over very emotional, complicated divisive causes

One thing is sure. Trump will learn in 2020 that you can’t get away with breaking your promises on taxes. Mr. George H. W. Bush and others will attest that the American people have a long memory, especially when it comes to their taxes.

Personal note: In the process of examining the ever-dwindling benefits of the President’s tax plan, the Internet, media sites and several news channels were scoured for a week. The bait and switch appears to have never been reported. A Google search of “standard deduction cut from $50,000 to $24,000” showed nothing of value. Sites as diverse as Huff Post and Breitbart News also appear to have ignored this issue. A conspiracy of silence? Or is it just that nobody at the top, controlling the mass media, cares much about the fate of the working class?

4 thoughts on “Fake campaign promise by Trump to lower taxes has reduced his Presidency to swimming in the swamp

  1. George Meredith MD says:
    To Cut Taxes: Sacrifice the Sacred Cows

    You want to preserve our AAA bond rating and rescue our crashing economy? Simple: spend less and sharply reduce taxes. The more we reduce taxes, the If America lowers taxes, the stronger and faster our economy will grow. The US has one of the highest corporate tax rates of all industrialized nations.

    Almost all taxes would come way down with the below listed plan. And all else is rhetoric! Forget about the Democrat’s pie in the sky “investments” in health care, high speed rail, solar, wind and biofuels. These are but big government, Chicago type pay to play scams!

    To revitalize our crushed economy, we must sacrifice the sacred cows. The sacred cows being the phony war on drugs, the phony wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and the corrupt Medicare and Medicaid health insurance programs.

    Therefore we must, post haste:
    • Repeal Obamacare, immediately….why spend a trillion dollars to buy health care for the 32 million Americans who are currently receiving it for free right now? The looming taxes to support Obama’s socialization of American medicine have sent a negative message to small businesses and financial markets alike. The repeal of Obamacare would send a positive message to these entities.

    • Give current Medicaid and Medicare recipients vouchers and let them purchase whatever health insurance fits their needs…this would cut the cost of these corrupt programs by an amazing 70%…and, would lower the health care costs for the rest of us by a whopping 50%! It’s called “cost shifting” and is the reason your health care costs are currently so high.

    • Enforceable, meaningful deductibles and co-pays would return Medicare and Medicaid patients to the real world medical marketplace! And would simultaneously cut the cost of commercial health insurance for the rest of us by 50%.

    • Recognizing the BCBS scam that Kathleen Sebelius and her lawyer pals ran in Kansas and in most other states, for years: issue a federal mandate that would allow patients to cross state lines, in order to purchase more competitive health insurance.

    • Sell all the government hospitals…Army, Navy, Air Force, VA, US Public Health Service…sell all the government hospitals to the highest bidder…and instead, give this group of patients commercial health insurance vouchers. In many cases, these patients would end up using the same doctors, nurses and hospitals but in more polite, goals oriented, professional settings.

    • Scrap the phony trillion dollar Medicare prescription drug program that Cheney, Rice and the rest of the Bush Crime Family left us with. . Instead, let the seniors buy the safer, much less expensive generic drugs.

    • Scrap the (Chinese) wind farm and gasohol programs. These programs are not, and never will be, cost effective. If economically viable, let them stand on their own…without any government subsidy.

    • Tell OPEC where to get off by imposing an adjustable energy import tax. The less you charge us, the less we tax your products. And vice versa…..

    • Open up the Dakotas, west Texas and elsewhere for more horizontal drilling, in order to tap our nation’s vast untapped natural gas and petroleum reserves.

    • Structure gasoline and diesel road taxes so as to encourage the use of our abundant natural gas resources for surface transportation.

    • Abolish redundant, counterproductive programs: Departments of: Homeland Security, Education, Labor, Energy, Commerce, ATF, IRS, TSA and Federal Courts.

    • Remove all unions from all mass transit in America. Tell transit workers that efficient, privately run mass transit, free of unions, is a matter of national survival.

    • Begin war crime trials for those who corruptly got us into these unconstitutional foreign entanglements. Specifically the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family Send such people a message: no more foreign wars when our strategic national interests are not at stake. We can no longer afford to be the world’s policeman.

    • Call a halt to the phony war on drugs and the corrupt judicial-prison industry that it supports. It’s a war on our own citizens. The war on drugs has several purposes, but the main reason is an excuse to beef up the police into a paramilitary force. It’s a total scam. The politicians want to claim they’re tough on crime. We all know, the fact that drugs are illegal drives the price up. High prices create crime.

    Do these things and, bingo, our economy self rights itself almost overnight. Or continue with the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama pie in the sky programs and we are cooked.

    George Meredith MD
    Virginia Beach


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