Microsoft has massive layoffs; H-1B hires continue, and foreign workers now far outnumber Americans

Bill Gates – looking for ways to get even richer!

Thursday was another bad day for American jobs as Microsoft – the once All American innovator – began to end the livelihoods of 3,000 families, a process called “downsizing” by the elites.

A spokesperson for founder Bill Gates called this job slaughter simply “changes” to “better serve our customers and partners.”

Today, we are taking steps to notify some employees that their jobs are under consideration or that their positions will be eliminated,” the Microsoft spokesperson told CNBC. “Like all companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis. This can result in increased investment in some places and, from time-to-time, re-deployment in others.

Meanwhile, foreign workers are being hired by the Seattle gang through the H-1B visa and Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. Microsoft is  one of the top recruiters of the some 330,000 foreign nationals (in 2016), who get to remain in the U.S. after graduating from college through OPT, stealing jobs from American graduates. Universities love the program because International students pay much higher tuition with never the need for grants or loans.

That 330,000 estimate means that the government offered work permits to one foreign graduate for almost every two of the 800,000 Americans who graduate from college each year with business, medicine, science, software, math or physics degrees.

Of course, Microsoft not only prefers foreign workers here, but the company as a whole is no longer a truly American enterprise. Currently, the company has more employees working outside the U.S., roughly 121,000, than here – about 71,000.

While destroying the lives of laid off American workers, last year Microsoft was the ninth-largest recipient of foreign workers under the H-1B visa – 4,575 workers. In 2017, Microsoft wants more than 5,000. These numbers don’t include universities and non-profits, which are exempt from the cap

Even worse, H-1B requests by Microsoft don’t include foreigners who executives hide with outsourcing firms, which accounts for 43 percent of H-1Bs at corporate headquarters.

No wonder Microsoft is lobbying for immigration “reform” and more “legal” entry into the U.S. And Microsoft is putting up the money to push this agenda. Since January 1, the firm’s five out of eight lobbying reports referred to “high-skilled immigration” – code for H-1B.

And when you are mailing that $50,000 for another year’s college tuition for your gifted child, remember this from a Pew study:

In a recent report, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York went deeper and looked at underemployment among recent grads (defined as people aged 22 to 27 with at least a bachelor’s degree). The Fed researchers used data from the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to examine whether employed grads were in jobs that typically required a college degree, what those jobs paid, and whether they were working full- or part-time.

They found that in 2012, about 44% of grads were working in jobs that didn’t require a college degree — a rate that, while about what it was in early 1990s, increased after the 2001 and 2007-09 recessions. Only 36% of that group were in what the researchers called “good non-college jobs” — those paying around $45,000 a year — down from around half in the 1990s.

The share of underemployed recent grads in low-wage (below $25,000) jobs rose from about 15% in 1990 to more than 20%. About one-in-five (23%) underemployed recent grads were working part-time in 2011, up from 15% in 2000.

Reporting the news is dangerous to your job?

Separation of news and advertising was struck a blow when a newspaper demoted a senior staff writer to the ad department because she reported a story about discrimination, accord to The Algemeiner newspaper.

An award-winning journalist who broke the story of the group of Jewish women ejected from an LGBTQ march in Chicago last month has been reassigned to non-journalistic duties at the paper which ran the original report, the Windy City Times.

Gretchen Rachel Hammond — whose June 24 story caused a national storm after she detailed how three women flying Jewish Pride flags, embossed with the Star of David, were instructed to leave the gathering by organizers from the Dyke March Collective — confirmed to The Algemeiner on Monday that while she was still employed by the paper, she was not presently engaged in its reporting and writing operations.

“At this time, I have not been fired from Windy City Times, but I have been transferred to working full time for the sales department,” Hammond explained in an emailed statement. “The reasoning is an internal matter and I have been instructed not to comment about it even to close friends. Given my present situation, I must comply with this instruction.”

The Windy City Times — whose masthead featured Hammond as a senior writer until a week ago — now describes her as  “senior account executive.”

To show the real disgrace of this action, check the recent photo and caption below:

Chicago reporter Gretchen Rachel Hammond (left) pictured after donating her kidney to reader Elvie Jordan (right). Photo: Gretchen Rachel Hammond.

The following are for your convenience:

Windy City Media Group
5315 N. Clark St. #192
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 871-7610



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