Cartoons in Arab publications mock Obama and Iran Deal

The following cartoons from the Arab press are highly critical of Israel, Kerry, Obama and the framework of the Iran deal or the descriptions leaked of the plan. In countries where freedom of the press barely exists, this kind of opinion is usually only allowed when approved by their government.

Policy of Lies

“Middle East policy” of lies results in an Iranian turban (Al-Hayat, London, April 8, 2015)


“U.S., Iran Getting close: The Great Satan has become the Great Friend” (Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia, April 7, 2015)


“Framework agreement between Iran and U.S.” Arab countries trapped. (, April 7, 2015)

Export Revolution

Exporting the [Iranian] revolution sets world on fire. (Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 5, 2015)

Message of Love

A message of love inscribed onto nuclear bomb? (Al-Raya, Qatar, April 6, 2015)

after agreement

“Iran after the nuclear agreement” (Mecca, Saudi Arabia, April 5, 2015)

Attack Dog

“Nuclear agreement between Iran and the superpowers” unleashes Iranian attack dog on “the Arab world” (, April 11, 2015)

Iran's reactors

“Iran’s nuclear reactors”; gloves read “dammar” (destruction) and “hell” (Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia, April 11, 2015)

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