Media worries about attack on “bus stop” instead of headlining the truth of terrorist murder of civilian in Israel capital city

Car rams bus
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Once again, there is more vicious distortion of news about Israel. The 100-year-old Gray Lady, The New York Times, published this headline in its April 16 online edition :

“Palestinian Driver Suspected of Deliberately Hitting Jerusalem Bus Stop”

In this shallow information world, a headline is about all it takes to quench one’s interest in maniacs attacking bus stops. If it was another 8,000 rockets landing on Jews in Israel, that would be somewhat quixotic to NYT’s latte-slurpers, but transit molestation is always dull, even when announced by an old gray mare.

The first paragraph in this report by Isabel Kershner, unlike the headline, is truthful, once again demonstrating that headline writers and reporters can live in different worlds:

JERUSALEM — A preliminary investigation of a Palestinian driver who crashed into a bus stop in Jerusalem late Wednesday night, killing an Israeli man and injuring an Israeli woman, reinforced suspicions that he had rammed his car into the pedestrians intentionally, the Israeli police said Thursday.

A report by a real newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, had both the story and the headline correct in its account:

The east Jerusalem Palestinian who rammed his car into Israelis waiting at a bus stop in the French Hill section of the capital last week told police that he was intent on “seeking out Jews to murder,” authorities permitted the press to report on Tuesday.

Khaled Koutineh, 37, from Anata, was arrested for running over and killing Shalom Yohai Cherki, 25, and seriously injuring a young woman.

This tragedy was otherwise reported with emphasis on its bus stop damage. Most headlines were repeats of Reuters:

Palestinian rams car into bus stop, killing Israeli

Haaretz, a small newspaper, repeatedly quoted by anti Israel opponents, because of its apparent love of J Street sympathizers, produced this tag, which suggests a ramming attack by a car, not a terrorist:

Israeli man dies after possible Jerusalem car ramming attack

On tv and the web, there was little coverage, even though the AP Jerusalem Bureau has more correspondents than several European countries combined. An Israeli who is killed by a terrorist is not big news in this era, just something to be reported like a car hitting a bus stop.

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