Gosar and Sanders share same wrong attendance conclusion

Pope Francis addressing tens of thousands

Paul Anthony Gosar plans to skip the upcoming address to Congress by Pope Francis, the religious leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Gosar, representing Arizona’s 4th District in the House of Representatives, said the Pope has “adopted all of the socialist talking points, wrapped false science and ideology into ‘climate justice’ and is being presented to guilt people into leftist policies.” The Pope is expected to attend, despite Gosar’s opinion of him.

Gosar joins U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in adopting a strange aversion to his heritage. In Gosar’s case, he attended Creighton Jesuit University (the pope is also Jesuit) and the congressman has never renounced his Catholic Faith.

Sanders also refused to attend a speech to Congress this past Spring by the Prime Minister of the Jewish homeland of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu. Sanders said he disagreed with the religious leader, because he had not consulted the White House, before accepting the invitation of the Speaker of the House.

Jewish Sanders plans to listen to the Catholic pope. Catholic Gosar listened to the Jewish Prime Minister.

There are odd similarities in behavior here. Both are first generation Americans. Both have strong religious upbringing – Catholic education for Gosar, and Hebrew School and Kibbutz volunteering in Israel for Sanders.

Both are catering to either rabid supporters or the extreme elements in their party. Gosar greases the Koch Brothers disdain for climate change, and Sanders sides with an ultra-liberal Soros fringe that blames Israel for most of the woes in the Mideast.

One paradox is that Gosar has a brother who ran as a Democrat candidate for Governor of Wyoming in 2010 and 2014. Does this influence his opinion of liberals, even the Pope, or is it just reacting to a political divide in the family?

Sanders – “proud to be Jewish,” but “not particularly religious” – may suffer from a religious, not political, difference of opinion in his family.

Sander’s wife, like Gosar, is a  Roman Catholic, who has exclaimed: “the leader of the Catholic Church is raising profound issues. It is important that we listen to what he has said.” Sanders often quotes Francis on economic issues and has described him as “incredibly smart and brave”

Imagine these two families planning dinner with the Pope and the Prime Minister of Israel, trying to decide who would sit at the head of the table.

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