Why are we ignoring criminal emails? Time for federal government to prosecute and prevent fraud hucksters!

online-email-fraud-seminar-invitiation-01Spam filter on your email server? Think that big internet provider is helping keep away the criminals? Wondering why the federal government has time to look at every email sent every day by every person, but no time to go after the fraud experts preying on the vulnerable citizen?

The answer is that nobody cares except the victims of fraud. If you steal a CD from a store, you can go to jail for years. If you try to steal the life savings of a senior, our politicians turn the other way. I get emails – 50 to 100 a day. Here’s a recent one that smells like danger to me, but maybe not to someone older and less perceptive:

reply to: simonmartha66@yahoo.com.ph
My Beloved One,
This is Ms Martha Simon from Estonia writing from the hospital in Ivory Coast; therefore this mail is very urgent to attend. I am dying here in this hospital right now which i don’t know if i will see some days to come.
I was informed by my doctor that i was poisoned and the poison damaged my liver and i can only live for some days.
My Beloved, the reason why i contacted you today is because i know that my step mother wanted to kill me and take my inheritance from my late Father. I have a little adopted child named Andrew C. Mannik that i adopted in this Country when my late Father was alive and $3.5 million Dollars i inherited from my late father. My step mother and her children they are after Andrew right now because they found out that Andrew was aware of the poison and also because i handed the documents of the fund over to him the day my step Mother poisoned my food, for that they do not want Andrew to expose them, so they are doing everything possible to kill him.
My beloved, please i want you to help him out of this country with the money because he is the only one taking care of me here in this hospital right now and even this email you are reading now is the one helping me out. I know that you have adopted Children already, but i believe that when Andrew will stay with you as your Son that you won’t regret having him as your Son because am always proud of him.
I want you to get back to me so that he will give you the documents of the fund and he will direct you to a well known lawyer that i have appointed, the lawyer will assist you to change the documents of the fund to your name to enable the bank transfer the money to you..
This is the favor i need when you have gotten the fund :
(1) Keep 30% of the money for Andrew until he finish his studies to become a man as he has been there for me as my lovely Son and i have promised to support him in life to become a medical Doctor because he always desire for it with the scholarship he had won so far. I want you to take him along with you to your country and establish him as your son.
(2) Give 20% of the money to handicap people and charity organization. The remaining 50% should be yours for your help to Andrew.
Note; This should be a code between you and my son Andrew in this transaction “Hospital” any mail from him, the Lawyer he will direct you to, without this code “Hospital” is not from the Andrew, the Lawyer or myself as i don’t know what will happen to me in the next few hours.
Finally, write me back so that Andrew will send you his pictures to be sure of whom you are dealing with. Andrew is so little therefore guide him. And if i don’t hear from you i will look for another person or any organization.
May Almighty God bless you and use you to accomplish my wish. Pray for me always.
Ms Martha Simon

No stranger calls grouchy me “My Beloved One”, so I  knew this was a scam. The address .ph means Philippines. One of our government agencies should investigate this person.

The following real examples of recent emails should alert authorities that something is rotten in the internet universe, and perhaps they will enforce rules for firms like Comcast and Verizon to investigate this abuse and help the judicial system prosecute these swindlers, no matter where they live:

Reply to: sbambar47@gmail.com
God Bless You. I am Mrs. Sandra Bambar, an aging widow suffering from long time cancer illness. I have some funds I inherited from my late husband, the sum of (2.300.000.00) Two Million Three Hundred Thousand United State Dollars and I need a very honest and God fearing person that will use this fund for God’s work. I have contacted you with faith and trust, hoping that you will not disappoint me. Please if you would be able to use this funds for the good work of God and humanity, kindly reply me as soon as possible. Your delay in respond will make me search for another person. Yours dearest sister, Mrs. Sandra Bambar.

