AJ+ propaganda is big hit with unwitting Americans

In 2015, AJ+ won a Webby Award for Online Film & Video, News & Information. AJ+ was also honored in the categories of Online Film & Video, News & Politics: Individual Episode (Ayotzinapa Student Killings Ignite Mexico and the Internet) plus awards for:

  • Online Film & Video, Documentary: Series (AJ+ Short Docs)
  • Mobile Sites & Apps, News (AJ+ Mobile App)

Sounds like a great operation. Launched September, 2014, it includes broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Medium, as well as native apps: Android, iOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Young people love its witty, delightful banter.

The bad news is that the snappy news is propaganda – straight from Al Jazeera, the network started by Qatar. And since Qatar is the financial muscle behind the terrorist group Hamas, AJ+ has oil fortunes to spend on indoctrinating American youth against Israel.

The following video is from Honest Reporting and summarizes the danger of AJ+.

Al Jazeera gained prominence on the American scene when ex- Vice President Al Gore and cronies sold their Current TV channel to Qatar for $500 million in January, 2013 . The channel had not attracted many viewers. If you are wondering what Al did with some of the money made selling to Qatar, look no deeper than his love for real estate.

In a press release last year Al Gore Mansion Acquisitions, Inc. announced the purchase of another 12,000-ish square foot mansion by former Vice President Al Gore as a gift to himself in celebration of Earth Day, April 22, 2016..

The newest addition to the globe-spanning Gore mansion collection is a 12,254 square foot gem nestled in the hills of the Ozarks, strategically located between Gore-owned mansions in Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, and Louisiana.

Remember Hunger Games: now for something entirely different!

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