Did you ever wonder why you never heard of wolf chops?

The mistake – that so-called “liberal” progressives almost always make – is to ascribe good intentions to evil persons. They don’t realize that not everyone is kind and reasonable at heart, and yet many of us too often apologize for our zeal, excuse our desire for factual discussion, and basically try to sell our positions to those who could care less.

To me, a progressive explaining the need for Medicare or Social Security to Paul Ryan, is as hopeless as a Jew reading about Talmudic justice to a Nazi guard or a Hamas maniac.

Frederick Douglass was a pacifist until a certain point before the Civil War, but he finally believed that no oppressed people were ever saved by any group but themselves, and then only by political force, or the perceived threat of uprising to defend human rights. He even said on June 2, 1854 the threat of killing a few kidnappers might be the solution to ending kidnapping, when he criticized the Fugitive Slave Act. He scared more than a few evil men.

Martin Luther King was feared by the establishment that saw a million folks very unhappy at one event, millions more ready to join them, and nearly everyone believing Americans could not just talk forever about human rights. There was fear in the air, bigots quaked and laws finally changed.

The urge to conciliate explains how sheep are shorn by the same folks who pat them on the head while alive. The appreciative sheep act docile and friendly, thinking perhaps that subservience will save them from slaughter. Unfortunately for the victims, compromise with evil usually produces just another evil deal.

The next time you enjoy lamb chops, consider why you never hear of wolf chops, and promise yourself not to argue kindness with the Devil, but instead rise up to berate, impugn, disgrace and threaten his malevolence.

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