Reply to: floxy.joseph@aol.com
Dear Beloved,
My name is Mrs. Floxy Joseph, I am 48 Years old Born and brought up in Canton Zurich, Switzerland. Last year i experience restlessness and sleepless nights so my Doctor in Zurich, Switzerland sent me on a general Medical Check up which i was finally diagnosed to have cancer of the Lungs. So my Doctor fly me back to my country Switzerland. My late husbands brother wanted me dead so that he will inherit all my wealth i suffered to build. As a Christian i rather donate my money to the less privilege, orphanage homes and the Church than allow wicked people to take all when i die. Lately I discovered that my late husband?s relation know about the deposited money and their are happy that I will soon die so that they can take the money, so I will give the claim information to you before I pass on to glory.
I will give you all the details that will assist you in getting the Funds deposited with the security Company. I deposited the total of US$8,500.000.00 (Eight million five hundred united states dollars) in cash in a sealed consignment Box in disguise as (Church Evangelical Materials/Family valuables). This means that the Security Company staff does not know that the Consignment Box contains the cash to avoid Vitalization or theft until the given duration. I will send you the Claim documents (Deposit Certificate and Agreement Bond) and the contact information of the Security Company where the money is deposited in Disguise, I want to have an assurance from you that even when I die,you will not use the money wrongly and will do your best to get it from the security Company in Accra Ghana. I will die happily if I know you will use my funds in a manner pleasing to humanity when you get it.
I have to rest now as this email took me 2 hours to write due to my unusual weakness. Please pray for me my dear and respond urgently to my email so that I can be able to conclude the inheritance Hand over Authorization before I die. I anxiously await your response my dear.
May you be blessed, as you reach me floxy.joseph@yahoo.com.
Best Regards,
Mrs. Floxy Joseph.

Reply to: joy2008wilson@yahoo.com.jp
Greetings to you and your family,
My Message is attached, From Mrs. Josie Wilson,
Message was NOT downloaded

Reply to: xgh_ghb@faw.com.cn
POST CODE:100818
Attention: Sir/Madam;
I am Mr. Jackson TAI (Chief Financial Officer), General Manager and Head of Treasury and Investment Bank Of China (BOC).
I am The Independent Non-executive Director of the Bank since March 2011. I also Have over 35 years of experience in the banking industry. I have also held various key positions in DBS Group Holdings Limited (“DBS Group”) and DBS Bank Limited (“DBS Bank”) including Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DBS Group and DBS Bank from 2002 to 2007, President and Chief Operating Officer of DBS Group and DBS Bank from 2001 to 2002, and Chief Financial Officer of DBS Bank from 1999 to 2001. I was also a Director of DBS Bank (China) Limited from 2007 to 2008. Prior to that, he was with J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated from 1974 to 1999.
A power of attorney was forwarded to our office this morning by two gentlemen, one of them is an AMERICAN NATIONAL and he is MR JASON HART by name while the other person is MRS. TERRI DONALD by name a CANADIAN NATIONAL.
These gentlemen claimed to be your representatives, and this power of attorney stated that you are dead. they brought an account to replace your information in order to claim your fund of $3.5 Million USD which it is right now lying DORMANT and UNCLAIMED. below is the new account they have submitted.
BANK ADDRESS: 200 Bay Street.
P.O. Box 1, Royal Bank Plaza.
Toronto, ON M5J 2J5.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 9062-0004-70
Be further informed that this power of attorney also stated that you suffered and died of a throat cancer. You are therefore given 24hrs to confirm the truth in this information, if you are still alive, you are to contact us back immediately, because we work 24 hrs just to ensure that we monitor all the activities going on in regards to the transfer of beneficiaries? Inheritance and contract payment.
You are to mail this office immediately for clarifications on this matter as we shall be available 24 hrs to speak with you and give you the necessary guidelines on how to ensure that your payment is wired to you immediately.
Just also be informed that any further delay from your side could be dangerous, as we cannot be held responsible for wrong payment. contact email : mydesk247priv8@tlen.pl
Thank you.
Jackson TAI

Reply to: mrshelencaudill1@netcmail.com
From Mrs.Hellen Caudill
I am Mrs.Hellen Caudill.a widow, my husband and i worked with Tullow oil London, United Kingdom before he died seven years ago.
I am writting you this message via a computer lap top on my sick bed at the hospital were i am undergoing medical treatment,i have been diagnosed of endometrial cancer, unfortunatelly for me my doctor said i don’t have any chance to survive except by a miracle and i have spent a lot of money on medical treatment yet no improvement.
The reason why i am writting you this email is because i want you to stand as beneficiary to the sum of my $7.2 Million (Seven million two hundred thousand united states dollars) which i inherited from my late husband. I dont have any bilogical child of my own who will inherit this money neither do i have any adopted child.
Donating this $7.2 Million Dollars (Seven million two hundred thousand united states dollars) as charity is the only legacy i can leave behind after my death, please help me to fulfill this goal before i die. I would like you to pls convert 25% of the total sum for your own personal use so that you could use the remaning money very well as i have stated.
If you are willing to help me receive this money and do as i wish then do respond immediately and i will give you required details.
Expecting your response soonest. Sincerely,
Mrs.Hellen Caudill.

Reply to: helenadams33@yahoo.com
I need your assistant
My name is Miss. Helen Adams. As I whisper my prayer tonight and went into search for a nice partnership and I came across your contact, My mind and my heart told me to contact you for partnership, A partner who truly understand his or her partner and share their feelings together. Please kindly accept my request, I believe that distance can never be a barrier, I humbly write to solicit for your partnership and assistance in the transfer and investment of my inheritance funds (USD 7.4M) Seven Million Four Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars from my late father who died mysteriously.
I will like to further introduce myself to you. My name is Miss. Helen Adams., I am age of 21 years girl, am only child of my late parents Mr. and Mrs. Adams It was very evident that he was poisoned to death. In my culture, when a man dies, if he does not have a male child, the brother shares his property leaving the wife and the daughters empty handed.
This is the exact case with me as I am the only daughter of my father. I lost my mother when I was barely a year old and my father refused to re-marry another wife despite all persuasion by friends and relatives, because he felt solely responsible for my mother’s death, as he only concentrated on his business that he rarely pays attention to domestic/family affairs.
But he ensured that I had everything that I wanted. It was as a result of this that he made me the next of kin to his fund deposit with the bank and stated that in the event of any eventuality, I should have a direct access to the funds only when I am twenty-five years of age otherwise, I should have a guardian/partner to intercede on my behalf for the release of the funds to me. Unfortunately, he passes away and I am twenty one years of age currently.
I had discussions with the director of international remittance unit of the bank where my father deposited the funds and I was assured that once I have someone who would be honest and willing to receive the funds on my behalf for the purpose of investments in overseas, they shall commence all proceedings to effect the release and transfer of the funds into the person’s designated account. Once you signify your interest to partner with me, I shall be giving you the bank’s contact details so you request for the release and transfer of my inheritance fund into your nominated bank account for investment purpose and I can join you to continue my education.
Your urgent response will be appreciated
Thanks and sincere
Miss. Helen Adams.

Reply to: Madam.Broomfield@yahoo.com
From Madam Donna Broomfield
My Dearest, how are you doing? This mail may come to you as a surprise but be rest assured that this is not a hoax mail. With Due Respect and Humanity, I was compelled to write to you under a humanitarian ground, Greetings in the Name of our GOD. My name is Mrs. Donna Broomfield.
My son Keith Broomfield, 36 years old, died on June 3rd 2015 while fighting in defense of those being persecuted for their Christian faith. His heart was for the protection of the innocence of Kurdish women and children. He was born on August 3, 1978 in Framingham, MA.
Out of tears and shock as am hospitalized due to HBP I developed over the loss of my son in the connection of my long time kidney problem I have suffering from, I am currently in a hospital here in America.
Keith worked at his family business, Broomfield Labs Inc, as a Plant Manager, My late son was a highly reputable American military soldier, Out of the wish of my son he told me that he deposited a large sum of money at a bank in France because since his young age he enjoyed spending his vacation in France.
Before my son decided to go with the Kurdish forces and fight against the Islamic State group in Syria he called me out secretly and instructed me out of trust and made me promise him that should it be that he don’t come back alive from the fight that I should look for a trust worthy person who can help me accomplish his wish on earth in humanitarian charity service with the money by distributing it to Church, mosque and orphanage.
I am willing to donate the US$4.7 Million U.S Dollars to you for the charity service and less privilege children. I selected your email after my prayer over this. Please I want you to note that my late son deposited this money with a Bank in France and upon instruction, the fund will be transferred to you without any further delay as declared by my late son.
I honestly pray that you should use this money for the said purpose when you receive it because I have come to find out through my son that wealth acquisition without GOD is vanity upon vanity.
Please get back to me with your details, such as your full name, resident address and telephone number if you can be trusted.
Immediately I confirm your willingness I will inform the bank to release the fund to you as my late son instructed the bank.
I expect your urgent reply.
Mrs. Donna Broomfield.

Christian faith. War hero. Dead son. Islamic State. Kidney failure. I think I saved the worst of these scams for last. Do you agree?

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